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  1. spontanious

    P massage

    P massage is specific but they have to start at your ass to get there lol
  2. spontanious

    Burrows massage?

    To pricy also...
  3. spontanious


    I think she is hot just me though And early 40 nice bod
  4. spontanious

    Cindy on Henderson

    Any phone number I cant see it
  5. spontanious


    She still is...no advert pic is real atleast from those locations that is...but trust me she knows what she is doing in all areas of your massage!!!
  6. spontanious


  7. spontanious


    I did and well I will do it again and again wow
  8. spontanious

    Crystal 741 St. Mary's

    I knew that but the reason I said it sounded like Jenny is that is basically how she reacted with me on a standard finish...she is all about the money and will squeeze every penny she can...to bad
  9. spontanious

    Crystal 741 St. Mary's

    Now that sounds like the Jenny that is at 3000 pembina
  10. spontanious

    Massage places

    I have...trust me...but the way I'm learning it works is by asking and you will find some real people on here will help just like I have...but thanks for your sarcastic comment...next
  11. spontanious

    Massage places

    Hey guys, well I haven't been to Rivers, or broadway any thoughts on other spots..they must be over 30 for sure..HE would be nice..PM with info, cheers
  12. spontanious


    Dont waste your time..I personally dont like being negative...but have booked with her twice now...drove an hour to see her both times a no show...even after confirming the night before...she always responded right away until the 5 min before arrival and no response...she apologized the first time but the second time no response at all...is what it is..
  13. spontanious

    Briana 741 St. Mary's

    Foofer it can't be the same Susan you are thinking of...the Susan we are talking about seems to be loved by all..there is another Susan that works with Princess Sara..over on Broadway
  14. spontanious

    Crystal 741 St. Mary's

    I will still ad even with all this name changing etc, I have never had a bait and switch...sorry to hear that it happens to others..
  15. spontanious

    Crystal 741 St. Mary's

    Yes that would be Susan....Crystal as far as I know is Sunny...