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  1. Seen her. All the photos are fake, she is real though. Laid back glasses well put together clean. Body doesn't resemble anything similar to photos not really going to go into much more. Nothing special may or may not repeat to each their own. But she is real, safe, clean and respectable.
  2. Nothing was just being curious greenteal if that's ok with you. There's a few providers who don't feel comfortable posting authentic photos. Never hurts to ask doesn't mean she's a fraud. Good luck to all.
  3. Decided to give her or whomever it is a text out of curiosity. Set up a date then brought the photos to her/his attention and that was the end of that. Make of that what you may lads.
  4. Seen her once and wont again. Had a good time though.
  5. A bit thicker than photos suggest but reasonably sized. Booty is as advertised. Decent looking, very clean always a good time. Don't think you'll be too dissapointed or walk away dissatisfied. Good luck.
  6. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_amber_back_by_popular_demand-4732489 Same girl brother. Just trying to create extra traffic I guess.
  7. Strongly Disagree. Mis guided you are maybe. No homework nessecary. Just have to have the eye for it I guess. Lyla Toronto is no different, not too much info. The job is on you to leave no stone unturned. Personally I dont use lyla, I see about 6-7 different providers always open to adding a new one lol. Point is all of them are fair discreet clean respectable ladies who are independent. None of whom I found on lyla. You really dont need Google although it helps but honestly you can just tell whose legit whose not and if your really unsure make sure the first meet is during the day. Ask for a legitamte photo, do not e transfer anyone and if it feels shady move on. Lol and dont go to certain parts of Dartmouth for the most part just suggest an outcall during the day (for first encounter). Leolist does a better job than backpage of weeding out the scammers and pointing out the legitimate. Street walkers is a thing of the past no need for that lol. Never that never will just sketchy. Good luck to you, but as someone whose been a "hobbyist" here for years you are wrong. Its on you. If you want let me know what you like maybe I can recommend someone for you. Peace be with you fellow John.
  8. Where can a guy find a busty woman in Halifax. And by busty I mean H cup or larger ! Help a guy out !
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