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  1. Manluvsex

    Major surgeries

    My thoughts and prayers go out to you MikeyBoy. Ottawa is one of the best cities in North America, with its world renowned Heart Institute, so you are having your operation in a good city with highly skilled surgeons. Also, your operation, while serious, would be pretty straight forward for surgeons working in major hospitals, who probably have done hundreds of successful one's before yours. It is no fun facing this operation and the choices you have to make when you are in your 40'ies, but like previously said, not everyone gets to make those choices, because they die before they are diagnosed. Also your young age and general condition will dramatically increase your odds of success! Try to resolve the decision you must make as soon as possible, based on the best information you have and all the pros and cons you can weigh against each other. The sooner this question is resolved the sooner you can focus your mind and energy on the success of your operation and getting back on your feet again as fit as a fiddle! I have not gone through any major operations myself, but have followed the progress of both of my parents in various GTA hospitals, where they were operated on with success every time and without incident! 1. Get to the hospital early and bring some soothing music to help you relax and stay calm prior to the operation. 2. Make sure you have someone close to you to monitor your situation regularly, including discussions with the medical team and asking questions that may be bothering you. You may need several people to ensure this monitoring around the clock at least until you are awake for most of the day and able to take note of the many goings on affecting your care on your own. One thing that is a problem in hospitals are infections, and you or your caregiver must monitor if your nursing care staff wash their hands every time they deal with you. If they don't, they should be gently reminded to do so, as should all your caregivers and visitors to limit the risk of you picking up an infection that could affect your recovery! 3.With quick change of shifts in hospital you will be seeing a large number of nurses and primary care workers. You need someone to make sure the new nurses, for instance, are up to speed on your particular needs (e.g diet), rehab and medications. I have seen my Mom being denied pain medication prescribed by her specialist and other times being given incorrect medication and dosage. Your own caregiver can also help bring you to the toilet, bring you food and water, chat and make sure you are comfortable. Nurses will not always be around for these things that will keep you happy during your stay. 4. Make sure a journal is filled out by you and all your family and friends who are your caregivers at the hospital. Keep it by your side with lots of pens, to jot down details of medical discussions and observations, medication (type, amount and time), changes in treatments etc. This book will help your caregivers to explain to you afterwards, what was going on when you are sleeping or otherwise out of it; and will also be useful to help avoid medical errors. Finally, the journal may also be useful when one caregiver takes over for the other to ensure consistency. 5. With an operation such as yours, on the heart, I am sure the doctors will get you up and walking quickly to strengthen your heart muscles and to prevent the incidence of blood clots, which are a real risk when patients rest immobile for too long. Getting up on the hour to stretch your legs and go for a brief walk is recommended for anything but the most brief hospital stay. 6. Try to build a rapport with your medical team, orderlies and anyone else you meet at the hospital. Doctors and nurses are run off their feet most of the time and human nature being as it is, they will provide more time and better care to the patients they like! 7. Rest well, avoid TV, limit the time visitors stay. and read some good books you have been putting off for too long. 8. When you are ready to be discharged, make sure that you clearly understand all the important details about your home care and treatment plan, for your immediate recovery time at home. Once you leave the hospital it will be more difficult to clarify this plan. For instance, you may need to see physiotherapists for your exercise plan and may need home help if your condition warrants it. Also, make sure you have prescriptions for any medication you may need before leaving the hospital. The effective coordination of patient care between different medical professionals and between the hospital, clinics and home care services is often severely lacking. The patient or someone advocating on behalf of the patient must make sure all the players are talking, that they all understand the details of your treatment plan including the coordination of their roles, and that they are available when you need them! I think I have said more than enough! Hopefully some elements of this rambling verbiage may be useful to you in your situation. Wishing you all the best, that the operation goes well and that you recover quickly! And, like previously mentioned, the need for this operation may be a positive thing, if it becomes a wake up call and motivation to get more fit for your heart, but also to enjoy life better. Remember: A Stronger Heart = Better Blood circulation to all your extremities = Better Sex!!!! MLS
  2. Apparently, you can continue to use previous longer ads, or you can create a pdf with as much information as you want and attach it like a picture to your ad as a work around to the new policy!
  3. Manluvsex

