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  1. I second that Edmund13. No issues when I had seen her.
  2. It is relevant to the conversation because the previous post by Jessica Rain claimed she didn’t see her advertising on VIP Favours when she was. I should have tied Jessica’s thread in to it but failed to do so. Sorry for the faux pas.
  3. To each his own , I guess. I saw her numerous times and thought the ending was sensual. Anyway, it worked for me. Sorry you were disappointed.
  4. I thought she was fantastic. Not rushed at all for me.
  5. Always intrigued by glory holes. I'd be interested.
  6. Anyone ever seen this one. I think she's been around a while. I couldn't find anything in my search. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_sexy_adventurous_cougar-4739592
  7. No grave yard around Mulgrave Park that I know of.
  8. Yet again, I have to agree with Czar Casm ( I love that handle ). I think she is well worth it. Seen her a few times. Good value
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