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  1. Odd to talk about then n the same thread, but I’ll bite. definitely makes me think twice about returning. I had a good experience with a white girl there not long ago, was considering going back. Sadly I very likely won’t again (assuming they stay open). coronavirus looking pretty scary, not much else to say in that though.
  2. Lol I just realized they’re all named after Archie comics characters: Betty, Veronica, Sabrina, Cheryl.
  3. Lol seriously? They’re desperate guys. I really don’t know what’s up with this place. They’re not rmts, they don’t undrape/tease and denial, no funny business, and yet people are expected to want to go here? Guys save yourself some time and money and jk it to the girls in the ad pictures lol!
  4. Hey anyone already seen her? Pics look really good, never seen her before. Ad just came out a couple days ago. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-health-beauty/winnipeg/spanish-massage/1462552076?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  5. Which therapist did you see? Can PM if you would prefer. I get massages here and they are enjoyable.
  6. I believe that there are specific bylaws that say that they have to be fully clothed or something, but really what do they care for bylaws? As long as they don't get caught, they don't care. Also, seriously, that feels like the longest run-on sentence ever. Very difficult to read.
  7. Have a business name or anything? Any ads you see? What kind of service do they claim to offer?
  8. Grabbing your wallet? Wow...not acceptable at all.
  9. Google image search is your friend: http://www.minxspa.ca/girls-detail.php?girl_id=346 That should tell you all you need to know. Unless they've opened a Winnipeg branch with the same girl, then...
  10. LOL I read this post before reading the context, I thought that's how much she was charging! I figured she must be the ugliest lady you'd ever seen.
  11. Update: just got back from there, just a decent deep to medium tissue massage. Nothin to write home about, May or may not repeat depending on what I'm looking for.
  12. Anyone tried the same location as previously, under the new management? Any intel? I'm thinking of getting an appointment.
  13. Which ad are you referring to? EDIT: found it! Never mind.
  14. Hey I know we're all about HE here, but am I the only one who's kinda into "teasing" massage that doesn't necessarily end happily? I guess it's a huge turn on to imagine what may have been or to try again later thinking it'll be different. Anyone here every have good experiences like this? If you'd prefer, you can PM me, or discuss here within reason.
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