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  1. Were you just hanging out in the lobby of the hotel? That might have raised suspicions. I've never been stopped by reception, and that would probably freak me out.
  2. On my last trip i was approached by a lady within about a half hour after leaving the hotel. I was just enjoying a beer watching the fountains at the Bellagio and she walked up to me and struck up a conversation. Ended ip have a great time! I think thw "official" channels are a rip-off, but lots of i dependebts floating around.
  3. Also curious. The phone number is linked to other ads from NB and Quebec, but I didn't see any active ads in multiple cities at once. Looks like she's doing a little tour of the Maritimes.
  4. Has anyone visited Daniella? The number and pics bring up some ads from Montreal, but nithing current. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_holaaa_im_back_in_town_daniella_few_days_only-8065753?source=list
  5. I met her recently and enjoyed myself. She's sweet, friendly and cute. Will probably repeat soon.
  6. I visited Emily this morning, and once again, YFL did not disappoint. Emily is attractive, friendly, and affectionate. I will definitely see her again the next time she visits. Thanks to YFL as well!
  7. FFS, I'll have to try my image search again to figure out what i did wrong. Thanks GT.
  8. I'm also curious. No hits on Google for thenpics or the phone number. Has anyone reached out?
  9. I've seen Marsha recently. Decent massage, and top-notch finish. Will repeat for sure. Also saw Wendy a while ago, but I don't think she's advertusing at the moment.
  10. I saw that ad too. Nothing came up when i searched for the phone number, but I have a hard time aearching for images on mobile. Hopefully someone else can weigh in. Follow-up...she also changed her name on the latest post. Thanks GT!
  11. Good news...I happened to be on the YFL site today, and saw that Rose will be back next week! Figured I should share, after the recent discussions...
  12. I traded a couple of texts, but then it went radio silent. I might try again in the next couple of weeks.
  13. Yep, I'd seen those other threads, but results were inconclusive. I was hoping someone might have seen her since then and could provide an update.
  14. I've noticed her ad too, but haven't had a chance to reach out yet. A search of her phone number brought up her ad in a bunch of places, so that part is encouraging. Havent done an image search (hard on mobile!). If I do decide to take the plunge Ill post an update.
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