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  1. I have seen Diana countless times and consider myself a regular with her. She is undoubtedly one of the best SPs in Halifax. Her toned body, soft skin and her personality is the best part. It just seems everything clicks with her and is smooth. Diana is very friendly, open minded and responds quickly. I have never had a bad experience with her, always left want to come back. What else could you want ?
  2. Agree with above .... Seen similar posts of her advertising when i travel on business Backpage switches auto to US when below the 49, cannot even get to Cdn site
  3. 902mack

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    Absolutely beautiful ... lovely
  4. 902mack

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    You have no idea .... Diana is a phenomenal woman and provider. She is breathtaking and her pics do not do her justice.
  5. Careful of this provider, she is a bit sketchy but i was willing to try and keep trying ..... i stop seeing after she scam/ con me during a She had not postd on backpage for some time as she thought she had a solid regular pool - including me. As a gentlemen, i always provide donation at the start of a sessipn after a quick meet and greet. She took my money then went on about uncomfortable pain and such, but still needed my money .... i requsted to reschedule; however, weeks later at this point i am avoiding her. She provides in-service on Windmill road at her apartment ... very messy basement apartment with two cats.
  6. I enjoyed the opportunity to spend some time Diana earlier this evening. She is a phonomenal service provider, probably the most authentic gfe i have had in some time. Amazing skills, very open and thoughtful. She is absolutly beautiful, her pictures do her no justice. Well spoken, amazing young woman. Very easy to arrange and meet. A true pleasure to be with and apprecite this lovely lady. Treat her well boys. I will definitley be a regular.
  7. I second ..... any info or recco from any punters whom have seen her or conversed would be appreciated
  8. Diana hd been around for a while See previous thread, young and fairly new but legit http://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=256280
  9. I like the first 3 pics, the last 3 pics don't fit the bill She is a different girl than the first two in duo I just don't like it, good luck if you toftt
  10. She was a no show last night.A big waste of time. I knew from recos she is flakey and may be no show Huge disappointment. I will have to think hard before i try with her again. I have heard she is worth it, is she that good to put up with all the drama. There are more professional ladies out there.
  11. http://halifax.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/lady-lilly-sweet-petite-discreet/3895002 Anyone have any info on Lady Lilly ? Service, location, legit .... PM if you wish
  12. Any public comments regarding service, location, legit are appreciated details can remain in pm
  13. I had the lovely and lucky opportunity to spend a few moments with Savannah yesterday. She is an amazing beautiful person, a true pleasure to be with. I feel privileged to have made some beautiful memories with this beautiful provider. Very easy to book, great communicator, no drama. Her pics are accurate and this thread is true. And yes .... a beautiful very cute and wild dog, matches her well. Her location is typical residental safe neibourhood. So Canadian. To her: i wish you the best, continue to be fearless. You will always have a home and love here in Hali.
  14. Elite Maxime Dupuis is a traveling SP from West. She stays upscale hotel suites. She is phenomenal service provider. I was lucky to reach her after she extended her visit here in Halifax. Usually pre-books, definitely worth it. I hope we can all step up and give her a reason to come back to Hali. Very quick to respond, good communication. Has the cutest fench accent - if you are into that. I was hypnotized. Cutest little spinner, amazing skills and true professional pleaser. Safe, clean. GFE, she had me in between pleasure and pain, i did not know which but I was twitching I could not have asked for a more kind gentle and rough experience - she knew just how far to push it Cant wait for her to return
  15. Anything on her good bad indifferent https://www.lyla.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=1892 Pics make me very curious
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