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Recommendation for mature/Milfs?

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Hi guys, 


First time posting, just wondering what are some recommendations on older women out there. Someone that would be accommodating for someone a little younger and mature. 


Thanks for your response in advance !

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Danika and Sexy Sara come to mind. Younger guy and have had a great time with both. I think there’s something about the cougar dynamic that older SPs love, as long as you’re mature and respectful about it. 


Danika is freshest in my mind as I just paid her a visit recently, so she’d probably be my top recommendation currently. Great body with an attitude to match. Very enthusiastic and you can tell she enjoys what she does.  Incall is safe and in a great neighbourhood. Only drawback would be all covered services and no kissing— which I personally don’t mind, but might deter some. 


Sexy Sara is incredible and aims to please in every sense of the word. Make hygiene your priority when visiting her and she’ll ravage every inch of you top to bottom, front to back with few restrictions. She has the most adventurous tongue I’ve encountered in my entire life—a truly remarkable experience. She also has an absolutely wonderful pair of tits that command your attention.  Only drawbacks would be the loose skin on her tummy, but you’ll honestly forget all about it once you’re together. She’s also a smoker which is sometimes detectable when kissing. 


Body wise, I’d go with Danika with the exception of her small assets up top. If she had those of Sara’s, she’d be an absolute knockout.

Looks wise, it’s a bit of a toss up but I’d have to go Danika again. Both have that classic milf next door look, but I just prefer Danika’s features a little bit more—including a very lucious set lips. 

Service wise, Sara comes out on top hands down. That’s not to say Danika is lacking in any particular aspect, but Sara is on a whole other level. I guarantee you’ll leave her place with the weakest knees and dumbest smile your face has had in a long time. 


Happy (milf) hunting!



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I can attest to Danika and Sexy Sara, both excellent providers in their own right. I would also include Sensual Riley in this list. She is very selective as to meeting new clients as far as age and references, but if you cut the mustard, you won't be disappointed. Little Lexi Lou also comes to mind. A lady in her 40's with the body of a 20 year old. Justine the sex machine is an acquired taste. Great provider but not everyone's cup of tea. If Jenna Rose or Lexie ever surface again, I would recommend them. 

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