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  1. Well, visited Vegas and had a great time. If anyone is headed out that way send me a PM and I will exchange intel with you.
  2. Don't see anything in the international section - shut down perhaps? In any case, anyone local who has partaken in massage while in Vegas please PM me. Used TER and had good experiences with the reputable local SPs a few times but it gets a little steep rate wise particularly with exchange these days. Know enough to avoid the scams that are advertised everywhere or the casino girls and not up for a drive to the next county. Wondering if there are reputable MP options that are more reasonable (expect it'll be more than here) or if I should just not bother and save it for the locals.
  3. Anyone visited Sargent lately? Interested in any recommendations on who if anyone is worthwhile booking with there.
  4. Some mysteries are best left unsolved.
  5. I agree with this. I was fortunate to have made it here before the DND list became so broad and have benefited from the information that has been shared in the past. Also been reprimanded for mentioning some names that I was not aware were on the DND list (my ignorance there I guess, no excuse) with pretty much no other context than that I had seen them. I'd be up to see something new somewhere for discreetly sharing info but other than here and the other board where so many seem to not understand the level of discretion needed haven't seen anything of value.
  6. I've seen her - she's chatty/personable and makes a genuine effort to please. IMO some photos might be a little old/flattering. Not my type looks wise and didn't really click with her so in my case I would not repeat for that reason.
  7. Only comment I will make is do not to allow your curiosity to get the best of you - COVID cabin fever is real and this one is not more cowbell.
  8. That's the photo - I agree it wouldn't be an overseas instagram model. Assume she just looks similar/build etc. Unfortunately pretty east to post a real pic of yourself and find similar ones online.
  9. Just a heads up my buddy emailed me said he recognized the girl in the second photo of this ad as the one who pulled the knife on him. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/manitoba/winnipeg_no_restrictions_deal_overnight_available-6270682 Lots of other red flags with this ad regardless like no restrictions etc. I also imagine the email address/account they are using is probably set up for auto deposit so the whole give the password for the transfer when you get won't ever happen etc. Sucker sends the e-transfer is auto deposited and probably won't hear back after. In any case any other ads with these two women in them should be avoided.
  10. No was not me, I have been using these boards for a long time and learned enough from all of you to not get caught up in something like this. This was a guy I know who visited the long weekend. Gave him some suggestions and never heard back from him until this weekend when I asked how it worked out. Apparently my suggestions were not available or didn't respond on the Sunday afternoon and he messaged a bunch off LL and went for the first one that replied and could meet before he had to leave for the airport. He said he told her on his way out he was going to report her to the police and her reply was "Go ahead, you tried to rape me." Dude is married and from out of town - no way he'd go to the police.
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