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    Welcome, My Name Is Katie....AKA-(Country Girl Katie)
    I'm A Mature,Curvy (With Curves) Part-Time,Service Provider.Having Long Brunette Hair,Dark Brown Eyes,And Soft Skin. I Love To Laugh,Joke,Snuggle & Cuddlle,And Converse With My Special Friends.Making It An Experience Not Just An Encounter.Catering To Selected,Respectful Gentlemen.

    Taking Pleasure Engaging In Fine Companionship,Conversing, Establishing Relationships/Connections. Partaking In Massage And Touch.Naturally Having You Feeling Comfortable And At Ease.Our Time Together Is Always Well Spent,(Non-Rushed) Dates.Providing A Clean,Relaxed Atmosphere.Always Having The Utmost Respect For My Special Friends.Cleanliness And Discretion Is Highly Assured And Expect The Same In Return.Fetish Friendly.Showers Are Available For Your Convenience. Booking Half/Hour/Multi/Over-Night Dates. Travelling At Times.

    InCalls (Private Location)
    Outcalls (Available To Established Friends)

    Contact Number- (506)871-8869

    **Please Note**-Text Is Preferred
    -Voice Call Is Needed,To Confirm Our Time Together

    Email- [email protected]

    Cheers **Katie** xoxo's 👄

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    Moncton, N.B
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  1. WOW!! I couldn't beleive what I'm reading. It's great that you have a preference to Whom you see or where you go, Playpal173,BUT is this really called for?? AND..... Is Name Calling really necessary. "Rusty and Crusty"?? It's quite obvious to whom your referring too..... Really!! No Need For Name Calling and Insults.... Is there? "Very Nasty"... Unreal..... PS.... (If I was the other end... after reading all this .. the Insults and Name Calling... I would Block Your Ass... Anyways .... Have a good Day.......
  2. katie

    Your choice

    Well, Thank you. It would be my pleasure to meet you someday! ;)... Maybe, I could teach you something new, and learning how "Ice4fun" can be. It's never too late? to learn. 😉... PS.. The NFLD Accent, is quite the "Turn On", Talk Too Me Baby!! 😏.. xoxo's 👄
  3. Just a Min, I need to Wipe My Mouth! 👅
  4. katie


    One may think this.....But.... There are lots of "Young,Fit,Attractive Gents that use Providers Services. From what I'm Told it's more "Discrete, No-Strings Attached, and Companionship" is why Some Choose too. With that being said .... I think most Gents are Yummy and Wonderful in their own way... 😀
  5. katie


    Yes, I'm with you Greenteal. I just can't help wonder about the Cleanliness, Safe Play, "Double Dipping"..... Nah, not into it... Thats just me though.... 😉
  6. Gentlemen//Lovers, Hosting In Downtown Moncton (Discrete-Private Location-Parking) This Weeks Schedule (Some Flexibility If Needed): Monday 11:00am To 11:00pm Tuesday 11:00am To 11:00pm Wednesday 11:00am To 5:00pm Thursday 11:00am To 5:00pm Friday 11:00am To 11:00pm Saturday 11:00am To 11:00pm Sunday 11:00am To 11:00pm **Prebooking Welcome** **Text Is Prefered Method Of Contact** **Please Give Permission To Respond Back To You,For Your Discretion** **My Gift To My Special Friends (Special Rates On My Half-Hour & Hour Sessions (Only Current & Returning Clientele)** **Half-Hour And Hour Sessions (Massage With The Hour)** **Also Offering Warm Cuddle/Snuggle Sessions** **Can Accomodate Most Fetishes** Welcome, My Name Is Katie....AKA-(Country Girl Katie)... Your Part-Time Service Provider... Being Naturally Curvy (With Curves),Long Brunette Hair,Dark Brown Eyes,And Soft Skin. I Love To Laugh,Joke,Snuggle & Cuddlle,And Converse With My Special Friends,Making It An Experience Not Just An Encounter. Pleasure Partaking In (Non-Rushed), Genuine,Sensual,GF€ Encounters With Respectful Gentlemen... Enjoy Engaging In Fine Companionship,Conversing, Establishing Relationships/Connections Together.Partaking In Massage And Touch.Naturally Having You Feeling Comfortable And At Ease.Our Time Together Is Always Well Spent.Providing A Discrete,Clean,Safe And Relaxed Atmosphere.Always Having The Utmost Respect For My Special Friends,Expect The Same In Return.Cleanliness And Discretion Highly Assured. Showers Available For Your Convenience. InCalls (Private Location-Downtown Moncton) Outcalls (Available To Established Friends Only) **IMPORTANT**(For Your Discretion)If Im Unable To Respond Right Way (Approx 30 mins), I Won't Resond Back, Unless I Have Your Permission,(I'm Not Ignoring You) I Would Never Want To Cause A Situation,On Your Part.If You Wish A Response Back (Please, Say "Respond Back").Otherwise,Your More Than Welcome,To Keep Trying To Contact Me (Within Reason). **Please Note** Private (Blocked) Numbers Will Not Be Answered.Please,Don't Ask Explicit Details, On What Will Happen During Our Date.(Will Not Respond). [email protected] 506-871-8869 Thank You In Advance... Cheers **Katie** xoxo's 👄
  7. katie

