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  1. I met Charlie last december. She is very nice, pleasant to be with, she's also attractive, a great body shape and she knows how to care of a man. She knows her stuff, take good directions and can take control when you give her the go. I wish I had time this week, as she's in town, but I will continue to look at her schedule for her next stop to Ottawa. Highly recommended, I will repeat eventually.
  2. I'm adding Elle (Brass), Peach (CMJ), Tara Parker (Indy) and Hunter (Indy).
  3. To me, the entire experience with chemistry is the best. I love when I feel the chemistry. The moment we start to communicate creates the connection and the connection will make the experience great. So when I'm with the provider, if we did connect at first, I will usually enjoy the entire experience. With time, I realized that when I had minimal interaction with the provider before meeting her the first time, chemistry seems to be missing a bit during the session.
  4. Enjoy... https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-companions/south-eastern-ontario/ https://www.slixa.com/ca/ottawa/ https://escortalligator.com.ottawa.listcrawler.com/gallery/1/#. https://www.vipfavours.ch/escorts. https://annonceintime.com/52-femme-cherche-homme/country-_ontario/region-ottawa/listings.html. https://www.eros.com/ontario/ottawa/sections/ottawa_escorts.htm https://openadultdirectory.com/escorts/Canada/Ottawa/ http://ottawa.locanto.ca/Escorts/20905/ https://www.eurogirlsescort.com/escorts/ottawa/ http://www.cityoflove.com/EN/canada/ottawa/default.aspx http://ottawa.pinklink.ca/escort/ http://www.escorts-canada.com/listings/ON/Ottawa.html https://preferred411.com/index.cfm?fx=Client https://ca.adultsearch.com/ontario/ottawa/ https://nogiki.com/ https://Tryst.link
  5. I realised that Mariah Everly is nowhere on Lyla (never reviewed here, unless mistaking...), however, she should be in my opinion. So I decided to rewrote a review of her that I wrote elsewhere and share an update/recent version... A Black Bass Confession : Mariah Everly, beautiful, sensual with a spectacular smile! One day, late last November, I was quietly browsing on Twitter. As I was browsing, I ended on a CMJ’s post saying “And I’m ...back”. A picture with a spectacular smiling face was shown. Woauow... that's a nice smile. But... "I'm ...back"??? Who the hell is that smiley girl on the pic to say "I'm ...back"? I look at the CMJ’s website pretty often. Strange... I never notice that girl before, never heard about her before, I don’t think that I ever consult her profile before. But, ok, I don’t know everything, she's coming back, that's cool! But something intrigued me... her smile!!! Her smile on that photo was incredibly nice and beautiful; it looked passionate, sincere, intense... I'm not sure how to describe it, the proper word is hiding somewhere inside of me... but for sure, right away I was attracted to that smile and told myself “Let’s keep an eye on that smile”. A few days later, Mariah's name appeared on CMJ’s schedule, I booked her immediately. That day... I arrived at CMJ... well, hmmm!!! My mind start going crazy... the two previous sessions that I had were disaster in all points... so my mind goes: "What if she is not what I expect?" "What if it turns to another “Hit and Miss”?" "She could be nice but what if we don’t click?" "It's probably not gonna go well... I'm going to loose my money again" “I should leave before it's too late... oh no, I can't leave, I'm gonna look like a fool... I'm trap... I’m trap here in CMJ”... Oh oh... oh non, someone knocks at the door... someone comes in... I look at her, she's smiling... that smile... fuck... it’s the smile... that's the smile of the photo... WOUAHHHH... just WOOOUAOUW!!! the smile is for real... that smile is sincere... But, hey wait... hey... all around that smile, there is more... there is a face... that face is hot... Mannnnn, THAT GIRL IS FUCKING HOT! OKEYYYY... OOOKEYYYY wouaw, just wouaw... entering in the room, here comes a hot and beautiful lady and yes, her smile is real and fantastic. She comes to me, welcomes me with a big hug and warm kiss, right away... yesss, I like that... that’s the introduction of a true GFE! A few talk, a few more little kisses and here we are DFK... She loves to kiss (me too). Few compliments right/left as she’s undressing me, YESSSS, I love when a girl undress me, another plus for the real GFE. We keep smiling at each other, kissing with passion. It is going really well, everything is in the right direction. She's extremely sensual and affectionate. Tone of sexy latina moves, dancing in my arms. I love to play with her long, beautiful and dark hair. Intensité, sensualité, enlassades érotiques, plaisirs charnelles. Kissing, she’s good at it, just like a perfect girlfriend. After a few minutes, she softly said “let’s move to the shower”, “Sure”... That shower was intense, a continuation of how we met, then we moved to the massage table. I lay down on my stomach but I couldn’t wait for the flip which happen very fast, I could tell that she wanted to continue the kissing. Well, let's do it again, a lot of kissing, adding body slide. We stayed under MA’s limits but oufffff... it was a very intense session for a first meeting. 