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  1. spontanious

    Any opinion about this place?

    No it's the nurse who keeps changing her name constantly been around for ever... St Mary's rd Also runs ads on babylon too I never have seen her so no report on that
  2. spontanious


    Cindy....she runs ads on k
  3. spontanious

    St. Norbert Massage

    Just to ad SP is for other services MP is for massage services Cheers...play safe
  4. spontanious

    Annie off Pembia

    Let me remind you the service your paying for is a massage...or did you forget and if it's with any other provider as they say it's for there time...I get what your saying but I have finally learned to just enjoy the journey my time is precious too I just chalk it up as experience and move on...
  5. spontanious

    Annie off Pembia

    Go see Anne every experience is different ...really you just need to go see some instead of finding MPs that others say rock...ymmv is very important it's all about the journey...take a chance
  6. spontanious

    3000 pembina

    Fort Richmond phone number not sure what name is being used
  7. spontanious

    3000 pembina

    It's a fav from crystal massage that is there now...
  8. spontanious

    Nancy from River Ave

    And now closer for my drive in wpg woohoo
  9. spontanious

    Annie off Pembia

    https://www.kijiji.ca/v-health-beauty/winnipeg/massage-and-reflexology/1469083195 This is her new ad
  10. spontanious

    Tulip or Lilly 2082 Ness

    I enjoy the journey ymmv is always in place im sure...massage is A1 go for that...anything else may happen ... Enjoy your time..
  11. spontanious

    Tulip or Lilly 2082 Ness

    Ness ave yes
  12. spontanious

    Tulip or Lilly 2082 Ness

    See Rachel probably best massage ever...ever...ever...incredible skills
  13. spontanious

    Sacred massage

    832 Notre dame ad same stuff
  14. spontanious

    Relaxation Massage - 841 Henderson

    Perfectly said...I was biting my tongue on what word to use...they all fit!