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  1. Anyone been back to work nails lately? Curious who is working there now
  2. I can't see them having one, it's a grimey place. Maybe I'm wrong, it's probably just Sara who will hose you down in their gross shower lmao
  3. Dont think so, and I'm surprised there isn't. You'd figure with all our smelly asses in there they'd want to have one lol Jokes aside, most of the locations don't seem to put to much budget aside for beautification. I can't see anyone getting one, unless it was heavily recommended by lots of us. I can imagine a setup with plumbing and all would be 10k to 20k depending on what the table costs. It would be amazing though. I hate how many mps just leave oil on me without any real effort to clean. I'd trade that for suds any day!
  4. Just had a massage with Tulip today and it was amazing. Great connection with her.
  5. For anyone interested to know, world has a new Sri Lankan girl working. Not one of best I've had, but not the worst either lol. PM for details if you're interested!
  6. I noticed there is one on St Annes south of bishop as well. Nail Salon offering massage. Who knows? Only one way to find out 😉
  7. The alarming part, is the support he gets from people. Im by no means instilling racism, but ive met numerous MPs who praise Putin and justify his actions because they like him. There are actually some Chinese mp girls who REALLY love him as a leader, which of whom I've stopped seeing. Funny how people from countries with a "wall" can know its there, and still believe the propaganda they receive from it. Many of them still think Ukrainians are shooting their own hospitals 😑. Why move to Canada if you prefer a dictatorship? But yes. The war is definitely fascinating.
  8. Yeah, looking forward to this. Only other alternative is all of us meeting up at Thermea in bathrobes to have any meaningful conversations lol
  9. If someone wants to PM me that'd be great, I'm in the dark on this one.
  10. Shanti advertises on LL on old st vital. Thick black girl, has some good reviews on the other board.
  11. That was one of my first places bout 5 years ago. That where i first seen the "real" Betty 😂. Been back once or twice, havent been disappointed, but nothing to write home about. Havent been in about 1.5years now though.
  12. This. Take a dive into some places discussed here to build some trust, pm a couple people here about your experience and you'll be one of us soon enough. I PM some of the active guys on here with new intel occasionally. Its the only way now.
  13. I think this winter has gotten to my head. You're absolutely right. Forgot there is a place on balmoral. Sorry team!
  14. Can confirm as of yesterday there is no Megan. It's Sara. Typical Sara.
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