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  1. I just saw them advertise today a bunch of new names. Obviously it goes without saying that they are likely recycled but may be worth checking out. I'll let you know what I hear if anything.
  2. I think 553 became Bellas on McPhillips and then disappeared. Not sure who is at Jasmine's but could be interesting for some people
  3. You are failing to make a point nor will I debate about massage parlors with you. That's absolutely ridiculous. The only one in a huff is you. You feel the need to white knight for whatever reason. You could just say you disagree. To my point many people on here and other boards as well as other ins I have let me know their experiences. So based on my visits here and other experiences I have heard I shared my perspective. Rather than white knight for whatever reason, you could have simply just accepted my perspective and disagreed. I'll leave you with that as I'm not interested in a debate over something completely ridiculous.
  4. That's good information. Thanks. I haven't been to Ness in awhile. But recently hearing some good things.
  5. Haha you white knights of the massage providers always get me. This thread literally stated that double booking was happening. They have a decent establishment sure. But not many providers offering anything more than basic massage. No fall back services like other providers, waxing, nails etc. Relax guys my opinion is different than yours. If you're happy there great. But I think most people want to see variety and it just doesn't exist here. Maybe that will change. But please keep white knighting if it makes you feel better.
  6. Late night with a quality provider isn't very common anymore. I remember Chloe on St Marys used to be open late and she was great. We aren't going to get much better until covid is completely over as I think many providers are being very cautious still with limited exposure
  7. The downfall of Stadacona wouldn't even be double booking realistically. If you've been, lack of options and services will be their downfall..facility is great and providers are reasonably friendly but overall the lack of services especially compared the St B/Osborne group will mean that we likely won't be talking about Stadacona in a year.
  8. Massage is good from the attendants I've seen. Molly and Jenny. Declined anything above massage. Both are about mid 30's maybe closer to 40 and very nice. The establishment is good, kept clean and they're very accommodating.
  9. Not working anywhere else. She is dedicated to World. Plus she also does nails and other things so it's a good fit for her. Can't do massages forever. News to me. They were closed when I went by yesterday during work.
  10. Not soutpointe Cindy. I had World Nails Cindy before the lockdown. She is always so friendly and offers a nice relaxing massage. Seems to genuinely enjoy her job which makes it much better.
  11. Has a bf and retired to stay loyal to him. Let's respect it and move on.
  12. There's definitely no Kate. Cindy is awesome. Very nice and good with conversation. Really nice relaxation massage I've always had good experiences with Cindy. I've actually never had a bad experience at World as a whole. Always a good place and very inviting.
  13. I haven't seen a Kate there. Jenny and Cindy are great as well. This has been a favorite place of mine for a long time.
  14. Yep. South Pointe has been around for a long time. One of the original providers. Not sure why they are using the "young" term. That is definitely not the case.
  15. Then you must be shocked. I'm spitting facts here.
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