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  1. Thanks Loneskater and Alexxandria, had a great time seeing old faces and meeting new people at the social! Also a big thank you to the spas for the door prizes for the gents!
  2. Wasn't able to go the last couple of socials, not missing this one though, can't wait!
  3. One more sleep til the social - can barely wait!
  4. Looks like I can make this one, looking forward to see y'all!
  5. Missed the last one, looking forward to seeing everyone at this one!
  6. I'm sad I couldn't attend the social this time due to a prior engagement, hope everybody had a great time, looking forward to seeing old friends next time!
  7. Thanks mistert, Loneskater and Spud271 for organizing a great event! The venue worked out really well, and it was awesome to both say hello to old friends as well as meet new people!
  8. A big thanks to Angela for organizing another successful social! And to those of you who attended, it was great meeting all of you lovely ladies and gents!
  9. Thanks again Angela for organizing an awesome social! And another thank you to mistert, the brownies were delicious!
  10. There's a simple way to deal with hagglers and low-ballers, and that is just to say no. The sort of people who haggle for the services advertised here are mostly time-wasters, don't take the time to properly read ads, and are not as desirable clientele generally, in my opinion. If it's a new enquiry, and your ad clearly says that your rates are non-negotiable, I would say that no answer is even necessary, they're not even worth your time to respond. In fact, I would say that it's justification to put the person in the do-not-see list, and to let others know about the behaviour if asked. If it's a repeat client asking for a special deal, a polite "no" is reasonable.
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