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    Welcome, My Name Is Katie....AKA-(Country Girl Katie)😘
    I'm A Mature,Curvy (With Curves) Part-Time,Service Provider.Having Long Brunette Hair,Dark Brown Eyes,And Soft Skin. I Love To Laugh,Joke,Snuggle & Cuddlle,And Converse With My Special Friends.Making It An Experience Not Just An Encounter.Catering To Selected,Respectful Gentlemen.

    Taking Pleasure Engaging In Fine Companionship,Conversing, Establishing Relationships/Connections. Partaking In Massage And Touch.Naturally Having You Feeling Comfortable And At Ease.Our Time Together Is Always Well Spent,(Non-Rushed) Dates.Providing A Clean,Relaxed Atmosphere.Always Having The Utmost Respect For My Special Friends.Cleanliness And Discretion Is Highly Assured And Expect The Same In Return.Fetish Friendly.Showers Are Available For Your Convenience. Booking Half/Hour/Multi/Over-Night Dates. Travelling At Times.

    InCalls (Private Location)
    Outcalls (Available To Established Friends)

    **Please Note**-Text Is Preferred
    -Voice Call Is Needed,To Confirm Our Time Together**

    Can Also Be Found On..........

    nightaway Country Girl Katie
    VIPFavours Country Girl Katie
    Verified Independent on Lyla-Reviews Under Country Girl Katie & Katie
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: 506-871-8869(Text Preferred/Before Calling)

    Until Then Cheers
    **Katie**xoxo's 💋

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    Moncton, N.B
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    I'm A Just Mature Gal,That Genuinely Enjoys Providing Companionship
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  1. katie


    Anyways....... Points were made. I don't really think this needs to turn bad. There's enough of that going around already.. 😘.. .. So,How's the Weather .... 😋
  2. katie


    What? Are You Kidding Me! Really, well let's have a Little Spat Here.. While we're on this little Bemd me over Game! At least Greenteal is an Active Member on here... Not someone that just pops up.. To Maybe Let off a little Steam. Which is including Hobbyest and Service Prividers on Lyla! 🤔AND .... Yes, Maybe a New Member needs a Bit of Slack ... But Still needs to be aware and Learn how to Try and find Info. Nope, it gets Tiring of at times.. See the same questions Ect all the time. Disagree! Postive Recco's (not review board). Posting a Recco in the Recco Section! Same Same Gets Tiring 😘
  3. katie


    Hey, Hey, Now. What is this.. Gang up time? 🤔 He's already Apologize for maybe being a bit Abrupt. Yes, Everyone is allowed to Ask questions... But at the same time, if a person doesn't at least try, To look Stuff up, and use some of these Tools on Lyla.... Then We would have a Dam mess of Inquires.. (For Example) ... Besides, in other areas. Sooooo, I'm With Greenteal on this One 😉... Cheers xoxo's 💋
  4. katie

    Goodbye My friends!

    From Your Friends xoxo's ❤️
  5. katie


    I I Couldn't Help it.. 😘
  6. katie

    Escort Outcalls

    There are Sp's, that Will Still Host.. With Her Children Home! Weather, they are In Bed, Outside Playing, or "..... " I don't even want to say it. 😬... Yes, I know this for a Fact! Shame On Her.. But Double Shame on Him for Knowing and Still will Continue with the Encounter. I Just Can't Imagine Anything like that .. On Either Side! I Guess, it comes Down To Showing What Kind of People Both Are ... Sorry, if I Offend... But ... That's Just How I Feel... (Oh .. and The Law.) .. Yes, just thinking of this.. Gets me ... Boiling/Sicken.. 😮.. Outcalls, Yes... There are always Extra Concerns. Outcalls to Hotels, a bit less Concern.. Yes. Either 1 ... Most of us knows.. The Extra Precautions one has to take .. Offering them. (Most do..anyways) I Don't Offer Outcalls.... (Yes, unless it's discussed as a possibility during a Visit). Truthfully, I prefer most times not ... Enough though the Donation May be Higher .... Still not worth it the Extra ... Everything.. But That's just Myself Also.. 😚.. PS: Mind you the Outcalls I have Agreed too.... Was A lot of Fun ...😉.... And Never Ever if There is Anyone There.. Ever! That would be.. Just plain Insane! xoxo's 💋
  7. image.gif.27a1bec319420afa05191a9bbcce5bb4.gifOh Yes... 😏

