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    I'm Claudia Hartz independent 5'3 110lbs 34B i'm the perfect spinner
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    Bubbly outgoing
  1. Enjoying the Sun what a beautiful day today![emoji1]
  2. http://worldpridetoronto.com/ I have been to the last 2 Pride celebrations so far and enjoyed each minute of it :-) Can't wait for this years Grand Finale!!!
  3. For now I'm wearing bikini cut panties they are dark blue faded into a light blue with a dark blue bra to match :)
  4. I was just thinking the same thing. Gonna play poker online until I crash.
  5. Watching The Cleveland show :) but I'm a big Simpson fan
  6. I like the Victoria Secret runway styles I love this red outfit wish it was in green :)
  7. Fresh out the shower after a nice work out session :) gotta stay in shape.
  8. Watching a movie pulling a graveyard shift :-) wishing for warmer weather
  9. Thank you It's a great feeling making it to see another beautiful year! :-)
  10. I've notice it's 29 different birthdays today! wow! From one pieces to another I wish you all well wishes and plenty more to come :icon_smile:
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