    Nicest bum.in Ottawa

    I have mostly been hanging out at the Brass Club lately, because of its discrete downtown location, the comfortable vibe and facilities, warm welcome and friendly service, nice cafe-bar with great sandwiches, and of course the extraordinary ladies, starting with the manager/owner Jessica, to the reception/bar persons (Angel, Bonnie, Sasha &?) and finally the amazing cast of over 50 beautiful and smart MAs. So my very subjective favourites in the best bums MA category is limited to BC, knowing full well that their are many extraordinary MA's with amazing bums and many other attributes working at other reputable salons and clubs such as CMJ, Angels/Paradise and Vibe among others; as well as highly reviewed indies such as Breathtaking Viviane, Exclusively Mia, Jackie Gilcrest, and others too numerous to list. Brass Club: I have experienced massages with just a handful of the numerous beautiful MA's who work at Brass, but I also witnessed or talked to several others at the bar recently and reviewed the excellent photos from the BC website of each of each MA from its current roster. I would hazard to guess that all MAs at Brass have nice bums, but in many cases I have either not seen the woman in person or I have not been able to assess this feature because photos on the BC do not always include a rear view. Finally, my personal selection tends towards the more petite version of the derrière species, which are all firm, round and small enough to fit into the palm of my hand. I mean no disrespect to the other MAs who I have not mentioned and a nice bum is far from my first criteria in choosing a MA. All of the BC's MAs mentioned below have cheeks that also consistently defy Newton's laws of gravity! I am sure, if Newton were to come back to life today and be given the opportunity to meet any one of these extraordinary women at BC, he would not be displeased at all that they have proven his law wrong. As we all know, beauty trumps science all the time under the well known BBB law (Beauty Baffles Brains!) Best bums experienced more than 6 months ago at BC: *Essence Best bums experienced in last month at BC: *Alexa, Jamie, Veronica & Zara (All new MAs) Best bums observed at the waiting and bar areas at BC: *Barbie, Francesca, Hailey, Mila & Naomie Best bums assessed only from photos on BC website: *Cindy, Diamond, Faye, Lacey & Paris
  4. Manluvsex

    The Return of Another Legend â?? GINA

    I haven't seen Gina, but she looks to be a real beauty! Gina's ad on Lyla today: http://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?p=807532#post807532 Gina's website: http://www.sweetestgina.com/
  5. Just a little advice 'Ontherideau' because you are new and your type of general query comes up often with new members. First of all, before making your query, you should have gathered and provided more information about the provider, to make it easier for another member to assist you. Providing the name of the site where the ad was placed along, the title of the ad and the providers name is often insufficient information for another member be able to assist you. Ideally, you could copy the ad and attach it to your query. But often ads disappear along with their links so you should also include as detailed a description of the provider from the ad as you can, as well as the last four digits of her phone number. So even if the link to the ad ceases to exist, someone trying to help you will have something to go on to do so. You really can't expect another member to go fishing on Craigslist for you, to try to determine which specific ad and Jessica you are referring to. Ad titles change, many providers use the same names or change their names frequently, so I hope you can see my point. A lot of contributing members to the board have stopped responding to these type of queries. They expect ,with reason, that the individual will have done their own research and homework first, before making their plea for information on the board. You would therefore be expected to check pictures from the ad using Google image or Tineye, as well as using the phone number to conduct a search on Google for other ads and contradictory information, or links to well known porn stars for instance. If this search points you towards misrepresentation or fraud you know what to do. If the images and phone number point to a potentially legitimate provider, you should then search on Lyla to see if the provider is a member or if a recommendation exists for the same person. If there is no information on Lyla, it may very well be that members will be unlikely to help you, but I guess you could make a query to confirm that. Lastly, because of the extremely high percentage of fake ads, fraudulent pictures and descriptions and Bait & Switch cons, on both Craigslist and Backpage, you should really consider going solely for providers who already have a web presence, have a website, are members of Lyla or have been recommended on Lyla. Few Lyla service providers would advertise on Craigslist, but a few reputable ones do continue to advertize on BP because a lot of potential clients continue to use BP as their primary source of information, and these clients are probably not Lyla members. Some clients may think they will get a better deal on Craigslist or BP, but that is rarely the case and low cost providers often provide poor service. While not an absolute truth, it is almost always true, as they say, that: ''You get what you pay for!''. Many tears and much ink is spilled on the subject of negative experiences on those sites, not mentioning the hundreds and hundreds of dollars flushed down the drain due to Bait & Switch situations or other types of fraud. Buyer Beware! If you really want to have a good time with a lovely women, I suggests you stick with the wonderful and reputable women of Lyla, who have all have track records of satisfied clients and who assist clients by posting much usefulinformation about themselves on their Lyla profile and posts and often on personal websites, Twitter and other such sites. Lyla also has recommendation type reviews you can look at to guide your selection of your SP or MP. Or you can contact the provider directly through the site if you have any questions her ads, profile and websites do not answer. But read those sources carefully first to learn about the provider and her services, so as not to annoy the provider from your first communication. Providers must do a million things to keep their businesses running smoothly, and they don't like having their time wasted, just like you! And the more energy they spend fielding unnecessary queries, the less time they have to prepare for and offer their unique and very special services. Hope this helps!
  6. Manluvsex

