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  1. Pics are from a generic porn pic site. Probably not her, I’d suspect. Ad also reads like a lot of Asian bait and switch, so I’ll be taking a miss on this one
  2. I’ve become a bit of a regular with her and the chemistry just keeps getting better and better. I feel like our time together is like a true date rather than a “transaction “. She is just so sweet and easy going, but incredibly energetic. A big sweaty mess is usually par for the course.
  3. Is that a good thing? I searched Molly on LL and I’m surprised I hadn’t seen or heard of her before. The first thing I noticed was a quality posterior — would love to hear any feedback on her
  4. I emailed her to request a Halifax visit 😁
  5. Pretty sure LL makes up those view numbers
  6. She rarely returns to Halifax and will reach out to her favourite regulars when she does.
  7. Saw her last time she was in town. Very happy with my visit. Definitely recommend
  8. Finally replied over an hour later with “I was up late and didn’t wake up”… So was I. Use a fucking alarm like I did…
  9. Supposed to meet this morning. Drove an hour to get to her incall. Gave her lots of warning and no reply to multiple texts….
  10. She is just wonderful! Will see her again every time she comes to town. Super easy going, exactly “my type” of body (slim and toned, perfect B cup, great a$$) and just the best skills. Kissing was a bit lighter than I like but otherwise 9.5/10 in all areas. No rush and the hour was well worth it. Highly recommend.
  11. I’ve spent quite a bit of time with KC and to my eye these pics don’t appear to be her. I know she has not been advertising the last couple weeks, which is not unusual. She is a lovely person, and I know many find her very restrictive, but she is a nice option for me.
  12. They are definitely the exception. In fact, almost all the local SPs don’t show their face and very few of the travellers do, like YFL. I usually scroll past anyone with a face pic (esp asians) as they are always pics that are cut and pasted from Reddit or IG
  13. She is gorgeous. I wonder how long she is here?
  14. I’ve seen Olivia many times — including a 4-hand massage with Sara, who has retired. Olivia is stunning. Beautiful face. Slim beautiful toned body. She also has a topless option without touching. I will always recommend her.
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