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  1. Isn't that the place Lacey / Lindsey were working out of briefly, run by Nuru/Tantric Michelle?
  2. Well, this is an interesting conversation
  3. Why is anyone commenting on a six month old review?
  4. Are we talking the new spa in the 1400 block of Notre Dame that advertised on Oh My and then Kijiji with the purported EI attendant? Or is there another Spa on Notre Dame?
  5. Did not notice that handle. I wonder if it is in reference to something more mundane, like a sportsing team. Then again, LE are men to, and need recreation.
  6. I'm not sure, but isn't there a rule against spoofing another user's account? Interesting (general member) Interesting! (senior member)
  7. So, any new intel on this location? I have received some PM's that have clarified things a bit, and texts from the number listed, but haven't taken the plunge yet.
  8. For SP's active on this board: Providers: we have a private SP ONLY area for you to post bad date info. Contact a moderator for access! 52
  9. Lol, I think LE would spell milking right, and make sure potential victims could find the ad by using the word "massage" instead of "m@$$@ge" It will be interesting to see who is actually behind it, though, and if they can make a go of it.
  10. I could not for the life of me find those ads (3), but they do not use the word massage, and they misspelled milking as Miliking. So only finally doing a search of the phone number (no spaces or hyphens 4313233555 did they show. Not sure how full a schedule the have, or what days they work, probably going to give it a try if I'm in that end of town.
  11. Shu was an amazing therapist, she found every pain I had and worked them out. She was the best masseuse I have ever had, from a purely technical point of view. Anything beyond that was pure bonus, and her mastery of massage was not her only expertise. But that is not to be discussed here. But yes, she was a stellar bygone you missed.
  12. Are they still using the little back room and the small table?
  13. Shu is not back, I assure you. If she was, I'd be broke. Did talk to her for a few moments at 311 the other day before my session with Eva, and unfortunately she showed zero interest in seeing clients again. She is retired.
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