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  1. Jessica, I recall a recent thread in regards to the acronym TOFTT where I didn't feel this acronym was offensive and you replied that even though I may not feel it's offensive it is to her. That it may not be intended as offensive but this doesn't mean it cannot be interpreted as such by someone. I only mention this since you feel you were respectful in your first few posts on this thread but maybe, just maybe, he took offense to it.😉 Cheers,
  2. WhereIRoam

    Recall on a batch of Durex condoms

    Notice to any Durex condom users. A batch of Durex condoms is on recall. https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/durex-real-feel-extra-lubricated-10ct-condoms-batch-recall-690240071.html
  3. WhereIRoam

    Deleting my account

    Contact cerbmod, They may only close your account so if you would like it deleted be sure to mention this.
  4. WhereIRoam

    Incall / Text Only?

    ^^^^^^^^ Yes, texting is the only reason I switched my burner from "old school" to smartphone. Haha. Texting is the most common way in this industry and sitting there typing out messages with an "old school" phone just wasn't cutting it anymore but due to size my old flip-phone was much easier to keep out of sight. 😉
  5. WhereIRoam

    Seeking Arrangement Site

    I'm aware some men use Sugar Dating sites for escort purposes. My experience has been good overall. I enjoy sugar dating and see my SB most weekends. When I'm seeking an SP session I book with an SP. I enjoy both experiences.
  6. WhereIRoam

    Very Hard Communication

    This is one example I text to a new to me provider when I have never seen her ad before and where no Social Media or website is advertised. Hello "Bubbles", You look great and I'm very much interested in meeting you so I'm curious as to what services you offer and what your hourly rate is. Feel free to reply whenever you can. To me at least, this means I would like to 'possibly' meet you 'after' knowing what services you offer and what your hourly rate is. I use the word(s) "interested" or "very much interested" since to me it does all depend on services offered and hourly rate (call me shallow). I feel I would be lying if I worded my message with, "When can I meet you" or "I will meet you" without first knowing what is permitted/not permitted and what the rate is. I do not claim to be Casanova but feel I use a decent and somewhat respectable first approach. I thank you for your post on this. If you or anyone should feel I could change something in my approach for a provider such as I described above please do feel free to enlighten me.
  7. WhereIRoam

    Babes in Thigh High Socks!

    Do women make thigh highs sexy...or is it the other way around? What is it that makes cozy thigh high socks so sexy? Answer: Sometimes it's important to not dwell on the "why", but to just enjoy what is.
  8. WhereIRoam

    Why isn't Lyla more popular?

    I agree with Nicolette. It's 2018, maybe when Mods are done tinkering with setting up this new server.
  9. See this link, it should help. https://www.google.com/search?tbs=sbi:AMhZZitWltKpWVNFf9Xlavl3Kvk1WZLXrXFDkSTBSQGLYHibjD21Ti3D3woBNweblut1q3NbeZwvwQzuQ-vySrpLJYhrMrgL4VbCHxznqeGlp_1Ko3DUifxxYxcKPeIOcmUYr4LwHypyY8KPfCnof6b_1_1X8C3X8NI8bP4Uz9AgcQB44GKefh3hjyqvkEdAgnW61HbXulFzw3rvFTrhTU1LlRjwBXY1bvVQzg26F18zFLwRqAx6G15c2BxXLXmgiuG3WD1jMLIZmgQeEtTtS655G0qoeX4MTC69CvZ6UFo4jpAGATYSwOEcG_1oHp3ty-J8u3H3tSqIbLXM&width=501&height=750
  10. WhereIRoam

    Muscular Ladies

    For a muscular lady in Ottawa check out Karyn Svensen, Hybrid MA and Lyla member. Twitter: https://twitter.com/HornySnowflake
  11. WhereIRoam

    Seeking Arrangement Site

    Think of it like having a regular companion but with a few differences. As mentioned by Greenteal, the first meet is to gauge chemistry. If both wish to continue the meet at that moment or at a later time it can, if one (or both) wish not to see each other again it ends there. If you both wish to continue or see each other again than an agreement/arrangement is made and like a regular companion one might have in this industry, you see each other a few times a month but for a few hours at a time, or more, and every lady has a different allowance they require for every meet or it can be based on a monthly allowance. Whatever both feel comfortable with. Cheers,
  12. WhereIRoam

    Very Hard Communication

    I had the same issue with a newer provider on leolist just last week. I messaged "Hi" with her name and that I was very interested in meeting her along with asking for more info. The next day I sent a similar message but at the end of it I added, "Feel free to reply whenever you have the chance." and I still didn't get a reply. The next time her ad popped up three days later I sent a third message and finally received a reply. Bottom line is, we can't take things like this personally...it isn't personal and there is no real knowing why things like this occur. Being newer I scratch it up to inexperience and if they don't reply after a third attempt I move along.
  13. WhereIRoam

    Seeking Arrangement Site

    I've been on SA and have been a SD since May of 2017. This site is legit, most of the women on there are real. All of the ladies I've communicated with do not want to be compared to, referred to or treated as escorts, nor are they seeking half hour or hour meets. Seeking Arrangement is for Sugar Dating or a paid ongoing relationship, it's not a sex workers site. A one month full membership is about 120/month Canadian or about 100/month on a three months membership. Please refrain from using SA as an escort type site and just as in this industry, always treat them with respect. Most are doing this as a temporary source of income to pay off school debts or other debts.
  14. When meeting new to me providers I tell them a little about myself: age, height and ethnicity. I've been doing this for a while, just so they have some clue as to who to expect when they open the door.
  15. WhereIRoam

    Favourite look on a women?

    Lena Sinclair, I agree with you. I love the look of thigh high socks with nothing or anything else. So SEXY. When greeting me at the door I prefer her wearing thigh high socks and thong underwear with no bra. I love when her four eyes are looking at me. Yummy! When it's play time I prefer for her to be wearing nothing at all as I love the feeling of skin on skin anywhere and everywhere possible. Double yummy!!