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  1. Omg girl! I am so sorry that this has happened to you! That is absolutely freaking ridiculous, SO NOT OKAY! Like discretion is one of the the utmost number one rules about being in this industry. That is a safety concern, not only if you in fact didn't want to see this gentleman but it is one thing to get a great review from a client(s) but for the gentlemen who gave your personal info out to another guy, is not only an invasion of privacy but also how would they feel if you went on a outcall and then informed another woman a specific area or exactly where a potential client lives and if the client didn't want to book her, there would be an outrage of negative comments and reviews about the female. I would be super pissed if that happened to me , which it has a couple of times in the past...I'm really sorry that this has happened to you!! I strongly hope that clients can understand that our privacy is just as important as theirs! Sincerely, Arianna Baby
  2. Of course hun! We have to stick together in order for reputation's not to be tarnished, as well as to remain safe and secure for our own actual well being!
  3. This is so awesome! I'm super excited, thank you so much! So far this has been the best website I've ever been on!
  4. I'm so so sorry this is happening to you girl! *hugs* I'll keep my eye out for you definitely!! Stay safe hun!
  5. I've decided to join in on the fun and post this picture of myself wearing some very sexy glasses, for my very first post ever on Lyla.ch!!
  6. Just a little cute picture, follow me and I will follow all you Lovely ladies back! #staysafe #followme ♡▪︎♡▪︎♡
  7. Hey gorgeous totally already following you,! Follow for a follow? ♡▪︎♡▪︎♡
  8. Follow for a follow? Totally just followed you! ♡▪︎♡▪︎♡
  9. Take a look at Arianna💋 | 825-993-6825 (@AriannaBaby_xo): https://twitter.com/AriannaBaby_xo?s=09
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