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  1. For SP's active on this board: Providers: we have a private SP ONLY area for you to post bad date info. Contact a moderator for access! 52
  2. Lol, I think LE would spell milking right, and make sure potential victims could find the ad by using the word "massage" instead of "m@$$@ge" It will be interesting to see who is actually behind it, though, and if they can make a go of it.
  3. I could not for the life of me find those ads (3), but they do not use the word massage, and they misspelled milking as Miliking. So only finally doing a search of the phone number (no spaces or hyphens 4313233555 did they show. Not sure how full a schedule the have, or what days they work, probably going to give it a try if I'm in that end of town.
  4. Shu was an amazing therapist, she found every pain I had and worked them out. She was the best masseuse I have ever had, from a purely technical point of view. Anything beyond that was pure bonus, and her mastery of massage was not her only expertise. But that is not to be discussed here. But yes, she was a stellar bygone you missed.
  5. Are they still using the little back room and the small table?
  6. Shu is not back, I assure you. If she was, I'd be broke. Did talk to her for a few moments at 311 the other day before my session with Eva, and unfortunately she showed zero interest in seeing clients again. She is retired.
  7. Same place, small room in the back, small table, not the old space or table. Did not leave happy, but your mileage may vary depending on the attendant as always.
  8. This is a new one to me. Just curious. Do you have a HE massage and then the pedicure, or the pedicure then massage and HE? Just seems a bit odd, either way.
  9. Not familiar with a massage facility in that area, is it a home, or a storefront? Not sure if I like the graphic they use for the ad, someone jumping up and down on someone's back is not my idea of a massage. I get they are trying to be cute, but really. Standard tipping rates apply, I assume?
  10. OK, but is she a massage only girl, or will you leave happy for a tip?
  11. If you are only doing outcalls, where you are located is of limited value, except to judge how long it would take you to get there and/or what kind of expense you might be looking at for transportation if the SP requires the client pays. General area is all that is needed to be shared. For incall, of course area means a lot, both to judge the safety of the incall and the travel required by the client. In that case, and area but not a specific address is easily shared, specific address only shared once a booking is made, with all the security precautions taken. That said,, i do not understand SP's that entertain in their primary residence. That is dangerous, but I guess, depending on the situation, depending on the clientele, it is a risk each SP needs to asses. If an SP is doing it as a full time gig, they should be able to find an appropriate, affordable solution for hosting.
  12. Well, I guess the demand for EI talent is high, a local SP charging $400/hr is not a common thing. All credit to her if she can get it. Not sure about what the " await to sense my tongue smoothly around your feets or ears" comment is all about. Have to look that one up in the urban dictionary.
  13. Outcalls only, $300/hr including sex, daty and photos, but $100 extra for BJ. I can guess why there are no reviews.
  14. Yes, the vinyl gloves were a bit weird, probably to protect her hands from constant exposure to the oils, but after a session or two, it knid of works. Even with them she gives one of the most insightful directed massages I have ever received, even from an RMT. She finds the spots, and works them out. And then instructs you how to work on them after. And sometimes scolds you when you comeback and haven't done your homework. She does offer FS/extras included in her prices.
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