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  1. Kylie all the way. Saw her today for first time in a while. Best service as usual. Always feel so comfortable with her and I always leave pleased as punch. Thanks Kylie. You’re a sweetheart!
  2. Yes it's her horn toad.. Much oblidged.
  3. Sorry, I meant Daddy’s Girl Tasha.
  4. The ad is gone now. Is this the Tasha who goes by Daddy’s Little Girl?
  5. Gone, gone, gone I’m afraid. I believe they were Chinese and operated the Oriental Massage or something to that effect. They pulled up roots around 2008 or 2009 I believe.
  6. I too saw her about a year ago. I would echo Boomers comments. Nice lady though.
  7. I remember seeing Jess in 2018 or so. Nice girl. Great service. I would like any contact info as well if anybody has it.
  8. I second that Edmund13. No issues when I had seen her.
  9. It is relevant to the conversation because the previous post by Jessica Rain claimed she didn’t see her advertising on VIP Favours when she was. I should have tied Jessica’s thread in to it but failed to do so. Sorry for the faux pas.
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