    Fake Lyla accounts ?

    This would be very true...and the ones that would mostly likely take notice... Your right Sophia .... This is all crazy stuff, I really didn't think... this would be done... 😉
  8. katie


    Oh, is Barb & Ladie Trixxx the same Lady?
  9. katie

    Fake Lyla accounts ?

    That's true, now that this is all being said.. Been noticing very similar... Never really thought one would go to that extreme. And ....Agree with with the next one....Sketchy .....😏....
  10. katie


    Could very well be. When your Flying "High" on Life, sometimes nothing else matters. Unquie Name "Big Dick Bastard".... 😏.....another way to get it out there.....Great Mouth, and Anal....Lovin it... al the way....Nice To Hear.... 😉 Agreed... Makes one Wonder...
  11. katie


    Seems to be something going around..... and happening a lot.. Lately. 😏Fishy....
  12. katie

    Fake Lyla accounts ?

    You are right Greenteal !! I've personally heard of some offering rebates, special services, just plainly out right asking them to write one or what they'll expect to see... To Each Their Own,They Personally Know It's Wrong....
  13. katie

    Fake Lyla accounts ?

    Yes, I can see and understand that point of view. Although, there are Members, (Moderated Accounts) that's been on here for a good length of time. Some are just Shy, wanting to join in.... just hasn't taken the 1st Step, Not knowing what or how to say something. They're Here often, just kinda Lurking and Reading...and Some just aren't Internt Chatty (one way of putting it). I can understand that, I've been there Myself. I just don't know........Playing Detective, isn't very fun, it's Time Consuming, and gets Tiring.....and the Need Seems to be Increasing. Why Make Things More Complicated... Idk... But "Some Enjoy it.. Apparently. 😜
  14. katie

    Fake Lyla accounts ?

    You know what, I think that's a good question, frederictonman. Another question that should follow is, " How many of these Fake Accounts (Posing as Hobbyiest)...Book, Try to Book, or Book a Session and don't show up"?? Im Really Glad that I'm not the only 1 .. That has "Wondered"... Lyla is a Great Board/Community, I totally Agree. Although, nothing is "Fool Proof" Either. If I've ever caught anyone doing this... (What Would I Do) ... Ummm.. .. Report (of course) and Plaster it all over.. (Nasty it may be... but... Not as Nasty as Posing)...(Everything Does Come Out In The Wash,Eventually).. Very Very Good Question You Brought Up frederictonman 😉.... Your Alone Wondering.....😏
  15. Nice Fetish, Notch..... ;).. And you are so right,Foreplay and Mutual Pleasuring...... one would never go Thirsty.. 😏