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  1. emiafish

    Which do you prefer?

    Early. And late. Sleep is for the weak. lol Light or dark eyes?
  2. We still remember you. Welcome back.
  3. Avengers Infinity War. Aka The Quest for Money! Because Marvel Studios will make a Galactic ton of money from this flic and those to follow.
  4. emiafish

    Happy Birthday to Cleo Catra

    Enjoy the Black Sea. All the best pretty kitty!
  5. emiafish

    highlights of the day

    Working from home in front of the fireplace.
  6. emiafish

    Which do you prefer?

    Been sober for 37 years, but memory still serves: Amber Rum, slightly warmed in a snifter while sitting on a Jamaican beach at sunset. Ahhh. Cradling the face while kissing or hands off ma face while kissing?
  7. emiafish

    Which do you prefer?

    Sleeping? Dark. For any other reason light, I am, by nature, a visual person. A week alone with your lover - no pants and no outside contact or one month with a beautiful stranger alone on a deserted tropical island?
  8. emiafish

    Which do you prefer?

    To answer NJ: braless, there is something about the motion of an unfettered breast that gives me that special tingle. To answer GD: CIM. Less messy and less chance a spilling a precious drop. Besides, with COF it can get in your eyes and that shit stings like hell! :icon_lol: One and done or Many Shots on Goal?
  9. emiafish

    Which do you prefer?

    Silk, lace catches on my beard. Boy shorts or Thong?
  10. emiafish

    Which do you prefer?

    Ed. And that does not stand for erectile dysfunction. Loud jungle sex (think monkeys mating) or silent sensual seduction (think romance novel cover)?
  11. Spilling Diet Coke on a work supplied laptop. Not worried about the laptop, just that I need to go into the office to replace it. I was hoping to work from home all week, now I have to brave OTTAWA traffic. #firstworldproblems
  12. emiafish

    highlights of the day

    1 week to lift off! 12 days of Christmas on 7 Mile beach in Negril will be epic.
  13. emiafish

    Which do you prefer?

    Not that is matters, but dark brunette, the darker the better. There is just something deliciously wicked about a woman with really dark hair. For the ladies: Facial hair or clean shaven?
  14. emiafish

    Which do you prefer?

    Depending on skin tone, classic black! Only oral pleasure or only penetration pleasure for the rest of your life? If you had to pick only one as both giver and receiver which would you choose?
  15. Happy birthday Virgo twinsie!