45 min was not enough... why did I took only 45 min, anyway??? She was on the schedule for the following Friday, so I told her to reserve our time together right away for 1 hour. She took care of everything, she seems happy that I wanted to see her again. We kissed goodbye, see you in a few days. The meeting # 2, we start back exactly where we were 4 days earlier with immediate kissing, undress, shower and blablabla... We moved to the massage table, I didn’t stay face down more than 5 minutes cause we wanted to kiss each other again. Another perfect session with this fantastic gal. Further details will remain between me and her. Wouaw, just wouaw! Definitively, she brought the definition of GFE to another level, I don’t remember such intensity in previous MA experiences. I usually take a session once per month, rarely twice however it is the very first time that I saw a girl twice in the same week. But, the story didn't end here... I booked her again... and again... and again. I saw her multiple times just in the month of December. I became a "Mariah addict". My final session of 2018 was with her and I was her last client of the year. All sessions were pretty much the same experiences over and over, no extra details to add, but we spend time together, enjoying ourselves. We always stayed under MA's limits. But she is incredible, fun to be with, we had good conversations together. Last client of 2018 and also her first client of 2019! Doesn’t mean anything really, but in the back of my mind it’s kind of “seal the deal” about that girl. And then at the end of January, she decided to move out of CMJ to work as an Indy MA. Well, I follow her! Mariah Everly hosts now in a very nice location, in Ottawa. Then again, I made sure to be her first client there... I told you, I’m a Mariah addict. Our sessions continue to be very intense, outstanding and fun. She remains strictly under MA’s limits and I’m fine with that cause the chemistry and the connection we have is honestly what I’m looking for. Repeat? I’m a Mariah addict. I can’t stop myself to visit her. I swear, I honestly tried... but I can’t. Recommend? Hmmm... if you haven't find the true definition of a GFE... the answer is there, go see her! I confess: Do you remember how I started this review? Everything started simply with a smile on a twitter picture. Now that I met that smile, the rest of the body drives me crazy! I wish I would’ve met her in real life... The Black Bass aka TigerFlex5
  6. Sara: twitter.com/SaraLiz69XXX https://www.bodybasic3000.com/theladies
  7. I meet Jessy three time, last year (already a year...) and just realized that I never wrote on her review page, although I did recommended her to several people, especially for her kissing capacities. So, I'm adding my voice to Jessy's ultimate fans, I can tell that our sessions remain on top of my experiences. She is great, fun, intelligent and very pleasant to be with. I always left her place with full satisfaction. DFK is a strength for her, but not only. She's good at everything she does. It's been already a year, obviously, I need to visit her to her new location. Can't wait...
  8. Almost a year since my last visit to Ashley, I finally went back to see her early last October. I was very happy to see that she's still around, because I wasn't that sure, last time I saw her. In total, I saw her probably 7 times between August and December 2017. Then I took a break. I confess... it was a lot of money. Last October, one evening I was just thinking about her. I had nothing to do that night, I decided to contact her. She was free, she had nothing to do, she told me to come over. I left home right away, went to her place and yes... she is still the same fantastic lady and our connection/chemistry was the same. Another fantastic session with her. She is great and beautiful... I will see her again!
  9. Twice I meet providers in RBB, both time were fine, no issue. But, I guess it always depends on the quality of the place, if the owner is around or how noisy you can be.
  10. Hey Buddy, tones of lovely ladies MA around here. If you want to be more specific on what you are loking for, cause there are a lot of providers that are giving great oilly massage and DFK. Yeah, CMJ is a good place for that but a lot of fantastic Indies also.
  11. Yeah, I don't recognize a lot of providers but there are some face that we saw elsewhere.
  12. Hmm... interesting threat. I don't mind providing a short description of myself to a provider, in fact, usually the second or third question is generally me asking if she sees black guys. Simple, if not, let's not all waste our time. So yes, I think it's ok to ask that question, but yes, I can see some men find it offensive. I don't, not in the hobby world. Maybe you can add, when you ask that question, the reason why you are asking and say that it's just cause you want to know who is going to ring at your door (roughly height, size, age, ethnicity, etc) you should get away with this.
  13. Maybe it's a "prerogative to women to lie about their age" in real life, but we are not in real life and there is a "market" for everybody. There are a lot of clients who like young providers but there are probably as much clients who prefer older and mature providers. So why lie about it and to be disappointed? I don't t think that people gain when a provider says that she's 21, when in fact she's 28-29; the client gets there and ultimately will be frustrated, because he though he would be with a young lady. Or, a client who looks for a much more mature provider, goes in and realise that the SP/MA is a much more younger lady that he was expected... For a long time, I was a regular to a MA in a spa; on the website, she was listed as "late 20s". But clearly, no way she was in her 20s and from the first time I saw her, she was 35 and +. Ok, I heard you "maybe when she started, she was that age... maybe they didn't update that part of the website" Yes, but a website should reflect some accuracy, to a certain point. When you update the pictures on a regular basis, when you update your schedule every week, you can also take a five minutes to update some minor info once in a while. Now on your second part "Age is just a number. Kind of like weight"... NOPE, not the same thing. Today, she's 140lbs, a year from now, she gains 15lbs for whatever reason, 2 years later, she do a huge diet and drop to 130lbs... pounds come and go (not for everybody, not easy, loll, but still). If you really think it's the same thing, please let me know how I can drop my age and go back to 23.
  14. 100% agree... Just don't do it!
  15. Good question... I asked the same thing, a few months ago :) http://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=255894 D.
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