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  1. I saw her once. Shes nice but we didn't click
  2. I had the opportunity to see this beautiful lady today. She has curves in all the right places, very attractive and skilled. Her place is safe and welcoming. I will be repeating for sure.
  3. Hi. I have always wanted to try a TS. I noticed she is visiting from Montreal and wondering if anyone has seen her? In the TS section on LL
  4. Hi. Anyone have the pleasure of meeting her? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_bigbootybella-6498992?source=list
  5. I finally had the chance to break the Ice today and see Melanie Rose. I am so happy I did. Excellent Location with lots of parking and a clean environment. From the moment I walked in I felt amazed how comfortable I felt. She is a Beautiful Lady and the experience was top notch for me. I would say its been my favorite experience so far.
  6. I've been to ladies where the pictures are wrong or older and never left. Turned out to be decent experiences when it has happened. I only had one experience where the lady was swapped out last minute and didn't provide the same experience or look as friendly so I left.
  7. I have seen her twice before covid struck and was amazed both times. Beautiful lady and friendly to talk to. Nice location as well.
  8. It's Olivia who was around years ago. She is mostly retired now but I still see her occasionally.
  9. Was the worse service ever. Pics are accurate though.
  10. I saw her and she sat there and folded laundry the first 10 mins I was there and then rushed me through the session.
  11. About to take the plunge. Anyone see her in the last few weeks? There is a review from April but looking for something current. Thanks
  12. Hi all I'm thinking of seeing her but there hasn't been any recent posts about her on here. Last post was in 2017. Had anyone seen her recently?
  13. Saw her on the weekend for the first time. I have been hesitant to see new ladies lately but I am glad I took the risk. She is friendly, sexy, beautiful and good at what she does. I definitely will be repeating.
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