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  1. I saw that ad too. Nothing came up when i searched for the phone number, but I have a hard time aearching for images on mobile. Hopefully someone else can weigh in. Follow-up...she also changed her name on the latest post. Thanks GT!
  2. Good news...I happened to be on the YFL site today, and saw that Rose will be back next week! Figured I should share, after the recent discussions...
  3. I traded a couple of texts, but then it went radio silent. I might try again in the next couple of weeks.
  4. Yep, I'd seen those other threads, but results were inconclusive. I was hoping someone might have seen her since then and could provide an update.
  5. I've noticed her ad too, but haven't had a chance to reach out yet. A search of her phone number brought up her ad in a bunch of places, so that part is encouraging. Havent done an image search (hard on mobile!). If I do decide to take the plunge Ill post an update.
  6. Bingo. If there are severalnof them operating what is essentially a private strip club (plus other services?), it wont take long to attract the attention of the neighbours. Once a couple of complaints are made, HRP will be paying close attention.
  7. I saw that ad too. From the pics it looks like a private residence. I cant imagine this could go on for ling without attracting attention. Ill be staying away.
  8. I see YFL is returning to Halifax! Has anyone visited with Ashley, who is here this week? Thanks.
  9. I visited Lily this afternoon. She's been here for a few weeks, and I'm glad I got to see her before she left. She's just as beautiful as I remembered, and I had a great time. I know there were some questions floating around about her, but to paraphrase an old Seinfeld episode, she's real, and she's spectacular.
  10. I did a bit of searching, and no red flags came up. I found an old review and ad in Ontario - pics and number matched up, and the description was consistent. But I haven't reached out to her yet. Would love to hear if anyone else has connected with her.
  11. I saw that too, and was wondering if anyone had met her. It's a Montreal phone number, and YFL used to have a Lily on the team. If I end up reaching out I'll post an update.
  12. I've seen her. Thoroughly enjoyed myself! The massage was top-notch. Feel free to PM for more details.
  13. I'd be careful with this one. Lots of hits on most of the pictures, so I doubt she's legit.
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