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  1. I have tried the number (Texting) and never received A response. Calling the number no one answered
  2. I have taken interest to the add and I have messaged her and am waiting to hear back.
  3. I saw that add and that there is an Apple working there. Trying to remember where an Apple has worked before.
  4. They advertise the new person as Tracey. I went there on a whim the other day and a lets try this out. Massage was good and I left smiling.
  5. I saw her a couple of years ago. Massage was ok. The pictures are of her and obviously some of them have been filtered. Looks and body are very good. She is ok to talk to although I got the sense you don't want to get her on a bad day or make her day bad. I was lucky enough that she had a place at the time as I would not want to invite her over to my place. Just my thoughts.
  6. Yes she did say that she was working out of a different location.
  7. I also decided to try Jasmine. The pictures are of her and she is very attractive (in my opinion). She has a great personality and I found her very easy to connect with. The massage and ending was very good. This is my personal preference only is the massage was on a bed with lotion used (both not my favorite). Would I repeat? Yes
  8. Went for a massage and it was from Betty who has short blond hair. For me the massage was average and will say not sure I would repeat.
  9. A good reminder of some healthy advice. Google can be your friend
  10. I have messaged her a couple of times. Timing has not worked out for an appointment. Please do share your experience if you go.
  11. Yes it was massage only. Ok massage. Friendly girl
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