    Internet Privacy

    The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) is a great resource about federal privacy laws, public policies affecting Canadians' privacy and research papers on numerous privacy related issues. (http://www.priv.gc.ca/en/for-individuals/) & ( http://www.priv.gc.ca/en/privacy-topics/)
  7. While the desire to ''get the most bang for the buck'' is understandable and legitimate, it should never involve pressuring or manipulating a provider to work outside of her comfort zone and boundaries, and must always involve clear and informed consent. It used to be that hockey players could just about kill each other on the ice, because it was considered a game, and as such outside of the purview of criminal prosecution as it was interpreted until relatively recently. As we all now know, the interpretation of the same Criminal Code today has resulted in a small number of hockey players being charged with assault. Following the ongoing Tsunami started by the Weinstein affair about sexual harassment of mostly women and what may be considered adequate consent; the societal goalposts have moved significantly on these issues. We can assume that the courts will interpret the laws on sexual assault and reasonable consent more stringently in line with the movement of public opinion in that same direction. The interpretation of laws by men and women who sit on the bench are guided by legal precedent, but also somewhat by the majority views of the population. I would guess that if we had taken the same survey of a random sampling of Canadian adults this time last year as we would today today, the views against those who sexually assault women have hardened significantly in that short period of time. And I would argue that the movement on that issue continues to move toward against any form of sexual harassment or assault. One only has to look at the Anti-harassment codes in the federal government, where an unwanted touching of a colleagues shoulder may result in a loss of employment. And such codes do not consider the intend of the accused when he touched his secretary's shoulder '' as a gesture of appreciation'', but more on how that gesture made the woman feel and whether she had consented to that specific touch prior to it happening. We can argue that the code makes it far too easy for false accusations to be made, but that is the direction such codes, regulations and laws are being written and interpreted. We can choose to ignore the shifting of these tectonic plates governing relations between men and women and act however we deem appropropriate, but the risks of such an approach are increasing quickly. So testing or pushing boundaries with a provider to see how far we can get, may now open that client being charged and convicted for sexual assault. But, more importantly, from an ethical point of view, the payment of money for sexual services should not in any way change the way we view consent and respect in our relations with SW's . Drawing on the arguments made by Cat in this regard, nothing should be assumed by a client when meeting a provider and unambiguous consent must be sought and obtained before doing something not already clearly agreed to. And even if agreed to beforehand, a provider may decide during the meeting to restrict certain services for a number of reasons, hence the expression YMMV. I would argue, that we men are able to know when we are about to go too far with a SP, MP or dancer. I can usually sense it by body language and facial expressions. I have known providers to give a physical signal, such as turning away or impeding access, which should be a clear enough signal we have already gone too far. But by that time the harm has been done, and a provider may legitimately feel that we have acted disrespectfully. Now, as clients we are happy when a provider is enthusiastic and shows warmth and genuine affection. But if disrespectful behaviour by clients occurs