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  1. spontanious


    Any intel on this one, I have talked to her a few times seems legit, but just not sure..did a google search but nothing came up and can't find reviews...let me know fellow Hobbiest if you have any info PM me please..here is the link, cheers https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-massage/winnipeg/winnipeg_exotic_oriental_goddess-4343958
  2. spontanious

    Pembina - 3000 block

    I agree!!!
  3. spontanious

    Pembina - 3000 block

    Standard massage charge is 60 and your tip will depend on your happiness :) cheers
  4. spontanious


    I am sure it is Chloe also...but could be wrong lol
  5. spontanious

    Nuru worth it?

    well again, not sure what you all mean by expensive..Michelle's rates are reasonable..I guess if your looking for that full extra...and Yes I would do it again with her!!!
  6. spontanious

    Nuru worth it?

    Lets just say Michelle will take it to the next level...amazingly fun lady!!!
  7. spontanious

    Nuru worth it?

    and that is why I never saw Leesha, Michelle truly is a beautiful person and I can't say wow enough to my Nuru with her...extremely friendly and relaxing to be with!!! I have also heard Spinderella Vikki also offers the same massage but the donation has stopped me there also..even though I think she is smokin....!!!
  8. spontanious

    Nuru worth it?

    I am going to jump in on this for you all...I did do the Nuru Massage and it was amazing, shower before and a shower after with the beautiful Michelle...check her out on Leolist and trust me you won't be disappointed and no air mattress but she has a huge massage table leather I think the size of a double bed..and trust me when I say this..amazing experience very affordable I thought..and no tip..price was for what you request as a client! and she does no how to massage...again glad I went and have gone again :) cheers all
  9. spontanious

    Pembina - 3000 block

    Just to confirm let me tell you all it isn't tha I didn't enjoy her massage etc...it just went from wow to what the heck...lol..cheers
  10. spontanious

    Pembina - 3000 block

    she is 50 ish...seen her lots but things changed and moved on...money money money ...read inside the lines
  11. spontanious

    Forever Massage, Susan

    wow, that is so true...lol been there done that
  12. spontanious

    Forever Massage, Susan

    well as long as I can still see the same few girls that I like at my conveniences I am a happy camper for sure!!! I will say this, I am glad I found this hobby from joining this site and chatting with some of you...much much more fun than most SP services I ever experienced!!! Thats a fact...
  13. spontanious

    609 Sargent

    wow foofer someone shit in your cornflakes...just my opinion and surprisingly enough I am entitled to it...take a deep breath next time how do we even know the event even happened?
  14. spontanious

    609 Sargent

    Well that just tells us Names should not be used other than PM's and stick to topic of which place to go, how's that?
  15. spontanious

    609 Sargent

    I am going to ad to this one, been reading lots and not saying much...Betty is a very pretty lady and goes out of her way to make sure she looks perfect for everyone from her outfit and makeup etc..and she gives her all to anyone that appreciates a good massage with or with out the HE...