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  1. Reddog2402

    Amber Glory

    So this ad intrigued me. Does anyone have any insight or experience? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_amber_glory_the_ultimate_glory_hole_fantasy_oct_9_11-5644914
  2. Take the bear first...they'll be going to sleep soon, and then you'll have plenty of time for deer. Sorry about your experience. Better luck next time!
  3. Reddog2402

    Recommendations - Toronto

    I'd suggest you just reach out via email. I found them very helpful and quick to respond. Explain that you're visiting from out of town, and what you're looking for. In my case, I was interested in a lady who wasn't going to be working the night in question, but they were able to set it up for me.
  4. Reddog2402

    Recommendations - Toronto

    I'm with Biker Dude. I've relied on Cupids a few times, and they've always taken great care of me.
  5. Reddog2402

    Sophie tantric massage

    Curious as well. I had tried a few weeks ago; spoke with her on the phone, and thought we had a time confirmed. When I called to confirm that morning, she basically said no, she wasn't working that day. Haven't tried again, but she's still on my radar.
  6. Reddog2402

    Rose French

    Totally agree with Letsplay. But unfortunately I won't be able to make it happen this time. Damn day job!
  7. Reddog2402

    Rose French

    Has anyone visited the newest visitor from Your French Lady? I haven't had time to go see her yet, but was wondering if anyone had any feedback. Thanks.
  8. Reddog2402

    any feed back on Jordyn????

    She's real, and she's awesome. I've visited her a few times now, and have always thoroughly enjoyed myself.
  9. Reddog2402

    Ms Melody

    I've met with Melody a few times, but she can be hard to reach. If memory serves, she's a student and also works part time, so she's busy! When we did connect, I always had a great time! If it's convenient for you, you could perhaps suggest that she reach out to you when she's available. I know this doesn't work for everyone though - unsolicited texts can cause problems!
  10. Reddog2402


    I find this discussion very interesting. I went to visit her a few weeks ago based on all the positive feedback, but was quite disappointed. Maybe we just didn't "click", but I found her to be very cold and mechanical (to the point where she was flopped on the couch watching TV before I was even dressed). YMMV, as always. It just wasn't there for me on that particular day. Oh well.
  11. Reddog2402

    Lady Reighn

    Same here. I had been texting with her to set something up, and she suddenly went radio silent. Guess I'll look elsewhere!
  12. Hey everyone. I stumbled across this Sex Worker's Tax Toolkit online. Link here: Tax Toolkit Figured it's an appropriate time of year to share the information. It was developed by PACE, an organization out of Vancouver. I only gave it a quick read through, but it seems pretty comprehensive. So I thought some people here might find it useful.
  13. I just sent her an email too, so we'll see!
  14. Reddog2402


    It looks like this is a new profile, and her old one was shut down at her request. I've met with her in the past, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I won't be able to connect with her this time, but would love to see her again.
  15. Reddog2402


    Be careful here. Definitely a few "borrowed" pictures. I got hits on at least 3 of them.