as little as 10% of all SP's and MP's appointments, let's say for argument; the emotional burden and suffering from being disrespected day after day, over a long period of time, not knowing when it will happen next, by potentially hundreds of different men; may have a cumulative effect that will force some women to quit the business, others to break down physically or emotionally, and for the majority to become hardened and more wary from these negative experiences. I don't know how we as clients can expect all SW's to be carefree, enthusiastic, and always horny and raring to go, if we know that they are subjected to demeaning behaviour on a daily basis. I don't know anyone who is subjected to disrespect in their workplace, if only by one person of authority, over a period of time who does not suffer greatly from a lack of self-esteem and and end up either severely depressed, forced to leave their job or worse. And this type of client-provider abuse must be serious and pervasive. One has just to look at the tweets of random providers to see how bad the situation is. As clients, we either bite the bullet, accept this is today's reality and actively do something to stop it, or we can continue to be a big part of the problem. While I would never think of the majority of men or male members of this board to be disrespectful in the way I have described, but we can still be active and part of the solution by supporting SW's rights and improved working and health care conditions, and by calling out other men who brag about how they pushed a vulnerable provider to provide the maximum mileage at the minimal cost and got all kinds of extras that she initially said she didn't provide. They should no longer find any website, bar, club house, locker room, water cooler or man cave where such pride in committing sexual assault will be tolerated, never mind encouraged. It will take guts and commitment, but change sometimes come one conversation or tiny action at a time. And for those of us who admit to have been disrespectful and taking advantage of the situation with SW's in the past, it is never too late to make amends and promise ourselves to do the honorable thing from now on.
  8. Hi Parker, Thank you for the idea of a very fun and innovative way to start the day off on the right foot, breaking bread and chatting leisurely with a fine woman such as yourself. Breakfast is my favourite meal and I would walk miles, barefoot in the snow, and at the crack of dawn to follow the addictive smell of frying bacon. Well maybe not, but you get the idea! A good fry is not something I indulge in often, but when I do, I thoroughly enjoy it. And a tête à tête with a beauty like you is guaranteed to make breakie taste ten times better! I met you once a while ago when you worked in Hull and loved our time together. You made me feel welcome, comfortable and at home immediately. As it was our first time meeting, we sat comfortably on your couch for about ten minutes getting to know each other a bit and we had fun and interesting conversation. From that single experience, I know you are well read, have a ton of interests and you are a great conversationalist about just about any subject under the sun. You are also a very good listener, which is rare indeed. ''Rarely found in women, but never in a man!, as my Mom would say! I also know you are an avid reader and I can't resist chatting about books in good company, with a savory coffee at hand. I have tried and liked the Elgin Street Diner and Cora's (in Hull), but I am particularly drawn to your suggestions of Wilf & Ada's and Bread & Sons on Bank and Gina's on the corner of Bronson and Gladstone. I have also enjoyed John's on Wellington east of Island Park Drive. I know there are a bunch more on Richmond Rd. West of island Park, but I am not sure how early they open. I will contact you via normal channels to set something up. Thanks again for the great idea, MLSXO
  9. Manluvsex

