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  1. spencer2

    Eating ass

    Hi there If anyone knows of a provider who is always ready to have her ass licked and eaten and really loves it, please let me know. I will be back in Ottawa on the first of Aug for 2 weeks. Waiting eagerly for a reply.
  2. Hi all of you beautiful mature ladies Once again I am heading to Ottawa shortly and I plan to devote as much of my time as I can with my lovely, sweet and sexy and getting even sexier every time I meet and play in her lovely den of "sweet and sinful" pleasures......
  3. I had a hot experience on the South Shore of Montreal and east of the Richelieu river. I don't remember the exact location but it was a quiet afternoon and I took this hot and smart chick in the private cubicle and there was nothing out of bound. I played with her G-spot until she squirted some sweet juice and she had a warm and velvety mouth that she used to absolute perfection and I lost count of the number of songs we went through.....A divine experience....
  4. Let's make this thread exciting by posting pictures of our great mature ladies....
  5. I visited a lady for almost two years before I moved back to the US and now, I still keep in touch and I have returned when I have the chance and spend as much time with her as I can and I am very much looking forward to see her again in the Spring. She has become my best friend and confident and she dominates my thoughts and desires...! If only I was younger I would not hesitate to try to seduce her into spending our lives together!
  6. spencer2

    I am so in love with my teeny tiny titties. I really am!!!

    On the subject of tits, I find your twins absolutely lovely and I am reminded of what my late father used to say about tits: "All you need is enough to fill an honest man mouth" And yours, Sweetie, fit perfectly...and I love them and those enticing nipples!
  7. spencer2

    How odd is this?

    Any one who has not tried a �������� massage should ask his provider on his next visit. It gives a new feeling of well being and if she is very good and does it in conjunction with a good ���� or hand job, you will believe you are in heaven. I know a few providers that would be more than happy to satisfy....!
  8. Time has advanced since my post August 2013 but the beauty and attraction of mature women endures! I am on my way to Ottawa to visit the most exciting mature lady in CERB. My sweet Summer has proven time and time again that Brain, Beauty and Body will always be a winning combination! Young ladies should never be excluded because with age and experience, they will acquire the quality and maturity that makes the mature ladies so desirable. In my case, Summer has stolen my heart by being herself, warm, understanding, witty AND absolutely exceptional when it comes to sex. Thinking about her always stirs my groin!
  9. I contributed to this thread some time before and, at the time, I was visiting this very special lady on a regular basis to the exclusion of all others. About two years ago I move back home to Florida and I tried, without success, to find a suitable "regular" companion/lover. So I arranged to fly back to Ottawa to stay connected to THE woman that has always met and exceed my dreams/expectations. I may say that I found more than an escort; I found a warm vibrant friend who shares my feelings and I daresay my love because what I feel for her is way above a satisfying sex fling....Of course we always have extremely satisfying sex and after the luving, I am still in love with her! Incidentally, I am coming back shortly to drink her sight, her sex and her charming persona....I I am "hooked" and I love it!
  10. spencer2

    Eating ass

    Anyone What happened to the social group "â??â??â??â?? lovers" ? I loved to visit that group and there was a lot of interest in â??â??â??â?? and â??â??â??â?? with plenty of great photos
  11. I like oysters followed by a juicy pussy!
  12. spencer2

    First duo, any advice from experts?

    Just be yourself. The ladies will take control and make sure you enjoy the excitement!
  13. I find amazing that so few guys seem prepared to confirm for a poly party! I tried it a few times and every time was "liberating" and totally enjoyable. I have been told by some ladies that guys are not comfortable being naked in front of other guys...! Presumably because they are afraid of the "comparison". It is too bad the main purpose of the encounter is not a "cock" parade but a medium to ensure that everyone can, without inhibition, join in a "buffet" of carnal delights.... Believe me, you guys, nobody really cares about the size of your tool....! the element of paramount importance is to give three beautifully nude women the absolute and satisfying orgasm that they deserve....That's all I am saying...
  14. All the reasons stated are valid. As for me , I endorse them all and I just want to state that the main reason, indeed, the only reason I have been seeing the same lady for almost a year I because, in addition to these reasons, she and I can communicate....I can also ad that I have reached a point where she is my confidante ...I tell her things that no one else knows .But there is also the fact that we are ONE when we engage in any form of sexual activity and we always achieve the final delight that is so vital to a lasting relationship.
  15. If you come with a shopping list, you are in the wrong place...!This not what the lifestyle is about. You want to be satisfied, just act natural, enjoy the company and do not make demands. Just enjoy and "play" with what is on hand and I am sure you will leave happy and satisfied It is not a question of filling your shopping list...If it is your concern, you are the problem.