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  1. Who? Any legit one I've seen local or visiting has never required a deposit.
  2. Does everybody still need to question ads like this? One quick look at the link, of course it's fake. I highly doubt somebody with a North Dakota phone number is coming here lol.
  3. she's real. Really nice person. I haven't seen her in quite a while though.
  4. Is this the person you are talking about - https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_halifax_hosting_4_11_dfk_dt_cob_msog_gfe_pse-7593189?source=list ?
  5. Is this the same one? But in Halifax now? 140 $hh Newly arrived Thai girl. The photo has been verifie | Halifax | Nova Scotia | Female Escorts | LeoList
  6. I know I may be generalizing here, but freaky women like this usually have an Onlyfans at least and put the link in their ad.
  7. Curious as well. Strange that an ad has been viewed 13062 times but no reviews :(
  8. Wasn't it an actual prostitute on the street? "Does anyone know if it's worth calling the cops to report prostitution on a residential street? Any chance they'd tell them to move along?" is what the post says. You can't exactly tell somebody in a home to move along.
  9. Nice girl, good conversation. Maybe it was just me but she seemed completely uninterested in the companionship part. Great body though.
  10. Was one of the first people I saw when I started this hobby. She is amazing. Kind, warm, funny, charming. Made me feel right at home and had me laughing within minutes with her stories. One on one was fantastic, and duo with her friend was even better. Details I shall keep to myself, but do yourself a favour and pay her a visit!
  11. I think "Guest" was a user making fake reviews for people, and their account is gone, so it just shows as Guest now.
  12. Ad no longer exists so I'll go with a no.
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