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  1. In addition to using Tineye and Google image searches to identify fakes, I screen providers by paying attention to the forums here and frequently reviewing LL (and BP previously) for my area. I take my time and try not to be distracted by the latest ad with the snazzy pics and start from a place of being skeptical and assuming an ad is fake until proven otherwise. By doing this I have learned which providers this community has had positive experiences with and am able to match that up with ads on LL. I have found that after some time I've been able to develop a sense of which ads are probably fake and which ones probably aren't. Then I can use the information gleaned from Lyla to make a decision to reach out to a particular lady. I have no risk tolerance for any breach (or potential breach) of my privacy so I rely heavily on the recommendation section to be sure that the provider is at least legit. I believe that staying safe in this lifestyle requires some time commitment to stay up to date on the local providers. I think it could be quite risky to simply look at LL after an interval of a few weeks and try to determine which ads are legit and which are scams/fake pics, etc. It took some time to develop a level of comfort but with a regular review of the relevant sites I've been able to stay safe thus far. Good luck!
  2. I had a quick discussion with her a year ago or so. Seemed legit based on her twitter presence. She didn't have an incall during that trip, or I would have booked.
  3. Gentlemen, Berlin is the complete package. Beauty, Brains, affectionate, enjoys what she does, an easy laugh, and completely professional. And curves to die for!! If you treat her nicely you will be rewarded ten-fold. Shes in Fredericton now and I hope you see her and encourage her to come back. She’s not to be missed.
  4. Emily Rushton is visiting today. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/nb_other_a_perfect_escape_visiting_bathurst-3609156 She is wonderful, just make sure you read her website and follow her booking procedure.
  5. Oh I understand the reason, I'm just lamenting Moncton's good fortune.
  6. I agree completely. While we do get some lovely ladies that visit Fredericton, many pass us by for Moncton.
  7. I think she's real. I've never seen her but had some communication with her during her trips through the province. She used to use an automated calendar to book which was outside my comfort zone, and didn't provide incalls so didn't pursue it
  8. A suggestion: Always read their ad fully and follow the contact instructions. When following those instructions try to use something like the following: "Hi ______ (lady's name). My name is _______ and I'd like to get to know you better. I saw your ad on ______ and would like to book you for _____(length and type of appointment) on _____(date) at ______(time). Looking forward to hearing from you soon" It also wouldn't hurt to tell them a little about yourself. Remember, the SP's biggest fear is that you'll harm them. By following their instructions and opening the communication by using full sentences will let them know you're a serious client. Anything you can do to reduce that level of fear will lead to a quicker booking and you'll both enjoy the time together more. Good luck!!
  9. It seems to me that a scammer could easily take real pictures and submit them and then still to run a scam with them. The only value I give verified pics is that they were probably taken by the poster, but not that they're indicative of an ad by an honest provider.
  10. In the warnings area https://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=262998
  11. Appears to be a new member here https://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/member.php?u=125912
  12. Pics fail both google and tineye. Looks dodgy to me.
  13. Your French Lady is an agency of travelling ladies from Quebec and they visit NB regularly. I've never spent time with them but I've heard good things. Their last names are all "French" (eg Lorena French, Angela French, etc.) and they advertise on BP. http://www.yourfrenchlady.com/
  14. Leigha Lane occasionally travels to Moncton and is amazing. Her ad appears as "Classy Curvaceous Companionship"
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