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  1. Was driving past Misericordia the other day and reminded me of the place that used to be above the camera shop on Sherbrooke. After the flip there a novice attendant told me she does "topless ligamant" massage as an extra. Huh? Oh, ok sure.
  2. Saw someone there pre-covid not named Lemon, but I think the # was the same. Average massage, very accommodating.
  3. Sandra/Sara is at the place on Broadway just west of Osborne.
  4. It is imperative to respect every massage practitioner and their limits, so I commend you. But a fully nude, non-rmt, un-draped session with light nut teasing is often a nonverbal cue for you to make a polite suggestion after the flip. Not always of course. And no means no.
  5. Been going there for years, but not since COVID. Elisabeth's massage technique is excellent. Completely legit, sensual but not sexual.
  6. Used to be a regular there but the lady who runs the place just started to annoy me with some little things. Petty stuff really but to me lacking a bit of tact and discretion. Too bad the massages were pretty good.
  7. Alina similar in age to Alice and very similar in service as well.
  8. Unfortunately it is what it is given our laws here. There is a shite-ton of massage places in otherwise legit operations which offer "jobs" of various forms. Just not prudent to name them publicly.
  9. Had been a regular at the place "cross from farmers market" in St Norbert but she has recently left town. On a tour of places now to find someone who I can click with as well as i did with Lili. World place on Portage is ok but more $
  10. I can confirm otherwise. Lisa was there 10 days ago when she left the legit Salon/Spa (that will go unnamed) in the South end. I had a session with Annie while Lisa was booked with someone else in the other room. I had called Lisa as my first choice after she texted me saying she was now at Global J.
  11. Hi, just been a lurker here until now. But I believe nothing good can come from online speculation on a business based on nails and legit spa treatments. These are businesses where online rumour and innuendo can result in harsh personal or professional consequences for the employees. This is in stark contrast to places whose main business is adult massage where the employees are all on the same page and are not risking their real identities being associated with adult services. Just my a perspective on this situation...happy hunting.
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