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  1. She says she is in Elmwood, in a home location. She had been running 2 ads on Friday for a bit, went down to 1, and now guess she removed it. She didn't state age....looked maybe in her 40's from her photos. Was using a couple photos from inside that Body Shades tanning location (which offered massage) on Portage Ave. Was just womdering if anyone had seen her.
  2. Just curious if anyone has tried a massage from the person in this ad? I like her look and may reach out to her regardless, but thought I would check if anyone has any info at all. Thx. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-health-beauty/winnipeg/massage-services-avail/1509999901
  3. There are a couple of Registered Massage Therapy in the City that provide Ashiatsu Massage. I love it, as I love a deep massage...it's generally a little more, so I don't go often, as it eats up my benefits. I haven't tried 609, or any of those places, but do wish there were less expensive options.
  4. I saw her a few years back, and at that time she was using those photos. Would say even at that time the photos were not recent compared to whom I met. I never did repeat.
  5. Is this just hot stone massage or is there hands involved as well? Any extra info is appreciated. I too thought it might be a guy.
  6. Which Kathy is this? Wondering where she works?
  7. Is there a current ad for Alice? Can anyone comment on her massages services, and possibly anything else (DM me if you prefer)?
  8. Well, that was disappointing. Had an appointment for early this morning, but got a message stating she wasn't going to be able to get back in the City in time for the appointment. Will see if I try again. Will comment if I do. Guess I have some extra time and cash today.
  9. Was just wondering if anyone has any info on Kae-Leigh who advertises her Relaxation Massage. I have booked in with her tomorrow, but was wondering if anyone had any info they would share in post or private message before I go see her. Thanks... https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1471742459
  10. Is there a link to an ad for this place? Just wondering where it is located.
  11. Is this the Krissy you speak of? The photos look great, are they accurate? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/winnipeg/winnipeg_krissy_busty_brunette_massage_and_more-5202478
  12. As i stated above, i did say 'hi' and asked for some info, even if there was a website, got one or two word answers (like pulling teeth) and had no response to a possible website...so just gave up. Guess she wasnt looking to book anyone at that time.
  13. When reaching out to her by text, she was very vague. Lots of one word, one sentence responses. Was difficult to get confirmation on rates or services, but she did state no receipts, so thinking she is not a aregistered massage therapist. Because it was so hard to get info, i just discontinued the conversation.
  14. Its not so much what truly happens behind closed doors, its whats assumed. If the neighbours assume its more than massage and post it on a community site that is genuinely concerned about the goings on in their neighbourhood, the majority of those on the site are going to assume the same thing. Kitty doesn't have a sign on her house stating she runs a business, so of course curiousity will be raised with so many visitors (especially when they are male) to her place, or any place like it in a residential environment...whether it be a business that the general population is ok with or not. Visitors to Kitty, and those on here that may be showing concern, are probably worried what assumptions are being made by residents and Facebook page viewers, seeing any photos of vehicles and individuals.....and if quite possibly those residents/viewers recognize their vehicle or themselves....and if those photos may go any further than that Facebook page. Of course those are always the risks one takes when delving into this world....and I think the majority on both sides of the business know that.
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