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  1. timetourist

    Ryliee Rose

    She is a gem, and very beautiful.
  2. timetourist

    Ms Melody

    I've not had any trouble reaching Melody in the past. She is amazing and is at the top of my list of great providers.
  3. timetourist

    SP's for Heavy Men

    It isn't you. Some SP's just aren't into it no matter who they are with. So, try not to take it personally. The good ones will make you feel like the center of their universe as long as you are respectful to them. Those are the ones you continually hear about often on these forums.
  4. timetourist

    Laura In Sydney

    I'd be careful. Those pictures were floating around a while ago as well. A search shows that they are associated with several web sites and date back as far as early 2015.
  5. timetourist


  6. timetourist

    Anyone have a review for Tasha

    The Tasha pics show up on websites all over the world that are archived as far back as 2015. Definitely not a real provider.
  7. timetourist

    Ultimate Topless sensual massage

    Jen did amazing massages. I saw her quite a bit, and she was continually adding finishing touches to her massage room, but then she just dropped out of site. Either she moved away or just stopped doing her massages for some reason. I hope she is doing well.
  8. The leolist.cc paper is photo shopped into the original pic. I can't believe leolist verified those pics. The porn model in the first pictures is Audrey Paige. She has a lot of pictures available on various web sites. I highly doubt she is offering herself for $180/hr in Halifax.
  9. timetourist


    I usually don't go for girls until they have recommendations. But, I contacted Gia anyway and started a conversation based on her ad. It just looked good and didn't throw up any immediate flags. My schedule worked out well for me and we ended up meeting. She is very nice and those are her real pictures. Her incall location was very safe. She practices safe play as well and is very affectionate. I don't get out very often, but I hope I get a chance to see her again when I do.
  10. That's too bad. From time to time life gets in the way and causes missed appointments, but to do it intentionally is not cool at all.
  11. timetourist

    Zaida Pink, has anyone?

    Part of the GFE. You don't get that if you select the wife experience.
  12. timetourist

    Thoughts welcome

    Not just you. I also don't like it when the term daddy is used. As in, "I can hardly wait to hear from you daddy". I don't even consider the SP after that reference.
  13. timetourist

    Incall location

    I find it harder to get around in the downtown core. I like the Dartmouth and Halifax areas, not on peninsula.
  14. timetourist


    There are a lot of SPs on Leolist that provide accurate pictures, and alot of them are very attractive and of various ages. You can usually determine the fake ones in just a few minutes. If you find anything that is even a bit suspicious, go elsewhere. There are so many nice SPs in our area you shouldn't have to get caught up wondering if you are missing out on that one supermodel.
  15. timetourist


    I haven't seen any reviews here, but there are some reviews over on escortbabylon.com about this provider.