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  1. MrBlackbird

    I like this shot, beautiful black hair and sexy red lips. The "ghost" images adds a sense of mystery and eroticism to scene.
  2. No hesitation: Scarlett Johansson as in the movie Under Your Skin in which she plays an alien who hunts Scottish men in Glasgow. I think I'll go and watch it again...
  3. I have lost 15 lbs in the last 9 months and plan on losing another 5 lbs to reach my goal of 22% body fat, and I don't diet. I do two things: 1 daily exercise, twice a week resistance training, heavy weights, low reps. The other days I either go for a quick 6 k walk or use my treadmill for 45 min (long enough to watch an episode of Vampire Diaries). 2 I practice Intermittent Fasting. My fasting period is 16 hrs a day (8pm to 12 noon) and I don't consume any calories, green tea or water only. For the eating period, I eat whatever I want. Why does IM work? Because I compress the eating period into only 8 hrs I am less hungry ( less time between meals) so my over all calorie intack is less. Also, near the end of the fasting period the body burns more fat ( because I haven't eaten for a while) A side benefit for men, during the fasting period, your natural testosterone levels increase. Don't believe me? Which do you think is more aggressive, a hungry man or a well fed man (if you can wake him up)?
  4. Try standing on your head for 5 min. All the blood will rush from your dick to your brain, where it should be and you will become un-wooded. Never tried this myself but it should work.
  5. No underwear this morning - I always do my morning home gym workouts commando!
  6. I agree with Blissful. I love the natural scent of a woman aroused. For me, I don't use deodorant / perfumes / aftershave etc. I'm clean, but I smell like a man.
  7. New to this awesome hobby last year so I haven't seen many ladies. The first experience was a disaster!, fake tits, weird lube smell, constantly talking (her, not me, I'm the quiet type), City tv playing. I kept looking up to check the weather! The second was pretty good but after that I loved them all...if I were a rich man...I'd see them all every week! (especially my ATF)
  8. small areolas and large nipple Haggis or Black Pudding
  9. The smell of cedar trees on a hot August evening in Algonquin Park.
  10. Max so far is 5k I like to support the local ladies + I won't get lost on my way to visit them!
  11. I always wear black but for some reason tonight these Joe Boxer boxer shorts are black with little red and white circles on them, kinda like wee targets. Whenever I take my pants off in front of an SP they always comment they like my boxers, I don't know why but it makes me feel good, I think.
  12. Just bought a new Canon xf200 video camera. I have the awesome xf300 but I needed a second camera for more complex video shoots. I also bought a litre of 2% milk, not as exciting but good if you're thirsty!
  13. It may be a business transaction but we should not be heartless people. Unless there is some fraud (B&S) or some other health / safety concern you should continue the meeting. You never know what gem could be hidden under the exterior you initially objected to! If you cannot continue the meeting, be polite and excuse yourself without causing embarrassment or pain. Pay, after all, she has booked the time for you and that time can't be recovered. It's like the dentist, if you make an appointment, walk in the office and hear the drill and decide to leave - your still going to pay!
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