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  1. Mature Angela

    Providers halting service?

    Despite what providers are doing or not doing, i can tell you from what I hear from those still working that there are still clients out there looking for services. And what’s crazy is some are asking providers what they are doing to stay safe from the virus but then in the next breath be asking for bare services. So let’s stop judging Providers.
  2. Mature Angela

    Corona Virus : Covid 19

    I have heard from friends who work for Statscan who have done the math, it’s going to be until June.
  3. Mature Angela

    Self Isolation and COVID 19

    Send a donation to your favourite provider to let them know you’re supporting them during this time.
  4. Exactly why currently laws don’t work - sex workers unable to verify clients thoroughly due to clients being criminalized and them not wanting to reveal their true details and providers taking risks in order to survive.
  5. Mature Angela


    Yes, that’s her.
  6. Having to do “group work” with imbeciles at school.
  7. Mature Angela

    Murderer On Day Parole Murders A 22 Year Old Companion

    We don’t know if she even realized it was the same guy. For God’s sake, a girl is dead. The only one to blame is the guy who murdered her.
  8. I just can't get over the fact that sex between two consenting adults is perfectly legal, but when the transaction becomes monetized, it's suddenly considered wrong and shameful by some. As long as lawmakers consider us to all be victims, and clients, predators, things will never change. Laws based on morality rather than a person's rights is outdated and just plain wrong. I am referring to consensual sex work, not situations where one is coerced or trafficked against their will to do sex work. Abortion, being gay, and same sex marriage were all illegal at one time. Consensual sex work should be decriminalized already!
  9. Mature Angela

    Murderer On Day Parole Murders A 22 Year Old Companion

    You have no way of knowing the background details. This could have happened to anyone, screening or no screening.
  10. Mature Angela

    Fur fetish?

    Are you providing the fur?
  11. Made annual donation to a favourite charity.
  12. Mature Angela

    No Show - from the view of a SP

    I meant to say 1 out of 7 enquires not actual bookings.