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  1. I thought that was the place on the NW corner of Disraeli and Main?
  2. Yung is an actual RMT now. Working in a legit massage therapist location.
  3. Easy to say if you have sufficient budget to take many chances. Some can only afford the occasional visit, and would just like to narrow the odds of a disappointing session.
  4. The Anne ad's om LL haven't been posted in 2 weeks either
  5. Princess Sara's ad's have not been appearing on Kijiji lately. Is she closed up, or out of town?
  6. Well don't let him scare you off ... the rest of us need some entertainment too ...
  7. And I don't Know is at 1121 Henderson
  8. Does massaging the food make it taste better?
  9. Tracy is definitely worth seeing, kept the ending prolonged ....
  10. I have always got it from the pharmacist, but you don't need a prescription. You just have to go and ask for it.
  11. Try using Emla cream ... it is not cheap, but if prepared correctly, does numb the skin a lot
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