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  1. Yeah I've also tried reaching out without success.
  2. I spoke to her yesterday, she mentioned that she does it off and on when she has free time from her day to day job. When she’s around next time, I’m going to book something with her.
  3. Thank you, I don’t know why I didn’t even think about that.
  4. Hey all not sure if it’s just me or not. Was trying to pre-book for next week. Messaged YFL with the contact number on their website, no answer. Anyone else having the same issue?
  5. Saw Emma’s ad up for a while and it had me intrigued. I hadn’t seen anything on her and thought the pics would be TGTBT, so I messaged her for some details. She was quick to respond and didn’t send a generic copy paste message with her details. She took some time to chit chat, introduce herself and make it a little more personal. Booking a time was very easy and she was ready before the time we agreed on. I was provided the room number and up I went, I was greeted at the door by a very attractive blonde. The pictures are not her however, it is a very close representation. I was short on time that day so I was only able to book a short session, shes not clock watcher and was able to let our time end naturally. Not going to go into it in detail here. but if you’ve got any questions PM me. If you’re looking for a happy go lucky girl next door she’s your girl. Hope shes here for a while! I will definitely be repeating!
  6. After reading about her here and the glowing recommendations for the ladies at YFL I booked some time with Anais. Had a fantastic time, she did say she’s going to try and come back soon, if she does guys spend some time with her. She’s a fire cracker.
  7. I can add that she’s extremely fun and accommodating. She’s a gem! It’s been a while, seeing this wants me to book something soon!
  8. I messaged, haven’t gotten a response back
  9. Couldn’t find anything on Sierra, she said she’s new to the area. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_xo_new_to_halifax_gr33k_qu33n_xo-6178873
  10. Hey he photos are definitely her, saw her a couple times in the summer... Texting was easy, services were okay, don’t know if I would repeat the messaging got a title odd just threw me off.
  11. Throw April into this team of girls running the scam, had messaged her and she said she was there with a few girls of which being Brooke and Tess (Old ad went by Becca).... Careful out there guys
  12. Messaged his girl she’s working out of the Air BnB with the same girl Tess who used to go by Becca... I posted about Becca in the scam thread she robbed me with the classic come on in provide donation, oh don’t have any condoms can you go get some the ghost. Pics look great I’m staying away good luck if anyone takes one.
  13. Darn! I suppose with a couple visits and knowing your SP you can work out an arrangement to satisfy both parties...
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