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  1. Mature Angela

    Leo list on shaky ground

    GOVT knows about bitcoin so if u pay your taxes and claim as an expense and have to pay tax on it, so be it! What’s the problem?
  2. Paid for parking at alternative site from college campus because I wanted to save $300.
  3. Mature Angela

    Jeffrey Epstein is dead.

    Trump could not have pardoned him.
  4. Put it in their mouth? In all my experience attending male strip clubs and private parties, not once did that I ever see that.
  5. Just wondering what relevance this article has to do with this site.
  6. Mature Angela

    Any info on Kodi?

    Unless the rules have changed, first of all this kind of thing to be reported under warnings by the person it happened to. SPs are not supposed to report on other providers. I actually got suspended in the past for doing so. If I’m wrong, I apologize.
  7. Mature Angela

    Any info on Kodi?

    You can’t report on hearsay.
  8. Motor cycle Mama! Slight chance I will be in O'town Sept!! Pm me? 💋

  9. Keeping the Maritimes classy!

  10. Mature Angela

    You can leave your hat on !

    I once had a regular client ask me to wear my full face motorcycle helmet with sun visor pulled down so I obliged.
  11. Mature Angela

    Rant of the day

    She could have asked for a deposit but was probably upset over the cancellations and really needed to rest. I would have cut her a break in that case. Lesson learned: in future if this or another travelling lady insists on deposits, realize she is just trying to protect herself against deadbeats, which has no reflection on you as a sincere client. Notch, I know you wouldn’t hesitate. A few years back, I had an almost failed trip to Sydney NS when I had cerb members insisting on seeing me but when I actually got to town, all but one actually followed through. His generosity of extending the appointment was the only thing that saved me from just breaking even. When I left town I was inundated with “sorry I missed you, when are you coming back? “ messages. So it’s not easy on us sometimes.
  12. Mature Angela


    Every provider has their own way of doing business and it’s really not our place to judge. But if a client complains about hh calls only lasting 8 mins and hr calls, 20 mins he may need to look at where and who and how much he’s paying. Clients need to realize we don’t all belong to a club where we agree on ethics, standards, services and rates. Unless they are willing to do their homework, be honest in their dealings and seek out reputable providers, and not support the fakers, then sorry they’re asking for trouble.
  13. Mature Angela

    Private Incall

    Very professional and discrete. Katherine https://www.sensouskatherine.com/