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  1. Whatever the excavation was, it's done!
  2. There is excavation work being done in front of the building. Hopefully a new septic tank!
  3. It;s a fake pic too: Here it is on Tumblr: ModelsAndFreaks2k19: Image (tumblr.com)
  4. Whoever this is is using fake pics of a very well known British Ebony dominatrix MIstress Kiana who is all over the internet, sells videos etc. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/dom-fetish/greater-toronto/city_toronto_mistress_nikita_in_town_for_short_time_submit_yourself_now-6172945
  5. I have seen garbage and junk out at the road in front of Casino Cabaret for removal, so there is some clean-up taking place. With the expansion of the Albion Road Casino in the near future, I expect the owners will not give up and close.
  6. A commercial building usually sells for about 10 times the annual rent it could bring in. So this would suggest this building could bring in $600,000 per year or $50,000 per month. This is not unrealistic for prime space in the market area.
  7. Well, if you click on the button "Check out my directory profile" it's a different girl, with two different names and a different phone number!
  8. Building is for sale: https://ottawacentral.evrealestate.com/ListingDetails/27-YORK-STREET-Ottawa-ON-K1N5S7/22348254?fbclid=IwAR13_yhoLQIsI_c29dFZZ737-sTnmmBQQXqeYN2jC_zoYQizdZKq5MkstE0
  9. I would suggest Leolist, because it's searchable on numerous categories, and for Montreal, Humpchies
  10. Haha yes, a girl that cute who would rim a guy and take a spanking....very unlikely. I wonder if she should be notified that her pics are being used this way, or if that would just upset her, as not much you can do about it.
  11. I tried searching her pic and it turned up here: https://www.cosmopolitanme.com/beauty/skin-positive-accounts-to-follow?page=1
  12. If you check out Shawna on Leolist, she has posted several reviews of her in her ad.
  13. Drove by Casino Cabaret this afternoon and saw a guy just coming out. He got into a pickup with a large utility trailer attached. As bars can open this Friday, they may be getting the place ready.
  14. I don 't think Ava is the Eva you are referencing. She and the two other ebonies are all from Nova Scotia, and fairly new to Ottawa.
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