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  1. Well seen Racheal again yesterday, WOW, just love the atmosphere, massage skills and her ability to really pay attention to your needs. For the donation to see her its hard pressed to see anyone else for massage absolutely phenomenal!!
  2. Well what can I say about Rachel. What a great women. She is interested, beautiful, enjoys great conversation and genuinely enjoys the sessions. Her place has a great spa like setting with relaxing music and super professional, always on time and no let downs. I have been seeing Rachel for some time now on a regular basis and I can tell you personally she is one of the best massages out there. If you havn't had the opportunity to meet her and are into massage service you will not be disappointed. I have reviewed her a long time ago but she has earned another for sure!!
  3. not a scam, I met her once she is legit
  4. no extras, havnt seen her. she did in the past as a dom and may still but the massage is strickly a professional service to the best of my knowledge.
  5. Absolutely amazing and professional massage!! Emma is great and with those prices and an RMT level massage I will definetly be visiting again!!
  6. wow I never had any of those experiences. I personnally never got ghosted by her. sorry to hear that happened to you.
  7. get this gents... I just messaged her to see if she is still around and yes she is still around. I assumed she went offline but her number changed about 6 months ago and using it works. just spoke to her.
  8. and get this... I have been away for.a bit and just messaged Sarah K who apparantly is still around...
  9. Racheal is still active and has her own website. google search racheal massage halifax and I think it should come up. Her number is also the same and I beleive posted in the massage reviews Lily is great Kathrine I haven't had the opportunity to meet sadly yet. but without a doubt she is well reviewed and would provide a fantastic experience. I beleive Elle is listing these days on LL Michelle formally Tammy is also listing on LL All these ladies I beleive are well reviewed by multiple clients so I'm sure they would not disappoint.
  10. huh


    These are really great shots!!
  11. I'm pretty late writing this, but better late than never. I seen JJ a month or so ago and it was a treat. JJ is a sexy sweetheart who loves to talk and very open. She is stunning, really petite with a great smile and personality. She is 100% safe, and really makes you feel comfortable when your with her. BTW her tattoos are amazing, definitely glad to see her!!
  12. All I can say is WOW, met Natasha for the first time the other day and it was amazing!! She is a true GFE experience, easy to book, nice location and amazingly fun, she definetly aims to please!!
  13. sorry, I didn't see it as a comparison but an opinion of there top experiences much like the recommendations, I will try to pull it, not looking to have anyone annoyed.
  14. Hopefully this will be fun, nothing to see here...
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