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  1. I feel like I heard China. Hope she comes back
  2. "She had a tape player" I question the timeline on this massage. A review from 1994 doesn't do us much good in 2024 😂. just kidding spfan, thanks for sharing
  3. Happened to be in the area for business and did a drive by... Looks sketchy. Blankets on the windows, shitty sign etc. Def not run at a high** standard like the Chinese places. **(high in comparison lol)
  4. What was the craze with shu? I like hearing about stellar bygones I've missed out on. Reminds me to enjoy what I have going for me now 🥲
  5. Yeah, i seen that and was worried about it w few years back. Been there many times though. No issues.
  6. This is exciting for once! Good find guys
  7. All I seen there was Betty, not sure who is there anymore
  8. Wasn't trying to ruffle any feathers. Apologies to any readers who I have offended.
  9. You have unfortunately focused on the negative point. I'm only offering truthful advise, and I have nothing but respect 😮‍💨. This isn't going to Home depot or a reputable brick and motor business to give a deposit on materials. It is a virtual add, with a virtual deposit. It is intimidating as a client to filter though fake adds on sites like leolist, 95% of them are scams. There are tons of shit clients, don't get me wrong. Definitely not denying that lol. But there are two sides to every coin, client and SP both need to understand the other point of view. You're obviously real, but not all girls asking for deposits have a tag on a forum, or a Twitter to prove they're legit. Please don't attack me based on my input. I felt my reply would offer valuable insight. I understand this is a sensitive subject. I do not condone violence or disrespect on any level, especially SPs. As a final note -- I regularly see high end SPs when they travel to Winnipeg. I have formed many great relationships with them, and all of which had met me with no depoit due to my referrals. They know I'll show up, pay, treat them well and respect them, all by using the referral system. 🫡
  10. In my opinion the SP asking a client for referrals tends to be a safe idea. Many of the well known girls who travel through Winnipeg do this. I think it's great for both parties for authentication. Many of them also ask for online tags (twitter, perb, lyla, etc) to prove activity in the industry to double check. Want to to triple check? Ask them to message you from their online tag as well. Honestly, a newer girl with little to no reputation would never get a deposit from me. The number of believable scams online now are insane. People are even copying legitimate adds and running scams as them. I 100% respect anyone who asks for one (as I do in my irl business), but it would usually result in me passing them over. I agree on a deposit for the connoisseurs who do extended day or multi day dates, but otherwise it's hard to get behind. Just my opinion 🙃 TLDR // Summarized: Ask client for referrals.
  11. Never heard of Amy, maybe she's new? Yeah Linda lives in BC now. She's a little bit of a nut case lol There Candy, Cindy, Shirley and the Indian/Sri Lankan bbw
  12. Sonia gives a wild one. She advises on LL Tulip at Sunhope Ness does as well
  13. I've always liked WN. Linda was the first "regular" that I had. However, Jenny has always been wonderful to me, so I can't say anything bad about her. I know the more I got to know Linda, the more apparent it was that... something was off. I don't want to say a social disorder, but she had some unique views and talking points. I do miss her though, she was good.
  14. Seems like a weird add, not sure what to say about it.
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