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  1. After several chats and a couple of unsuccessful attempts at finding a mutually convenient time to meet, I finally had the opportunity to get together with this wonderful lady last Friday. It was certainly worth the wait. She is quite simply a nice person all around. Our first meeting did not exactly go according to plan. I managed to arrive a good 10 minutes late, and being without a cell phone that day, I was unable to notify her of my tardiness. So she had every reason to send me packing but instead she was receptive to my apologies and had me feel right at home in no time flat. Everything has pretty much been said about Isabella. She is a nice looking lady. She has a great personality. She can hold an interesting conversation on many topics. And yes, she is not too shabby in the bedroom either. What has not been said about her is that she has a beautiful latin accent which I personally find irresistible. I had a wonderful time with Isabella and I am already looking forward to getting to know her better. Ciao Bella!!!
  2. Met with Vanessa for the first time yesterday. She truly is a Sweetie!!! If you like young, petite and a girl next door type who isn't trying to be somebody else, then she is one for you. No communicaton problem for me as I speak french, just candid, fun conversation. If she is a smoker, I sure could not detect any sign of it. She was receptive to all my needs and certainly appeared to enjoy herself as well. In fact, she just seems to be enjoying life, period! Despite the fact I normally prefer more mature women, I will definitely see her again.
  3. Last week, I visited with Manuella and Roxanne, the hot duo partner referenced above. Actually, they are a hot duo, period. Location was not exactly conducive to a great atmosphere. But the girls are both hot and sexy. In their early twenties, they are both very attractive. Neither are spinners but they both have great bodies. Interaction between the two was limited but then I did't really encourage it either. Roxanne appeared to be more responsive to my "attentions" but they both took "good care" of me. Would repeat in a heartbeat.
  4. Wow, this is a tough one. In french we say: "Entre les deux mon coeur balance"!!! Megan, Alex. Alex, Megan. Can't make up my mind. Well, I give .5 of a vote to Megan and .5 of a vote to Alex. And now I'm probably in trouble with both of them!!!
  5. Met with Celina yesterday through Ottawa Asian. Booking was rather efficient. Downtown private location is very convenient and clean. She answered the door with the sexy blue outfit she wears in her pictures on the Ottawa Asian site. Her description is consistent with reality. English communication skills are rather basic, kissing is a little sloppy but for "the rest" wow! Certainly some of the best oral skills EVER and she loves receiving the same. If you love a screamer, this one is for you. For awhile I thought she was going to pass out on me! Oh yeah and the massage after the main event was a nice finishing touch too...
  6. I had the pleasure to visit with Megan for the first time yesterday. Contact via email was handled very efficiently. Her location in Orleans was immaculate, as was her personal appearance. Megan is a pretty blonde, she is short, has beautiful natural breasts, a very well proportioned body and her overall looks are clearly younger than her advertised 39 years. My first thought when she opened the door was that she looked better than what I was expecting from her pictures. And I liked her pictures in the first place! At all times, Megan made me feel very welcome and unrushed. She was friendly, affectionate, and responsive. Kissing is important to me and, if the increased intensity of our kissing throughout the session is any indication, she enjoys it too. For those of you who enjoy the more aggressive ladies, Megan appears to prefer letting the gentleman take the .lead.. I will not get into further details of our encounter. But suffice to say it was a delightful and intense experience and the shower afterwards was a necessity. My parting words to her were: .You are beautiful, sexy and sensuous, I will be back.. For those of you looking for the model look spinner, Megan is probably not for you. But for those of you who enjoy a more mature, refined woman, then Megan will make your toes curl. :grin: Please treat her well boys, she is a keeper!!!
  7. Well shortstuff, if that makes you feel any better, I'm not bald, I'm not pauchy, but I am short and just as unlucky with Abby. Having said that, she does give a great massage...
  8. Have been a semi-regular with Peaches at Michelle's massage in Vanier for quite awhile. Hasn't been the same since she left, nothing wrong with the newcomers, just not the same. Wondering of any of you have come across the lovely lady around town??? Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  9. I hear you Erin. I do believe however that I should be made aware of your or any other SPs situation in this case and left to make my own choice. Furthermore, I don't believe I should have to inquire everytime I call an SP whether it's that time of the month???
  10. So let me categorically confirm that Emma was not involved in the unfortunate situation I previously described. I can also categorically confirm that I am looking forward to one of her trips to Ottawa actually occurring when I'm not somewhere else... :-P
  11. Well I totally understand how JoeBlow feels. Not only was I faced with that situation recently, but the lady in question let me find out by myself. It was a very short date. BTW, the lady in question is very active on this site, and interestingly enough has been reviewed positively. At the time, I hesitated to write a review about it but decided it would not be consistent with the spirit of this site. Feel free to PM me for more details.
  12. Interesting odds Mod, aren't they! Nonetheless I personally am no longer prepared to take on these odds. Aside from the personal affront of finding your name in the paper , let's not forget the legal fees required to get the damn charges thru the court system and if you are found or plead guilty, the long term impact it may have on your ability to travel to the U.S. for example or the additional money you get to "donate" to a charity in order to get the judge to keep your criminal record clean. Unfortunately, been there, done that. I say three cheers for the Indy SP/MP, and stay away from the massage parlours.
  13. The only SP I know who meets your Orleans criterion is Alex Grenyait. She also meets the slim, natural breasts criteria. However, she does not meet your 19-21 years criterion. You can find her ad on Escort Canada at http://www.escorts-canada.com/cgi-bin/ad?id=5889. You will also find several reviews of her in this forum. Highly recommended from my perspective.
  14. Is anybody else having difficulty getting a response from Michelle recently?
  15. 1. In Ottawa, Pretty Paige is first on my list but I can't seem to get on her list!!! 2. Next, I have been trying for awhile to find a reason to visit Halifax so I can meet Willow. Maybe one day she will grace us with a visit to Ottawa. 3. Next "must see" is in Montreal: Tamara from Tamara and Friends http://www.sexytamara.com
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