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  1. Met Harmony at Bare Fax earlier this week. A very hot and sweet petite blonde girl. And sensual in the CR! She says she was usually at Pigale but is giving the Fax a go for awhile. This was around 6 pm Monday. Not too many were there but no cover charges, either down or upstairs!
  2. Met Enigma on Saturday afternoon. I had never met her before at Barbs Quite a beautiful girl and a real sweetheart Carmella/Jewels also there. Club was nearly empty.
  3. Had a nice session with Mila on Saturday night, a very sweet and "attentive" girl. Apparently she has been at Barbs for 5 years, however I have not met her before. Born in Croatia and also part Romanian. She has the Romanian dark eyes and hair. Loved her flirting eyes and eyebrows.
  4. It was a healthy roster and crowd at the 'Mate on Saturday starting around 5 pm. I think many of the girls were hoping to line their wallets due to the festive holiday atmosphere and prior to the post new years slowdown. I had already scheduled a meeting with Eva but in the meantime while waiting I had some conversations (and had to fend off) with 6-7 dancers including Adora, Kimberley, daytime Ashley, Joy, Naomi and a couple of others who's name I forgot. I didn't see Kianna, also a very sexy ebony who I had the chance to meet a couple of weeks ago. Happy New Years everyone, I hope we can all continue to support our favourite girls and clubs in 2019!
  5. Understood. It does depend on the direction of projection , and is not a common occurrence
  6. Met the nice Congolese Montana at Playmate on Saturday night. Says she used to dance at Barb's and Tease. I think she was doing well there, the rest of the pickings were slim, she says she will be staying for awhile. A very pleasant and friendly girl, and a great physique!
  7. Had a refresher session with Devine last night. Now with a little experience and even better in the CR! Not to mention her constant smile which can only cheer up an old guy
  8. Yes Devine, met her last night. Tall and slim Nigerian girl with a very sweet personality. She says she is a "stripclub virgin". Only a dancer for 3 days. I think that Kiltboy popped her cherry. Also spent time with "Jaana" (black Norwegian?), formerly known as Lexi. Also a very nice girl
  9. Did the Sunday night thing at Barb's again last night. Quite a few ebonies present - Brooklyn in from London who is looking to relocate to Ottawa, very slim but nice build with fine features and very outgoing. Also Ava a compact girl with the Jamaican look although born in Canada and has very strong booty grind in the CR. She is normally at Pigales but was not allowed to last night because only 5 max ebonies allowed at Pigales. Maybe this is why so much ebony at Barbs last night. It wasn't super busy there but I actually like it that way as I like my personal space and there is more chance to get the attention of the girl of your choice and to have a nice conversation before heading to the back. I had to leave early due to work today so I didn't get a chance to renew with Ariel who also arrived a little later.
  10. Met a nice girl named Kendall at BF around 7pm on Friday. Her mother is Irish and her father African American. Therefore a great booty. She normally dances at Filmore's in Toronto but is in Ottawa until June for a family issue. She told me you can have "much more fun" in the CR at Filmore's because it's much less restrictive. Hmmm....
  11. Continued to work on my refamiliarization with Barb's. I thought I would see what's going on Wednesday night (last night). It was a pretty quiet night, but I did have the opportunity to get acquainted with Carmella and Ariel. Both of them wonderful girls! In the past 2 weeks I have made new friends in Phoenix, Havana, Addison, Annabelle, Carmella and Ariel. I would think that they are all very good choices? My pockets and bank account are draining quickly!
  12. I second your reco for Annabelle. I had the chance to meet up with her also last night, after midnight. I also noticed Ariel there, but didn't get a chance to connect..
  13. I finally made it back to Barb's on Sunday night, not having been there for 2-3 years. For some reason I have been spending most of my time (and money) recently at Playmate or 'Fax. (I was pretty regular at Barb's about 25 years ago). Anyways, managed to make the aquaintance of both Phoenix and Havana, neither of whom I had met before. Both of them wonderful girls! I guess I will have to put Barb's back on my regular agenda!
  14. Maybe if you go ahead with it and don't say anything, maybe she won't say anything either! That could be exciting, but since you don't know her reaction, a little risky too. (Those things left unsaid..)
  15. Also had the opportunity to become acquainted with Paris, a very nice and cheerful girl. Inspection revealed her to be well formed!
  16. Had the pleasure to reconnect with Jayda today around 5:30 pm. I had many great sessions with her when at the Playmate around 2 years ago. She is still a very charismatic girl and fun to hang out with. I proceeded to conduct a close examination and I was able to determine that she is very healthy. Additional Comments: Had the pleasure to reconnect with Jayda today around 5:30 pm. I had many great sessions with her when at the Playmate around 2 years ago. She is still a very charismatic girl and fun to hang out with. I proceeded to conduct a close examination and I was able to determine that she is very healthy.
  17. Sorry about that! Correction - yes Valentino's ! It burnt in 1992.
  18. I really liked the Fanny's on Bank. Very comfortable couches and private in the CR. And who can forget the original Barbarella's on Somerset West, just on the hill before it becomes Wellington? It was probably 25 years ago (or so) that it burnt down.
  19. Naomi Naomi Naomi. My sweetest sweetheart ever. A true angel on this earth.
  20. A very nice girl. Must have seen her 3-4 times, though more difficult of late without the incall. How could this happen? I hope that she makes a comeback. Additional Comments: (Samantha that is)
  21. I had many a great session with Jayda /Brianna when she used to spend time at the Playmate , and also a few times at Barefax. Everything described about the firm muscle tone is true! Haven't seen her for awhile as I have been sticking more to the Playmate, which is a great place to meet some fine ebony ladies!
  22. I have travelled far and wide in the U.S. and Canada and always make an effort to check out tbe local "establishments". For those many reasons as outlined by Mr H &K, I have told many people ( who don't always believe me): Ottawa has the best strip clubs!
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