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  1. Hoping someone can enlighten me on the law when it comes to having an escort come to me at my home. I've been communicating with someone on another sight and we have discussed services and donations so my querie is the following. My understanding is that if an escort comes to you you have no worries that it could be LE. Is this 100% accurate or will LE setup stings where they would send an undercover cop. My other concern is because I have discussed acts for donations have I incriminated myself further? I just don't fully know and the internet is so ambiguous. I always thought bringing an escort to my home was safe. Any help is appreciated
  2. After reading this thread I too was interested in seeing her. I sent her a nice email stating I had heard good things about her on lyla and was wanting to book a massage session with her. She had no idea what Lyla was so I tried to explain to her but she thought I was just bull shitting her. Told me I was a nut job and would not allow me to see her along with some rather unkind words. These are just the facts , not a great way to build a clientele. I was never rude , did not deserve that kind of response.
  3. No hits on tineye , googled her phone number which sometimes can lead to reviews etc but nothing. It's too bad CL breeds so much distrust.
  4. Carmen's been around for some time now. I have emailed her a few times but just never booked her. Not sure why but I've learned to trust my gut. Safe services only.
  5. Good on you to take the time to reply. I hesitated contacting you once before cause of that hang up issue. It's funny how a little thing like that can influence a person but in saying that you taking the time to clear the air is reassuring.
  6. He is totally correct about the difference in the endowment and ms Luv much taller than five feet. Two diff gals for sure.
  7. Interesting question for sure. In my opinion I'd see a reputable escort any where knowing they have been reviewed and recommended. As for Danielle's location , I have met her there and I think the area is fine. Wonderful unit with a very nice intiment room in to play. Just curious Lexy do you pose this question as you are contemplating possible in service? The only reason that has prevented me from seeing you is I can't host which I'm sure is a problem for a lot of us hobbyists.
  8. I have never heard anything negative about her. She is safe in the sense of totally safe services , not GFE.
  9. I second that , third that etc etc. Maraena is the best by far.
  10. Holy crap....you've got someone's attention :)
  11. What a sexy little tushie
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