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  1. Mature Angela

    Advices for new cannabis users

    Some people I know use cannabis to manage their anxiety and if that's what they have to do to take "the edge" off, I would think it's better than being do;ed up on valium or anti-anxiety meds. I am not advocating for Sps to smoke with clients, but obviously you have some preconceived notions about why someone would want to smoke. I have a feeling you don't have much personal experience, or you wouldn't be posting this. Just saying.
  2. They can’t legally charge for licences anymore.
  3. Mature Angela

    Background checks

    It’s not illegal to be a service provider in Canada. As stated above, if you have a criminal record or criminal associations that might influence her job, they can’t deny her clearance if her record is good.
  4. Just dropping by to say hi!

    1. Ice4fun


      Hi .... I hope things are good with you

  5. Mature Angela


    One post is hardly a reco.
  6. Just because you helped someone doesn’t mean they can’t decide to get back in the game. The fact she was/is an SP is irrelevant in terms of you deciding to help her or not because this can happen with anyone regardless of their occupation or relationship to someone.
  7. Hello Gentlemen: I am available one day only in Orleans for mature, discerning gentlemen who desire the company of an over 50, attractive, intelligent and playful companion. Feel free to pm me here on Lyla or text me at: 613-315-2210 Hoping to meet new friends and getting acquainted with new ones. Rates are all inclusive - GFE: Half Hour: $120 1 Hour: $220 I am located 20 minutes from downtown Ottawa near Orleans Blvd. and Innes Road.
  8. Mature Angela

    Phonecalls from the Wife.

    Sorry, wrong number. Period.
  9. Mature Angela

    Delete account

    Looks like your still posting.
  10. Mature Angela

    HAMILTON, Ontario

    I live in Burlington and must say Lyla does very little for me in this area.
  11. Dropping by to say hello.

    1. Ice4fun


      Hello to you as well ... I hope things are good with you.

  12. I do remember you, like me always left a window of at least a half hour between appointments. No one should be bumping into anyone on their way in or out.
  13. If you pay for the hour, you should get an hour of the ladies time .
  14. Mature Angela

    Multi-SP / Client Events

    Nicki, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I miss those days when we had a strong community here. From 6 folks at the Honest Lawyer to a modest turnout (thanks to Ottanan who passed us the torch) at the Fox and Feather, we eventually increased attendance every time. I do remember one where we had close to 100 cerbites from different parts of the country. It was magical and I’m glad To have been a part of that.