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  1. Dear Board, I'm not a veteran hobbyist, but this was the best servicing that I've ever received from a provider. Gosh, the next woman I'm with is really going to enjoy some of the new tricks I've learned! The "Sugarland" agent answered promptly and was informative and pleasant. The visit started as planned at a reasonably nice location. The location was a bit to the West, but this was good for me (far from home, nobody would see me there). "Nana" answered the door: tall, slim, model good looks, very friendly. Totally professional, confident vibe, it put me at ease very quickly. She undressed me and we showered together, she was very thorough in her cleansing of my weary, muscled body. She enjoyed being touched throughout the session. She followed a pattern and stuck to the script, but let me tease her off the path repeatedly. I was pretty nervous, as this is not a regular thing for me, but I just pretended she was my girlfriend and went "full on" as though we were familiar with each other. She responded tenderly with enthusiasm, driving me wild, making me want to please her as well, which upped the ante into a pretty passionate session. She was the first Korean woman I've ever been with - I'm almost afraid to meet another ! Nana was cooperative and receptive, only stopping me when I really was going too far! She did this very gracefully, it was quite a turn-on. The sex was awesome (I'll save the details for my personal memoirs) - clean, well-lubricated, knew when to make little noises, make climax sounds - it was quite pleasant. Afterwards we relaxed a bit and chatted before showering together again. She poured us another dose of mouthwash, and we kissed deeply again. I didn't want to leave, and she gave the impression that she wanted me to stay. Wow. Best hour I've spent in a long time. It REALLY reset me back to my good old self. Wonder how long that will last ...
  2. Totally prefer the in call ... a person is always more relaxed in their familiar space, and that's the kind of atmosphere I like. Relaxed.
  3. If the lines bother you, just dim the lights, or close your eyes. Use your tongue to find your way around ...
  4. Thank you for the lead on GHS. Getting info from a site like this sure puts my mind at ease!
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    Ass on the glass !! Woo hoo !!!
  6. That's very intriguing ... we could all make requests on where to drive, like past Parliament Hill, my ex-girlfriend's, the office ... do those cars fit through a Timmie's drive-thru ?
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    Now this pic is giving me a bone ...
  8. Dear Forum, Congratulations to me, as this newbie is no longer a virgin in the hobbyist world. Was staying far from home at a conference (near Orillia) for a few nights and finally built up the courage to do wonderful things with a beautiful stranger, for a pre-agreed price. The Unicorn Spa appears to be a new operation in downtown Barrie, conveniently located near lots of parking, a Tim Horton's, and an LCBO. They are new and the setup is at an earlier stage of development, but I expect it to cozy-up as time goes by and will certainly visit the next time I am in the area. I went around 5:30pm mid-week and had no idea what to expect. I was greeted by the smiling and slender 'Monica'. She was very welcoming and informative, and I did not feel at all pressured. In fact, the establishment is not strictly a 'semen extraction centre' but actually has a strong 'health spa' theme, offering a variety of health services. There were three attendants to choose from, and I stuck with my first impression: Monica. The others were attractive, but I'd already started a rapport with the greeter and decided to play it out. Monica would tell me during the session that there were more choices later in the day and later in the week, and I believe her. As it happens, I really needed a massage, so I settled for the 'back only' version at $40 for 30 minutes, as I wasn't sure if I was up to it. I was brought to a clean, modestly-furnished room and waited for Monica to return. She did, and was curious why I was still dressed. I obliged her by stripping and getting on the table. After a few minutes, I felt like I could definitely get a bone with this lady and asked about the 'full' version. For an extra $20 I was assured a happy ending. There were other options, with progressive pricing, but they sounded kind of complicated. One was called a 'reverse massage'...meaning I would massage the lady. That sounded kind of strange for $80 and me doing all the work. Yeah, I'm very new to this stuff. I deftly pulled another $30 from my strategically-located jeans and she shuffled out of the room with it, returning moments later to continue with the servicing. After about 15 minutes it was 'turn over' time. She lubed me up and massaged my lats and pecs, slowly moving down to the groin and glory regions. My manhood was ready for her gentle, yet confident attentions. We conversed about our travels. I tried the old charms and she giggled convincingly. I asked, and she let me stroke her buttocks while she pumped my well-lubed flesh rocket. On cue (29 minutes in) I let her rip ... She had a great ass and a very comforting manner. If I'm back in the area, I think I'll try that 'reverse massage' thing with her and then ask her out to dinner. Now I know what the expression 'rub and a tug' means, like for real. I think this fits within my comfort zone for now. The more 'progressive' activities seem riskier and are more expensive. Then again, I've never had a MFF and would like to go at that with 'no holds barred'... 8-) franc68
  9. Just had lunch there today. Not alot of activity, but enough to get me through my one-hour lunch break! Pigale remains the consistently superior club in the Ottawa area...Ontarians may have trouble finding it... go to Greber, it's just across from the Burger King.
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