    Happy Birthday to MsManda

    Happy birthday Ms. Manda. Bet you are glad you were not not born two weeks later or you would only get half the gifts! Enjoy your special day, spoil yourself and let everyone spoil you too!
  10. I feel that while Lyla was affected by legal changes, it has successfully adapted and continues to thrive despite those changes, as it continues to meet the needs of the vast majority of its members. Yes there were some inevitable growing pains for the board when the new and faulty legislation was introduced to control sex work. New rules were quickly introduced on the board, restricting the use of certain vocabulary and postings explicitly referring to sexual acts. Yes, we lost a few members along the way. And yes a number of other members became more circumspect or reticent to post their recommendations and other views. Initially the pendulum had a negative effect on the board as it swung towards caution and less openness between members, but as in other life situations when major change occurs quickly, the pendulum has begun to swing back gradually towards renewed openness and sharing between members. The one exception might be, that it is only a minority of members who now share recommendations about their experiences with SPs and MPs they have visited. That is an unfortunate and worrying trend for Lyla's future growth potential; as recommendations are perhaps one of the key elements drawing new members to the board for the first time. But, Lyla has survived and found new strength thanks to the common sense leadership at the top by our tireless and infinitely patient Mod and by the hundreds of its members who support him/or her and his advisors. Growing pains do not happen without, well ''pain'', disagreements and frustration along the way; but these things gradually have a way of working themselves out, as they have done amazingly well on our board. Client members continue to realize that Lyla is the only place on the internet where they can easily find many many beautiful and reputable SPs, MPs and dancers of all shapes and sizes; offering services just about any man could dream of. Most of these providers have positive recommendations under their belts (on in their sexy panties) and provide a wealth of information about themselves, their services and their personalities. You can also get to know them by reading their useful threads and postings on Lyla. Other sites, which I will leave unnamed, are expanding minefields of frauds, misrepresentation, B&S, money down the drain, mountains of regrets and seas of frustration for their many clients, known for their incessant whining and gnashing of teeth about how they were deceived and robbed of their hard earned income. It's like the guy, stumbling down the steps of a seedy bar in the wrong side of town, at 3 in the morning, who decides to take a leisurely shortcut down the darkest alley around; who when he is mugged and has his wallet stolen complains bitterly to his buddies tear drops spoiling his full mug of cheap beer. Boo hoo! And all the queries and discussion about such disreputable sites on our board is largely negative and unfortunately takes away the well-deserved and more logically attention, which we should be investing towards the legitimate and reputable providers who are members of Lyla. Not just our attention and interest, but our ongoing patronage too! In the past I have also contributed to the discussion about those other sites on Lyla, but I will cease to do so now! Lyla is also unique and irreplaceable for its members for another important reason. It is the last bastion of respectful, frank and civil communications and information sharing between sex workers and their clients that I know of in Canada. While discussions get out of line once in awhile on Lyla, I have found that to be the rare exception and not the rule. When things get a little too personal or out of whack; invariably a member will step in diplomatically to call for a truce and a return to harmonious and friendly relations. And mysteriously and magically -- poof, the tiff is over. Lyla is a recommendation board and not a review board as we all know, which sets it apart from all of its other review based competitors. While some members would prefer the green light to speak up about negative and/or disappointing experiences; a view I first held when I joined the board; after a few years of observation, participation and reflection about the day to day and long-term of goings-on of the board; I am now convinced it was a very wise decision by the founders of board to discourage negative content and commentary. This simple and yet radical decision has ensured that the board and its content did not degenerate into the cesspool other sites have become with their constant backbiting, personal attacks, open hostility, disrespect and extreme misogyny towards sex workers. Lyla is the only such board I have found on the net, which while not perfect by any means; collectively strives for a higher level of civility and camaraderie that is sadly in decline in almost every corner of our society! It is also a wonderful and diverse resource of helpful information for clients and providers alike, about sexuality, humour, real life experiences; as well as advice on movies, food, accommodation, travel, technology...and on and on. Every day I go on the board, I am gobsmacked by the intelligent, thoughtful, informative and altruistic commentary by many senior members and by others doing their small part in making this a better, safer and informative place for all than it already is. I have learned tremendously from you all and from your generous contributions, and I thank you all sincerely for this gift! Long live Lyla I say! Don't focus on its few and insignificant defects and instead celebrate the overwhelmingly positive and progressive influence it continues to have in improving the understanding, respect and common interests between our many beautiful and amazing SPs, MPs and dancers; and the majority of us extremely handsome, charming and irresistible creatures of the male species! Nor do I wish to ignore by the preceding comment, the many other permutations and combinations of sexual and/or sensual intercourse and expression, nor the equally charming, intelligent and exceptional human beings involved in such pleasant advanced mathematics! ''Vive Lyla....Vive Lyla Libre!''...as Charlie DeGal once declared from a Quebec city balcony in the 1960ies....or something to that effect!
  11. Manluvsex

    Slightly crazy suggestion?

