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  1. The massage is for females guys...read it carefully lol
  2. You seem to have a good grasp on all of us how the hell can't you see when an owner is on here just look how they post!
  3. Hoorahh to that statement for sure..User is absolutely the best at being respectful and the ladies that know him know that of him!!!
  4. Actually if you have the conversation with her she is Ethiopian Cheers
  5. You don't give out personal phone numbers ever
  6. Across from tims west of assinaboine golf course Ani
  7. But the other girl Lily took care of your massage and Jazz has been let go
  8. I think my worst oil experience was that place west of assinaboine golf course across from tims kitty corner to some garage lol... I think her name rhymed with Minda lol
  9. I tell them to put on there hands not all over me and that seems to work well no over abundance of oil
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