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  1. Oh lawdy! This thread is an eye opener. I know what to ask for now. "Give me a greasy duck, with one pulled eel!"
  2. She is the biggest tale of woe in Winnipeg's SP community. Peaches has previously gone by the names: Heaven Lee Diora Love Brittney Blake Plenty of information out there. TLDR; AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!!!
  3. Well he said he thought she was having a bad day, so sounded like he was trying to be a gentleman. Retrospectively, he's found out something different and posted on both boards about it. She's lost future business from him and I'm guessing a few others who read the reviews. So is that considered a good enough "reward" in your opinion?
  4. Thanks for the replies. Is she strictly outcall or does she have her own place to meet?
  5. I saw this ad come up yesterday; hadn't seen it in the past. Says she's been doing massage for the past 5 years. Anyone have any experience with her at all? Thanks.
  6. Got to up your acronym game and ask for the BBBJTCNQNS instead. ;) Perhaps you may have done it this time, but if there's something that important to you for a service, get it cleared out of the way during the initial communication. It's your time and money, so it's fair to ask. There are providers out there who do enjoy it (sometimes only after repeat visits). But search through the reviews to help narrow things down for next time.
  7. They shut down during the last provincial health order, but they're up and running again. Advertising every day now with at least three MA's. Usually, you'll see them advertise the sugaring on Kijiji.
  8. Haven't tried these myself, but have seen them mentioned on previous threads: Mona Lisa Spa on Main The Studio (if you're looking for the best of both worlds)
  9. It's hilarious to read their google reviews. Not a lot of love for their nail services, the constant arguing between the ladies and the sly remarks about the massages. Well we know what keeps the lights on there. 🤣
  10. There's an unspoken truce between the police and the establishment owners/pimps/madams. Just have to look at the numerous places that could be taken down similarly (EB, DIamonds, Studio, all of the AMP's). Don't get me started on the numerous girls who are trafficked in and out of the airport hotels, the ones with the "fake pics" everyone complains about. Floated from city to city, by their pimp handlers and the bulk of the proceeds going to the gangs out east and west. It's not until someone upsets the applecart, that the police will step in. So if we are talking hypothetically, then someone past or current with the group, had reason to go to the police with this
  11. The crime is not just in paying, but also from benefitting from the sex work. So yes, the girls are not at legal risk, but the establishment owners, bookers, bodyguards, etc. are all fair game. If you look at the Notre Dame bust last year, the two people involved were charged with: material benefit from sexual services possession of the proceeds of property obtained by crime under $5,000 procuring people to provide sexual services.
  12. If you're worried about retroactive police action, then you need to bone up on Bill C-36. The crime is in the communication and purchasing of sexual services. So in the case with this group, it all happens in the room. Even then, it's still hard to prove unless the whole event is recorded with audio to prove that you knew what you were purchasing. That's why stings are very deliberate with undercover officers making sure they capture the communication (in phone, text, e-mail, in-person) and then having the money transfer recorded. That is the punishable crime.
  13. They don't have a storefront; operating out of private residences. So they operate more like independent MP/SP's, but with a centralized booker. The cynic in me thinks that they must be paying off the right people to still be open, with their incapacitated competition screaming bloody murder to the authorities.
  14. Queue the Abbott and Costello routine....yet again. 🙄
  15. Was driving past on the weekend, and it looks vacant. Either closed down or moved elsewhere.
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