    I think Dave's suggestion is aimed uniquely at new or unknown providers who have no web presence, reviews etc and where Google searchs of photos and phone numbers either come up empty or are inconclusive. The proverbial ''diamond in the rough'' does exist on Lyla and this rare and legit breed would do well to prove their identity in one way or another. Many clients will not risk a trip to an unknown provider who can not prove her identity, which means that even those who are legit in real life will be mostly ignored until they acquire a reputation tooth and nail. So the suggestion about running out for a newspaper on a daily basis may be too time-consuming, but the tried and true selfie method is an easier alternative. The provider writes her current location, name and phone number on a piece of paper held in front of her and takes her picture and posts it on BP. With this information posted, at least you know that the pictures and physical description are legit. If the client wants to find out more about the provider, he can always speak to her on the phone, which can give some feel for the type of service and personality of the provider. Not having unlimited time or money, I prefer to go with providers who have a presence on the internet including twitter, their own website or a profile on a reputable site like Lyla. Those that have excellent reviews on Lyla, a detailed profile as well as a decent website get 5 stars and are as close as you can get to a sure thing as you can get in this crazy world. I rarely go for someone who doesn't have a glowing review. My personal experience has led me to avoid BP except for known providers who have a web presence, reviews or other means to provide credibility about their identity, description, type of service and personality. Without that kind of basic information a client is flying blind and would as well throw his money out the window as drive out to a dive on Montreal Road. My second comment about BP, based on a number of years of close observation and research about their daily listings, is that it is a minefield with about 10% of the ads being legitimate and that slim percentage is declining. As BP does nothing to eliminate the trash and there is no way to call the fraudsters and liars out on BP, it will never become a reliable site for clients seeking legit providers. Except the proven ones as previously mentioned, because they need to advertise somewhere that remains mysteriously popular with men. My hunch is that some men would rather pick through the wasteland that BP has mostly become in search of that rare and elusive diamond. For the others, I believe the saying is: ''Never give a sucker an even break!''... or is it ''BBB: Bullshit Baffles Brains''.. or is it ''Never Act solely with your Little Brain -- You know, the one with one eye!'' There are several different categories of false, misleading or questionable ads that proliferate like weeds on BP, each in their own ugly patch: 1. There are providers who have not updated their photos or description for three or more years, so their information is unreliable at best. 2. There are many others who are fraudulently using photos of well known and stunning escorts, cam models, actrices or porn stars and yet they have the gall to say their photos as 1000% accurate and whine about time-wasters and cheap-skates. 3. Others work for disreputable ''non-agencies'', share similar phone numbers and often engage in documented B&S fraud. 4. Almost all repeat ads for asian providers have proven time and time again to use phony pictures and cite 20'some ages for providers who are 10-15 years older and as many pounds heavier in real life. 5. There are providers who change their names and phone numbers so frequently it is next to near impossible to authenticate them. 6. There are also some names that seem to be especially popular on BP, it is hard to tell one Chloe or Tiffany from another, especially when a name is chosen because there has been a recent positive recommendation for a legitimate provider with that same name. 7. And there are a large number of providers who have advertised on BP daily since the French first discovered Upper Canada and for whom there has never been a review or they have had reviews that have wailed about their lacklustre service etc. 8. Others have concurrent ads in Ottawa, Brisbane, Pretoria, Paris and Timbuctoo (OK I'm exaggerating!) 9. Bla bla Bla 10. More BS. Yeah I have a list of 10!
  12. Cute picture, but please don't hide your sexy breasts!!!
  13. Manluvsex

    Shot on 10th of July, 2017

    Sexy picture Kissalymmkay!:makeout:
  14. Image recognition was introduced with iOS 10 in June 2016, when the Photos app was updated with deep learning for object and scene detection. Apple stressed during the keynote, as well as on its website, that all object detection is done completely locally on the device. One thing to note here is that while womenâ??s undergarments like â??braâ? are listed as categories, thereâ??s no mention of menâ??s boxers or briefs. Clearly someone had to have made a conscious decision to include (or not include) certain categories. Even â??corsetâ? and â??girdleâ? are on the list. Where is the same attention to detail for men's clothing? [IMG]https://www.google.ca/search?q=sexybra&rlz=1C1DLKB_enCA554CA554&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjfvdb5_vjXAhWk7IMKHT_XDKgQ_AUICigB&biw=1098&bih=494#imgrc=RcM9mRKCLjBF6M:[/IMG] [url]https://www.theverge.com/2017/10/30/16575600/apple-iphone-photos-brassiere-machine-learning[/url]
  15. Manluvsex


    Having had the privilege to indulge in the pleasure of the passionate kisses by both Jessy and Parker (on separate occasions), I join my name and tongue to nominate them as Super Sensual Kissers who can take your breath away!