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  1. I should've known there'd be more than one Anna lol. I've never been to tr, only Anna is previously Mya from rainbow, then border I can't speak for TR anna
  2. Haven't seen her around anywhere. She didn't seem to enjoy the scene from what I recall, feel free to PM me if you'd like
  3. Hey guys. Just wondering if anyone wants to share some Intel on the best racks in the scene right now? Feel free to PM me. Biggest around seem to be Sarah, nicest are Anna's. Looking forward to it! Let's gather some Intel boys!
  4. 99% it's probably Sarah. But I could be wrong lol
  5. She's on LL when shes working. Nuru massage, no fs.
  6. This is THE Betty, But she has aged like the rest of us. Still a solid effort though lol.
  7. Care to DM me? I can send some of my intel over as well lol
  8. Sarah at Broadway would help you in finding a candidate, she's super open minded.
  9. I wouldn't say this excited me, I just needed a place to talk about it. I was just trying to poo 💩 😫 And yes, that was my thoughts lmao.
  10. So, this is probably unrelated to the majority, but most of here are slightly sick minded, so this may be interesting to some 😅 I had to use the can today, and noticed there was a dude jerking off in the stall next to me. I know the sound of jerking off with a condom anywhere lmao. I was quite shocked, I didn't think stuff like that actually happened. The guy obviously wanted to be noticed. If this is your cup of tea, I can tell anyone who messages me where it was. I know Sarah has asked me about a guy wanted to watch her massage a client, so this may pertain to some of you folk. PS, if this offends any of you -- I didn't know where to talk about this, so poo on you lol. Happy hunting?
  11. I agree. Unfortunately almost all useful info got switched to the private clubs with that DND compilation last year. There are many complications involved with a DND list. I can understand indy girls who may not want to be public, but public businesses who do this? Most of the places have Google reviews that throw them under the bus, nevermind us reviewing them quietly here 😂
  12. My gut says fake. Probably a scam, or bait and switch at the minimum. I've been wrong before though
  13. Link is dead, maybe throw up a screenshot next time?
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