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    Welcome, My Name Is Katie....AKA-(Country Girl Katie)😘
    I'm A Mature,Curvy (With Curves) Part-Time,Service Provider.Having Long Brunette Hair,Dark Brown Eyes,And Soft Skin. I Love To Laugh,Joke,Snuggle & Cuddlle,And Converse With My Special Friends.Making It An Experience Not Just An Encounter.Catering To Selected,Respectful Gentlemen.

    Taking Pleasure Engaging In Fine Companionship,Conversing, Establishing Relationships/Connections. Partaking In Massage And Touch.Naturally Having You Feeling Comfortable And At Ease.Our Time Together Is Always Well Spent,(Non-Rushed) Dates.Providing A Clean,Relaxed Atmosphere.Always Having The Utmost Respect For My Special Friends.Cleanliness And Discretion Is Highly Assured And Expect The Same In Return.Fetish Friendly.Showers Are Available For Your Convenience. Booking Half/Hour/Multi/Over-Night Dates.Travelling At Times

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    I'm A Just Mature Gal,That Genuinely Enjoys Providing Companionship
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  1. Hello Friends, 😘 I'm giving you all a bit of update. As some of you know already, I've been spending a lot of time in France over the past year. During my most recent visit to "France,early March",things changed within a few days of arriving in France. Boarders were closing inside and Outside Canada,due to Covid 19 Outbreak. My intention was a 1 month long visit in France. However, things changed quickly with the pandemic. With all Boarders Closing, Flights Stopping, Amount of Positive Covid Cases, For My Safety and Others, I decided to Stay in France, during the Outbreak. We are all living in "A New Normal" with the Pandemic still affecting many and many more to come! I don't feel the Safety is there for Myself or my Clients, with providing my services at this time. I have decided to Stay in France for the Summer", learning the French Language and Culture. My Services will be put on hold, until Further Notice. I am missing the Relationships,Connections, and Companionship we have. Looking forward to re-uniting again soon, and spending time with each other. I hope you all are staying Safe,Healthy, and Virus Free! If you'd like to touch base.. You can 🌟Private Message- Lyla 🌟Twitter - countrygirlkat3 🌟Email- [email protected] Until Then 😘 Katie xoxo's❀️ PS: I am a bit behind responding back to my messages.. I will respond back.. My Loves😘
  2. Hello, yes you will hear different opinions on this. You decide what you feel comfortable doing..yourself.😊 Myself, I don't send any kind of pics, never really did. My Discretion is one reason. Pictures are on profiles and online,that's all they need in my opinion. There are too many Pic Collectors, Time Wasters out there. Some will always ask for pics, with no intention to ever book. They will come up with any excuss in the book for wanting more pics. Myself, I don't send pics..No matter who or why. Most times they end up Blacklisted, DNR'ed. Pic Collectors are 1 of the "Time Wasters". Good Luck, Stay Safe & Sanitized Katie xoxo'sπŸ’‹
  3. Hello Jeff,😘 Happy to hear you won your Battle with Cancer. Takes a Special kind of person to have the will power to continue fighting. Yay!!!! Katie xoxo's ❀
  4. Welcome to Lyla "MrDixon",😘 Hope you enjoy the Lyla Community. Stay Safe & Sanitized πŸ˜‰
  5. Good for you! 😘 I'm not saying violence is right, but think in some situations..yes. In the Throat too... πŸ˜‰that would be my aim .. 😏
  6. What? Omg, only if I was there! She wouldnt of gotten that far.😬 There is no need of that! Grrrr.. Hope your okay Beautiful 😘
  7. Seems to be common.. Its getting Shilly in here. πŸ˜’
  8. Hey Hey, "Back Off" lostsoul 😘 And yes, this Thread going to Explode
  9. 16 hours ago, Lookingfor said: Must be hard to smile with the bullshit coming out of your mouth unbelievable. Yes me to I am thankful that people's true characters are coming out just how foolish they are thinking of themselves and to hell with anybody else Wow, that's not very nice
  10. Since I've started in this Hobby as a Service Provider, there were times I worked Full-Time and did Hosting on the side. Also, times I hosted Full-Time, with this being my only income. Working Full-Time, you dis your yearly taxes, and didn't claim the Hosting you did part time. However, Hosting Full-Time and not Filing an Income tax, does have its Negative Outcomes .. Like the sitation many are in now. I am and will be Claiming this now, as it does have positive outcomes. Claiming this hobby sure isn't what I thought it would be. I should of been doing this before, but better late than never. πŸ‘„
  11. I haven't Claimed Taxes of this Hobby eiher. However, I am going to start. I got some info from another SP that has been for a few years now. It sure its as bad as I thought. Example: Claim As a An Adult Entertainer, You also can claim the bare min, claim expenses. In the end, you Don't Owe the Government anything. Sara, I will talk to my Friend (SP) that you want to know more info about this, and maybe she will Reach Out to you...She can answer your questions .. 😘
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