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  1. Tracy is definitely worth seeing, kept the ending prolonged ....
  2. I have always got it from the pharmacist, but you don't need a prescription. You just have to go and ask for it.
  3. Try using Emla cream ... it is not cheap, but if prepared correctly, does numb the skin a lot
  4. Sorry ... had a bad week ... brain fart .... this is not Anna
  5. No, from Phoenix and Global. She used to advertise on Pembina then give the real address once you booked. Anna or Annie ....
  6. In fairness to some of them, they spend their days standing and bent over doing massage for large amounts of time. That puts a lot of strain on the lower back and shoulders.
  7. I thought we were not to speak of her, too much pain and anguish ....
  8. I don't think money will be an issue. He is fairly well off, exactly what she has been looking for the last 2 years.
  9. I would be interested in Ocean's info as well. Thanks.
  10. Where is this place advertised? never mind ... I am up too early in the morning ... brain not awake yet ...
  11. I have had a massage from simi. Very good relaxation massage. Sensual with some teasing, but that was as far as it goes. I did not push it.
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