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  1. I found that Freddigirl / Mary has a Lyla account - https://www.lyla.ch/profile/201850-freddigirl/ fans/ lovers could message her !
  2. @Progrock then please write a recommendation
  3. Thanks so much @lydiahardwood for this interview, and to @Andee for such wonderful insight. I quote my own recommendation for - Ms Rose of Fredericton (a 'mature' companion by certain definitions, who I visited & loved) - as one grows old, the very definition of intimacy changes (at least for me). One does not necessarily seek a certain body type or sexual act, but more of connection, respect, affection and engagement, in physical relations. I am sure Andee's lovers feel the same way (now I feel jealous of them 🙃) I understand some seek emotional excitement in a companion, but some like me seeks emotional calm & peace. And you can receives that from one who TRULY believes "Just be happy with yourself and enjoy your life" Lastly, to Andee & other mature ladies, I will say this - beauty is NOT about dazzling someone in the 1st encounter Beauty is your lover mesmerized by you even the 15th time. Thanks. ❤️
  4. here are some reco / comments for Melisa https://www.lyla.ch/topic/186305-melissa-blaze-•-white-•-8197/?tab=comments#comment-824337 https://www.lyla.ch/topic/150163-melissa-blaze-anyone/?tab=comments#comment-647824
  5. there is nothing to be embarrassed about .. NOTHING! you are a brave & courageous person and that organ is no more or less important than the rest of them (imagine not having eyes !) I am sure the rest of you is beautiful, and many ladies will love to make love with that. PS: you can meet Jenna, she is very patient & kind (sms her your needs) - https://www.leolist.cc/d/jennamonroe
  6. here is a reco for Jenna - https://www.lyla.ch/topic/186097-beautiful-brunette-jenna-•-white-•-ll-•-6084/?tab=comments#comment-822899
  7. dude, please describe more & write a few more lines ... I mean seriously ! Here are some pointers - how was her communication with you, first impressions (eg being awestruck at her eyes or something), how was her location, what was her behaviour & attitude, how well she understood your needs, intimate aspects that left a mark on you, etc... things like these.
  8. If I had adequate time & literary prowess, I would compile Gaines's interview & this nice lady's comments & other thirsty replies to Gaines's interview .... & write 👙 Fifty Shades of Canuck 🩲 ... and give E L James a run for her money 🤘
  9. The Leo profile has a webpage for some massage place called Nirvana Holistic massage, at Moncton here is the link - https://www.nirvanaholisticmassage.ca/about the masseuse is the same woman as in the ad
  10. I hope so too. If she is funny & happy for herself, as a lover, I would be more than glad. She need not be, just for me. I love the spring & fall, but I also embrace the winters. PS: no auto correct is worse than fishing turning to fisting
  11. This somehow made me quite sad 😔 I hope she does not get burnt out being funny & happy all the time 😒
  12. In normal times, most lovers respect that boundary, but these are unusual times. Katie had publicly announced that she will take a break, and will be France; but suddenly she went silent For a very active member to all of sudden disappear is worrisome for many (like @Sharpe), mainly due to the pandemic context. Hence, all these queries, just to be assured of her safety (not to be nosy) I had the same worry for a companion called Gabriela, and posted a note in the NS forum, only to realize that I was not alone. (Thankfully, Gabriela is good too, just taking precautions 🙂)
  13. Now I am blushing 🥰 ... but with my skin tone of a baked ham, you can never guess 😆
  14. Good for you (& your lovers) dude. If companionship became fully legal in Canada, I would do it part time. I am sure there is a niche market for overweight - frighteningly unconventional looking - mid age man, specializing in South Park & other morbid humour (basically Shrek .. but human) 😁
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