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  1. Where is Betty How can I find her h
  2. Just a awesome massage with Anne . She does a excellent job and knows what she is doing . Did not use her phone at all . She was getting a text or something as her phone did ring or buzz. But my phone ring in the beginning of the massage and she asked if I want to answer and said no not while getting a massage . So maybe that is why she didn't answer hers . I will go Again for the massage but not HE .
  3. Can someone tell me where to get her # Or send it to me
  4. Anyone have some infro about Brenda you can share with me Also saw a ad that she around st marys rd
  5. What the other day. Didn't get the name but she was 31 she said . Awesome time with her . I will be back
  6. Just wondering why its so often Asian girls that provide body rubs ?
  7. No Craigslist or backpage where to go now
  8. I saw Rose she did a pretty good massage left happy and feeling good she also give me her personal #
  9. Has anyone seen this girl ?The name on the add is Shannon but in her reply its Rose
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