  8. Well, There's a lot I need/want to say on this Thread. 😘.. It's Knowing how to put certain things into words,trying to keep it, not too Lengthly,at the same time.. Try to keep on Topic. :) Myself, I'm not certain if I would Admit my Hobbying to my SO (if the tables were turned). Weather Tge Relationship was going through some Hard Times or Not. Yes, of course Honesty is Best (to a point). I think, I'd Rather get caught Hobbying.. Rather than Admit it. Yes, of course it may not make sense... But that's only my Opinion Also. Keep in mind, Eveyone is Different, and Hobby for Differnt Reasons. Is their Selfless Reasons to be in this Hobby.. I don't maybe. How would one describe any of those Selfness Reasons. To me .. We are all into this Hobby, for our own reasons. Weather, We Started With this Hobby or Weather we Continue with this Hobby. Myself, Weather we are the one Providing the Services or The One Seeking The Services.. There's not much Difference. I will say that when I 1st Started Providing the Services (Service Provider) Yes, of course it was for, Financial Reasons, but as time went on.. It wasn't for only Financial Reasons. Since 2013, I've been in the Hobby (SP).. Full-Time, Have taken a couple of Breaks, and now back Part-Time. Yes, of course the Extra Helps, Weather it's Actual Bills or Just Plain Extra's. Its ReallyGard to Explain My Reasons For Staying in this Hobby as a Service Provider to Someone. Thinking it may not make much Sense, especially to someone that doesn't know much about this Hobby in General. The Times I did take a Break for this Hobby.... "I Really Missed It". It didn't have anything to do with the "Sexual Side" of it.. It was the Companionship Side of this Hobby. I Missed The Friendships that were made,the Companionship that I was Providing and Receiving. I look Forward to my Dates, with my Friends. I'm not only in this Hobby for Financial Reasons... I really love it. Its just part of me.. when I'm not Providing.. I kinda feel like I'm Missing Something. So, for my Own Reasons, I'm in this Hobby.. Providing, at the Same Time.. I am Receiving Also. I know Most of my Special Friends are Either Married or in a Relationship, I know that they "Still Love Their SO", and that is wonderful. Do I think any Different from my Special Friends that have a SO.. Or Are Single... Never. How can that be, Why.. It's So hard to Explain but I just don't. There are different Reasons why One uses this Hobby.. I know that... and respect that. I'm using this Hobby for My own Reasons also. I don't think they are for Selfness Reasons Either. Maybe one would Differ Opinion ... But that's okay.. This Hobby is a "Secret Side Of My Life".. Im the Same Person.. Weather I'm Hobbying (SP) or Not. Thinking this Hobby is a bit Difficult to Explain to someone .. on Why or What.. Weather One is Seeking or Providing... But Really... Who cares.. on the Reason (either side) ... We Are all Into This Hobby Together... 😉... PS: I'm Huge on Marriage! I know Marriage Is Work.. and Marriage Is Continuous Work, Weather is been 10 Years or 30 years... If this is what one Wants/Needs To Help With Their Relationship.. Then I'm all for it. (See, This Hobby is So Darn Hard To Expain.. But.. It is what it is) Doesnt any of this make sense .. Idk.. Anyways .. Play Safe & Stay Safe Katie xoxo's 💋
  9. katie

    Ashley in Saint John

    Thank you... 😏.. Yes, I know.. I did. Reason being is I Feel both Threads Belong Together ;).. 😘
  10. katie

    Goodbye My friends!

    Jeff, 😘 I'm Sorry Your Going Through This. One Really, Doesn't Know What To Say... Especially if one Hasn't Been Through Themselves. Although I Do Know, "Never Say Good Bye" ... "Say Later"!! ❤️ Jeff, it's Okay To Be Scared.Being Scared Means Your About To Do Something Really,Really Brave. Cancer May Have Started This Fight But,You Are Going To Finish It !! Jeff, I've Seen Ones That (Try) Stay Postive, and They Fight... (ones that had less than other) ... God Bless Them .. "They Came Out Kicking"!! "You Got This".."Stay Strong.."Stay Postive" ... That is Half The Battle... "People Beat the Odds All The Time" And Remember ... " "You Say Later" .... 😙.. xoxo's 💋 PS: Hug Coming Your Way ❤️