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  1. *Fixed* IMO it was an incorrect general opinion. Cheers,
  2. WhereIRoam


    Ask Dahlia de Beauvoir. I'm pretty sure she offers this. @dahliadebeauv on Twitter
  3. WhereIRoam

    Greek options

    Rosie Meoow She's a member here. http://www.rosiemeoow.com/ https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/south-eastern-ontario/ottawa_rosie_meoow_wild_kitty_ready_to_play_nice_condo_real_pict-4328966 Nikki Luxx She's busy with school year round but finds time to see clients. I think she's on a break right now but due to come back any day now. https://twitter.com/NikkiLuxxox
  4. WhereIRoam

    Best compliment you ever got?

    Her: "Thank you for treating me like I'm not just a pussy." Me: Waves of thoughts cross my mind about how providers must feel most of the time, how most clients might inadvertently make them feel like they are purely sexual objects, and how it all must wear on providers. To all the great providers, thank you for all you do for us!
  5. WhereIRoam

    Any experience with a Nessa from LL

    Sending you info so check your inbox.
  6. WhereIRoam

    Native Indian SPs?

    I'm fairly certain Kay Kelly is native. @KKelly91087263 PM for more info, if you wish.
  7. WhereIRoam

    Sora on LL. Legit errr?

    Sora is legit.
  8. I've had something similar happen. An SP was visiting Ottawa for a few days and we had communicated a couple times before she left. Once she arrived we spoke a couple times to confirm our appointment, which was later in the evening on the first day she arrived. When I messaged her from the Hotel lobby she offered to come down and have a drink with me and after our time was up she asked if I wanted to take a walk with her so she could see a little of the city and to pick up a few things from the nearest corner store. Long story short, from the time I first messaged her to the time I returned to my vehicle nearly four hours had past. A few months later, when she visited a second time, it was something similar where she wanted to go for a long walk and we spent over three hours together. Why? I don't know. Maybe she felt safe around me and I was being kind to her. We were close to the same age and maybe she just wanted a tour guide to walk around with. Either way, she made it seem like I was doing her a favor but I was more than happy to walk around and talk with her. We got along really well. I'm sure I'm not the first nor the last to have experiences like these. #ProvidersAreHuman
  9. I need to be Honest, yes... I was checking you out. 😉.. 

    Ill Sign your Guest Book.. 

      Hope You Having a Great Week.. 😘  

        Katie xoxo's 💋


  10. I'm not sure why you're assuming I'm looking to or like to trash providers. I just like being honest, honesty is what this board is missing, and I don't go looking for bad reviews I go looking for the full picture, not half of one. IMO, there's as much deciphering in positive reviews as there are in negative ones. My point is if you have to PM, "I wouldn't see her.", it's hiding being honest! PMing honesty is hiding the truth! It's admirable that most of you don't want change, the more power to you, but how many threads and topics of late are in regards to what can be done to gain more members, participation and more recommendations? When the time comes to pass the torch, as they say, will there be anyone here to carry it? The answer here may ultimately depend on how much you all really care about this board, not yourselves. Cheers,
  11. I'm unaware of your type but I can reco Nikki Luxx. 613-790-5949 Off Bank just north of Hunt Club. She's a member here but doesn't seem to use her account much. Nikkixox69 Twitter is @NikkiLuxxxox I'm a repeat customer.
  12. Everything stated by members here is true. If you encountered a Bait&Switch, Dangerous Encounter or Scammed in any way, including time as time is what we pay for, feel free to post about your encounter in the Warning Section. Mods will first review your post before allowing it, not only since you are a newer member but because of the nature of the post. Please send me a PM of your encounter. This board may never change so I'll leave with this, "If you aren't riding the wave of change you're slowly drowning beneath it."
  13. WhereIRoam

    Natasha on LL

    I've seen her. Honest provider and the pics are real. She's friendly.
  14. WhereIRoam

    Tiffany on LeoList

    Sorry you wasted your time. The lady who's pics Tiffany is using belong to Niece Waidhofer, a Texan Model. https://niecewaidhofer.com/ Niece has graced the pages of Maxim magazine. https://www.maxim.com/tag/niece-waidhofer
  15. WhereIRoam

    Toronto human trafficking arrests shine spotlight ...

    The sex industry won't legalize or be decriminalized on its own or with very little noise. I've stated this before. Only when we all start to fight for change like the cannabis industry did will they even consider changing our current legislation. The real problem isn't that we want change it's that we, as a whole, don't want to take any steps to get there but I understand the taboo associated and for most clients it needs to be kept secretive. We are good at discussing the idea of change, though.