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  1. Mature Angela

    Fur fetish?

    Are you providing the fur?
  2. Made annual donation to a favourite charity.
  3. Mature Angela

    No Show - from the view of a SP

    I meant to say 1 out of 7 enquires not actual bookings.
  4. Mature Angela

    SP - Websites

    Wix can be shut down if someone reports it as an adult site.
  5. Mature Angela

    Hi, everyone! I am NerdNextDoor!

    You need to advertise under announcements
  6. Mature Angela

    Enjoy daty?

    I don't kiss and tell.
  7. Mature Angela

    Mild foot fetish

    Why wouldn’t you pay?
  8. Mature Angela

    Any GILF SP or MP?

    Lol. You make assumptions based on what? Over 50 ladies are in demand so those who know their worth would be doing themselves a disservice advertising in their 20s.
  9. Mature Angela

    No Show - from the view of a SP

    For what it’s worth - As a same day booker, in my experience 1 out of 7 will actually show so I never give out the address until they have followed My protocol. This includes sending them to a designated spot and letting me know they are there at which time they need to call me because I never give out the address over text. It’s not fool proof but it does cut down on time wasters.
  10. Mature Angela

    SP Communication

    She was supposed to confirm the night before and didn’t so it’s on her to make things right,
  11. Mature Angela

    Enjoy daty?

    Daty is great if done properly.
  12. One has nothing to do with the other. If a porn star chooses to also be a provider, so be it.
  13. Mature Angela

    What happened to this board?

    The glory days are gone sadly.
  14. Mature Angela


    I have a minimum hh rate because anything lower for B&G, like you indicated wasn’t worth the hassle.