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  1. Thanks guys I will look for her
  2. Anyone know of a slender woman with small to medium sized boobs who provides strap on service
  3. I am due for a shave so may see if I can book something tomorrow and take another stab at it, you guys have sold me on it.
  4. Thanks, good to hear, I will give her a try.
  5. I read somewhere there was a creme you can rub on a half hour or so before and it numbs the pain somewhat, can’t remember the name of it, anyone know ?
  6. Anyone try Veronica that advertises on LL.
  7. I don’t like the word intrusive with dealing with my butt
  8. So I have to try it a couple of times ?
  9. So is this a outta this world experience if the provider knows what she’s doing ?
  10. I am a shaver, have tried sugaring twice and it was very painful, lived the results but just about pulled my bag off ( or so it felt) is there a way to prep for this to take away some of the pain ?
  11. Who are the girls to see here presently, been outta the loop for a bit
  12. I myself enjoy the new man made’s they are better than the naturals, they have came a long way in the last few yrs.
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