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  1. No but called once and they requested a e-transfer
  2. The reason I asked for no PM is where is the fun in knowing everything...really just go meet her ...adorable and professional all in one little package
  3. Well I'm not discussing menu but go see her...I felt 25 again... crazy...and her massage was exceptional also No PM please
  4. Agreed...but exactly same request and no reviews of any that was suggested before...like MOST of us spend some money make some memories and share..dont just fish...2 way street..
  5. I will jump in on this.. Winnipeg1991 on march 20 2019 you had the exact same request? With 15 responses.... Now a year and a bit later same request you have been a member for a couple of years with almost no post.. You are being jumped on for your post many support the fact that what you requested and kudos to them.. But I have been active only a few years and I can name 5 places which whom you request points too... Do what I did...visit...enjoy...take notes.. You will definitely find what your looking for...but i read your request as if you expect to also do more with your specific request...to you I say get off your butt do some visits and you will be happy I'm sure...cheers Play safe
  6. I had a response yesterday...sounds legit I forget what street but I think mcphillips The mobile to your home is a guy.. They wanted etransfer for deposit on pre bookings
  7. That's exactly what I did...after the cancellation i texted another turned left and was there in 15 min...thank god lol
  8. Yup I had 2 solid appointments and on my way in from out of town (which they knew) Both times canceled just before arrival
  9. Yes I believe that is exactly what it is they just changed it up
  10. This is the same bunch been runnings ads months ago gave a few of us the run around cancellation before arriving at there destination etc...
  11. I asked a provider and the answer was close but the provider I talked to said...the reason no black men is to keep them away because all they want to do is pimp the girl out...
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