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  1. fr33yay0

    Duo recommendation

    I had posted about this a few months back... nothing really caught my eye. The few mentioned here tho... wow. Looks like this might happen! 🙂
  2. fr33yay0

    biggest blunder

    My biggest? easy... I had been separated for a bit... I was going to try cerb/lyla for my third/fourth time... I sent messages to a beautiful SP. Back and forth for 2-3 days.. then she confirmed everything and wanted a quick phone call (since I am new, still don't have much in the way of contacts yet. Which again, I obliged. Phone rang, picked it up... had a totally awkward conversation. You going to come by and see me? yeah? 10 oclock? yeah? ok? why 10? because that's what we agreed upon? what's going on? I don't know, what's going on with you? Turns out, this was an unknown number calling from the local gym. I had put in a request for personal training and she was the trainer calling me for date/times. But at the same time, I was waiting for the call from the SP. LOL Anyways, after coming to my sense mid-call... I doubled back and it was fine. LOL
  3. fr33yay0

    I'm an Idiot :P

    Sorry this has happened to you. I have been lucky so far as a client but I only do research and speak to the provider first. Those classic "forgot" somethings are boring...
  4. fr33yay0

    Taking one for the team

  5. fr33yay0


    If you read the comics.. you know whats coming :) Glenn had to go.. it was time. As for the first guy they knocked off.. wtv, that's a side story. just wait, the gentlemen with the lions will help... and wait for the episode that rick gets his comback.. WOWWOWOWWO if they keep it like hte book.
  6. fr33yay0

    Do you masturbate?

    Hell ya I do... nothing like a bag/rub and tucking it between matresses. :)
  7. fr33yay0

    VOIP, apps questions

    It totally depends on the level of service from the individual itself. I can easily take your number and make calls with it. Its not safe, another layer of security might need to be added to your pre-screens if that's the case. As for your questions, it would be a totally different number than your existing cell/data package. Voip is more for poeple who do not have cells and only use devices that are wireless capable. Or someone looking to save a huge amount of money off of a cell plan. Voip is 40% cheaper almost accross the board.
  8. fr33yay0

    VOIP, apps questions

    There are lots of VoIP options :) message me, I can explain anything you wish.
  9. fr33yay0

    Hi. Alyssa here.

    Welcome! :)
  10. fr33yay0

    Private Browsing in Firefox for iOS

    That is true, I wouldn't be using FF on any IOS devices. The code isn't up to par... Safari has private browsing (indicated with the plus sign at the bottom) and you can set it to clear cache/cookies after each website is closed (as a secondary security measure).
  11. fr33yay0

    Saving a website backup

    You can easily FTP the files out... I am sure they gave you a user/pass ?
  12. fr33yay0

    Android TV boxes?

    Kodi is the way of life man... so easy.
  13. fr33yay0

    SP reference(s)

    I also started without ref... its not the end of the world. Most guys on here have it, be normal and communicate expectations. It always works out in your favour, the girls on here are amazing :)
  14. fr33yay0

    Thinking of Paris

    I am happy my family is safe at the moment... but what a sad day indeed.
  15. Hey! I am relatively new to this and I was looking into an hour/two with a DUO. I have never done something with two SPs so I am a bit shy when it comes to this topic. If anyone has any experience and/or advice please PM me. Cheers, E.