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  1. Maybe a major turn on for the man but in my case when I have squirted it wasn’t pleasurable for me because it made me numb - just my experience.
  2. Mature Angela

    Has anyone else noticed?

    They’re looking for victims of human trafficking. If you bring your own towels and extra sheets and carry out your own garbage and don’t make a scene, And don’t use your work phone to check in, no one will be the wiser.
  3. If you’re concerned about getting tested Through your doctors office then find an anonymous sex clinic and have them test you for everything you’re concerned about. In Halifax: http://hshc.ca/services/
  4. Mature Angela

    (Child) Sex dolls seized at border

    Agreed because in this case they weren’t being imported for legitimate therapeutic purposes, but rather to make a profit in an underground economy off of pedophiles. Not acceptable.
  5. Mature Angela


    My anti-virus software flagged it.
  6. She's advertising in Halifax and Charlottetown on the same day and also Montreal. No one is going to pay for an ad on an escort site for a free hookup. My cousin responded to a similar ad in Kitchener and it turned out she wanted him to provide his credit card number to just charge him $5 to prove he wasn't a cop. He knew right away it wasn't legit. Verified pictures just mean that the pics were sent from from the email address provided. Could be the real girl, who you'll never meet.
  7. If certain services are not a deal breaker, you can't go wrong with Katherine of Halifax. A truly sweet, outgoing and very attractive and skilled companion. who was kind to me when I visited Nova Scotia.
  8. Mature Angela


    Website is flagged as being infected.
  9. Why don't you take one for the team and see her?
  10. Mature Angela

    What services do you wish ladies offered?

    Check urban dictionary. A snow ball is not the same as a cream pie.
  11. Mature Angela

    What services do you wish ladies offered?

    Actually you'd be surprised at how many gents prefer a lady with a "bush" of some sort.
  12. Mature Angela

    GOOD old U.S

    Do you mean Eros?
  13. You are an established and well reviewed provider so gents can be assured you're the real deal. You worked hard to get where you are and I think New Brunswick is fortunate to have such a gem as you.
  14. Mature Angela

    Goodbye Ottawa

    Best of luck in your future endeavours. You are a go getter and will shine anywhere you land.