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  1. Agreed. The fact that the guy posed as a police officer and there's multiple instances, you'd assume that WPS would be doing more. But they only list the first incident in December and people with info should contact the Counter Exploitation Unit. No dots being connected. So it's up to the providers to do so in this case.
  2. You're wrong there. That thread had a security camera photo posted by another provider. Showed a white male, black baseball cap with a mask covering his mouth. There was also some confusion as to whether the suspect had been arrested or not. There was mention of the suspects arrest, but nothing has been reported.
  3. They don't have a storefront; operating out of private residences. So they operate more like independent MP/SP's, but with a centralized booker. The cynic in me thinks that they must be paying off the right people to still be open, with their incapacitated competition screaming bloody murder to the authorities.
  4. Queue the Abbott and Costello routine....yet again. 🙄
  5. Was driving past on the weekend, and it looks vacant. Either closed down or moved elsewhere.
  6. Hmmm. Haven't noticed noise travelling. I always thought the rooms were well dampened.
  7. Mona is great! Have had good times with her in the past.
  8. Oh. Who else left us? I know Sharla passed early last year.
  9. Saw her earlier this year. She was late and seemed preoccupied. Kept on talking about her problems. It wasn't a relaxing experience.
  10. Well if you go on Kijiji, they're apparently all RMT's! 🤣
  11. I miss Roxie Luxxe. She was a great massage! Sorry for the nostalgia.
  12. I think Daria finally retired. I don't see her ads or website around anymore.
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