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  1. Mature Angela

    Escort Time Wasters

    Anybody with a cell number and internet connection can post as a provider. Doesn’t mean they are actually in the business of providing a professional service. Do your research - Just like clients, we are not all on the same page.
  2. Mature Angela

    Rates Lash Back

    Lowering rates doesn’t necessarily mean more clients and raising rates doesn’t necessarily mean less clients. In the end it’s all about quality rather Quantity.
  3. Mature Angela


    They don’t get it. We both know that some climax quickly so 2 even 3 possible in an hour - but if a guy wanted to pound us for 30 mins straight, then another 30 minutes straight that’s another issue. That’s why I may say your Mileage May vary depending on the situation but I agree if they pay for an hour, they get the hour.
  4. Mature Angela


    You’re seeing the wrong girls.
  5. Mature Angela

    Best campfire guitar songs

    Take it easy, Me and Bobbi Magee, Bye Bye Miss American Pie by and my favourite Cinnamon Girl by Neil Young.
  6. Mature Angela

    what are you doing at this very minute?

    Trying to get some sleep but neighbours up the street are hooting and hollering!
  7. Mature Angela

    Cam Girl Advice

    She has never met you in person but is in love with you. Wonder how many other clients she has said that to. I think you know the answer.
  8. Tickets to the Southside Shuffle blues festival in Port Credit.
  9. I don’t worry about what other SPs are doing because everyone has their own way of doing business whether I approve or not.
  10. A young lady who danced for me and male partner: Brown Sugar by Rolling Stones and Touchin’ Squeezin’ by Journey.
  11. Really the best you can do is tell me I’m old and washed up. I’m doing just fine.
  12. Mature Angela

    To the guys: Why?

    I just chalk it up to men being boys. I don’t respond or let it get to me. Not to say I condone such behaviour but unless someone in my face threatening me, I just ignore it.
  13. Mature Angela

    What services do you wish ladies offered?

    I love giving head but for 30-60 minutes straight Is a pretty tall order especially with MSOG on a 30 minute call. Perhaps if you found an enthusiastic lady you could offer her a sizeable tip so that she might be persuaded to be more entertained by it.
  14. Mature Angela

    What services do you wish ladies offered?

    You’re paying the lady for both of you as a couple whether you participate or not. It’s not like you should expect to watch for free.
  15. Mature Angela

    The famous duo

    There are different types of duos. Not everyone is obligated to offer nor do all clients want or expect fully interactive duos. But yes, the duo SPs should be forthcoming about what is offered so as not to mislead the client if fully interactive is what they want. I