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  1. Erotic Tarot and photos https://onlyfans.com/jacklyn7
  2. Thought it might be fun to mix something I enjoy exploring with, well, something I enjoy exploring 😉 Erotic Tarot and photos https://onlyfans.com/jacklyn7 xoxoxox More at https://www.instagram.com/ladyjacklynto/
  3. Hahaha, you don't have to try very hard to impress me!
  4. Hot! Sadly no, never squirted all on my lonesome before. Lucky lady! Did you wake up with a smile?
  5. I only started SPing last year but I was fortunate enough to meet a few repeaters right away. I have a couple who have been seeing me since my first month and still come in once a week. Repeat business is always my favorite as we can develop that deeper intuitive connection = mind blowing lol.
  6. I use coconut oil and milk in the bath all the time. That stuff is amazing for everything.
  7. B-12 to boost immunity, D to keep my energy levels up. Coconut water just because it is such a great hydration.
  8. Stockings and heels most common, a couple times I was asked to wear a corset and skirt. Oh, and this one time the gentlemen got there and I was in lingerie and he asked me to go put my "day" bra and undies on.
  9. I agree with all the above. Sometimes stress is good, I thrive under pressure. But bad stress requires a work out, a bath or a good solo session (to good porn!).
  10. The furthest I have had anyone come was from Wales. I was flattered to say the least!
  11. My kind of thread! Yes Boss by Hess is More Straight to Number One by Touch and Go Slave to Love by Bryan Ferry
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