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  1. if you are asking about this Dee - there is a brief discussion regarding her - https://www.lyla.ch/topic/185713-dee-in-sj/?tab=comments#comment-819899 ~
  2. Leolist profile of Ms Price - https://www.leolist.cc/d/ferrari87 ~
  3. I am sorry to learn regarding your horrible experience, BUT all the pics are of Instagram / Only fan star "dollar store Halsey" - https://mobile.twitter.com/ihatelaika?lang=en There are hundreds of fake escort profiles all over N America that use her pics. Next time use the resources in Lyla to detect spurious providers to save yourself & your $$ Thanks ~
  4. She does online /only fans stuff, but she is not a companion Someone is using her pics to make fake escort ad, she has even complained about it on her Twitter https://twitter.com/superstackstacy/status/1458921626909696007 ~
  5. SORRY! my bad .. someone here corrected me that this Sara is different from this Sara Saunders (who has a reco) - https://www.lyla.ch/profile/240465-sara-saunders/ my bad ! ~
  6. @Epheros85 All these are great advice, I hope they work for you ...BUT if they do not, here is my 'techno centric' middle path option ! If your anxiety is regarding carrying a small device - buy large: a SIM card enabled tablet for eg Rogers Samsung Galaxy - https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/rogers-samsung-galaxy-tab-a-8-32gb-android-o-lte-tablet-with-snapdragon-425-4-core-processor-black-monthly-financing/13572000 This way, you will be less worried about loosing it (if that is one of your anxiety) A SIM card tablet can send/receive text from that number (& do anything a phone does), it is not a burner phone, just another phone # You can PM the companion if she is on Lyla Also watch Netflix while you wait for your appointment 😃
  7. dude, that phone # is listed under Simply Spotless Cleaning services https://simply-spotless-cleaning-services-cleaners.business.site/#gallery I hope it is not one of those porn situations where the cleaning lady offers sexual services 😝
  8. Dear lovers, companions and New Brunswickers, I think you should read this - https://www2.gnb.ca/content/gnb/en/news/news_release.2021.11.0789.html Thanks
  9. Ms @babyparadise your verified pictures are not showing up on your Leo-list ad, please add them there (& maybe here in Lyla too). Thanks verified pics will look like this -
  10. pics are of porn star Vanessa Veracruz - https://www.wallpapersdsc.net/girls/veracruz-vanessa-88504.html ... watch her on Porn hub 😃
  11. if you are on Twitter, you can message her there - https://twitter.com/madamameliafox?lang=en
  12. Granted. But will work only on men 😁 PS: I have ran out of wishes ... 🙃
  13. Since the chain has sort of awkwardly stopped, I will restart it. I wish - Medicare includes companion-lover visits under the category of - Full Body Check up 😋 and after each visit, the companion-lover writes prescriptions stating: "next mandatory visit in 7 days or two weeks" 😛
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