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  1. Remember when a powerful home computer had a 20MB hard drive? And we marveled at the vast amount of memory storage!
  2. Remember when we used phone books and fold out maps?
  3. The Fab 4. Hot Sauce or Ranch Dressing?
  4. I have been lucky to make the acquaintance of several high caliber service providers in the National Capital Region over the past ten years. Some have moved on to other cities, some have retired and some special few remain in my life today. With confidence, I would like to add Sasha to the list. Circumstances and differing schedules kept us apart for too long. Thankfully, the stars aligned and I was able to see Sasha on a night during the week. I arrived at the appointed time, knocked on her door and was admitted to a cozy apartment near downtown. I entered and was greeted by a tall provocatively dressed brunette goddess. We embraced and kissed as long lost lovers reunited after many years. In heels, Sasha was slightly taller than I; this made the kiss exciting and different. She was warm and her skin was silk to the touch. Her physical beauty is 100% authentic, be it breast, booty, legs or the whole package; Sasha is exquisite. Small talk aside, we adjourned to the boudoir where we spent the next several hours getting to know each other better. Sasha is a skilled and enthusiastic partner. In matters of the dance between two halves of an intimate pair, Sasha proved to be a wonderful partner. Imaginative play and responsive to my ministrations, it was Sasha’s desire to please that was most memorable. We naturally transitioned from one movement to another as easily as if we had been dance partners for decades. It may be cliche, but there were times when we lost ourselves and our sense of time and self and melted into each other until boundaries became indistinguishable and time ceased to have meaning. Speaking of time, ours was up too soon. Sasha had a long drive ahead of her and my alibi was time sensitive. I forced myself away from her with the promise of a return visit as soon as the fates allowed. I highly recommend contacting Sasha. Especially if you have a thing for beautiful and sensual brunettes.
  5. Early. And late. Sleep is for the weak. lol Light or dark eyes?
  6. Avengers Infinity War. Aka The Quest for Money! Because Marvel Studios will make a Galactic ton of money from this flic and those to follow.
  7. Enjoy the Black Sea. All the best pretty kitty!
  8. Working from home in front of the fireplace.
  9. Been sober for 37 years, but memory still serves: Amber Rum, slightly warmed in a snifter while sitting on a Jamaican beach at sunset. Ahhh. Cradling the face while kissing or hands off ma face while kissing?
  10. Sleeping? Dark. For any other reason light, I am, by nature, a visual person. A week alone with your lover - no pants and no outside contact or one month with a beautiful stranger alone on a deserted tropical island?
  11. To answer NJ: braless, there is something about the motion of an unfettered breast that gives me that special tingle. To answer GD: CIM. Less messy and less chance a spilling a precious drop. Besides, with COF it can get in your eyes and that shit stings like hell! :icon_lol: One and done or Many Shots on Goal?
  12. Silk, lace catches on my beard. Boy shorts or Thong?
  13. Ed. And that does not stand for erectile dysfunction. Loud jungle sex (think monkeys mating) or silent sensual seduction (think romance novel cover)?
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