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  1. spontanious

    Brazilian sugaring/waxing

    yes that is what there talking about and ass to if you like, and depends on how fast you grow back lol
  2. spontanious

    Brazilian sugaring/waxing

    Same goes for 958 st marys go see Sam she will make iy painless and ad a massage and she is good to look at...cheers
  3. spontanious

    texting/calling for a massage

    hey greenteal remove yours too please
  4. spontanious

    texting/calling for a massage

    realized it after I posted..
  5. spontanious

    texting/calling for a massage

    but better yet Buzzard PM me
  6. spontanious

    texting/calling for a massage

    Seriously wildstallion, its an experience you will never forget, next time I am booking 90 minutes!!!
  7. spontanious

    texting/calling for a massage

    OMG and so did I what an experience to a massage !!!!
  8. spontanious

    Looking for advice while in winnepeg

    funny man, actually spelled it with and E
  9. spontanious

    foreever sunny

    Can you all share a bit more about this Sunny? age etc PM if need be, cheers
  10. spontanious

    Forever Massage, Susan

    But even doing all that doesn't mean it is going to turn out the way you expected...more to come!!!!
  11. Hey all been seeing some ad's on this one has anyone seen her yet? if so do tell or PM with details, cheers
  12. spontanious


  13. spontanious

    Forever Massage, Susan

    Thanks for the heads up!!!
  14. Any one have some info on Susan please feel free to PM me..I hear there is also a new girl at 832 corydon was told she is mid 30ish and suppose to be one of the top 3 massage lady's in Wpg..any thoughts?
  15. spontanious

    PM discretion

    I get it online talk can be wrong but just to confirm the one I talked about does not have a boss and she doesn't check reviews..trust me when I say that ok..other than that I will keep it to PM's and we can go from there..thanks