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  1. This may be the wrong place to put ideas in peoples heads, but I'm sure quite a few RMT's have done it at some point or another. But obviously, prying at such a thing would be an insane idea. It would obviously be based on attraction and or friendship of a client, as any relationship. Given, if any RMT had random clients showing up for it, I'd imagine they'd stop quite quick. Again, I do not condone that, so no one try and blame me! 🤠 That's probably just talking from my brain below the belt though.
  2. Does this mean she gives a sour experience?
  3. Drove by today and the open sign was on, but usernametaken is spot on with his reply lol.
  4. And the world comes full circle. Guess I have seen her then, as Sara lol. Thanks Foofer.
  5. Does anyone know if this Sandra is still around? I'd like to check her out
  6. Hi Guys, Like most of you, I try to leave my massages smiling. Also like most of you, I'm sure there's been a time where you assumed more would happen than does. For instance: Early on in the summer, I tried Balmoral out despite my better judgement. I entered the room, and noticed there was no extra towel to "drape" myself with, so I proceeded to get butt naked, face down per usual. The attendant entered the room, did not say a word and started with the massage. I don't recall it being anything to great, except she kept working her hands up my legs and occasionally glancing off the boys. Flip time came, and johnson was raging and dancing all over the place. But still same thing, same glancing blows and no direct hits. Time was up, gave her a little tip and she left the room. It was a confusing visit at best, I would never do anything to make someone uncomfortable. I do frequent the places for just a real massage, but would usually get a towel to prevent these situations. (Or be draped by an attendant after if none were present) Anyone else have similar stories?
  7. I'm trying my best not too, but some days I can't control it. Pre-covid If I couldn't see my regulars, I'd take a second rate massage somewhere else. Now with it being bad, I only go for my most trusted cleanly regulars (which have been nill the last 2 weeks). I still manage to talk myself out of it 75% of the time.
  8. ...Am I missing something here here? I have no clue what you guys are talking about😂
  9. I can confirm Cindy no longer works there last I heard. Kate is new, comparable service to Cindy however.
  10. Winnipeg 1991, message me and I'll give you a couple. I've been attacked on some of these board sites over tiny bs before too, got your back dude! Lol.
  11. Not sure why the negative response. Everyone goes to these places for different reasons. (Well, the same reason in the end 😂). Some men are single, some have wives, some have girlfriends, some have girlfriends wives and boyfriends. Not everyone wants to walk into a place that is known to the public and have the even slightest possibility of being exposed. We're literally a group of questionable people on a public forum, we gotta have each others backs dude.
  12. Hey guys, I read up on the internet that there is apparently a petition circulating about locals trying to shut down the Ness location. It seems to be known by the neighbors as a troubled spot, It has apparently been brought to the attention of the city councilor and police. Of course, everything taking place is legal, but you know 🤷😂 I hate to bring the bad news, but anyone who needs to be low key might want to know that. As little as the effort may be to shut it down (not sure if new news or old), I'd hate for anyone to in a sticky situation.
  13. Was coco the middle aged lady who only worked there days?
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