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  1. @BeautifulBella @MsManda @SarahAlexxx @Geekygirl902 Happy Birthday in Advance 😉
  2. Hey, I don't think she's taken credit for any reviews. She's been saying that someone else is using her posts to spread awareness. By the way, @BeautifulBella is a legit provider in Halifax, in case you're interested. Just thought I'd share!
  3. For some reason I think he's just messing around 😅
  4. Would love to know the details as well if possible. Thank you :)
  5. She's into online content only. Snapchat/onlyfans
  6. https://www.lyla.ch/topic/198765-jasmine-and-tina-duo/?tab=comments#comment-896183
  7. I agree with the points being made. Life happens, urgent messages or calls can happen anytime. But I believe most of the providers use some sort of text app (If that's not the case then the following point is not valid for you) but those urgent notifications I believe would come to their real number and not those fake text apps. So my recommendation would be that they can atleast mute the notification of that app during the scheduled time. I agree it's a mood killer and often leads to no follow-up meets.
  8. Well for me it's @BeautifulBella She always finds time for me and makes each interaction fun and full of good memories... ❤
  9. I was lucky enough to spend a couple of hours today with @BeautifulBella. A blandly corporate and chilly hotel room was quickly warmed by her charming personality and penetrating, liquid eyes. I had such a comfortable time chatting with Bella about everything and nothing that sexy time almost felt like an imposition. Almost! Yet it was soft and sensual, unforgettable. Spend some time with her if you want to warm yourself next to someone positive and radiant. I will not share my private experience I have had with this lovely young woman as YMMV, she is a true GFE who makes you feel like you are helping her also enjoy her self. Treat this lady right, she a true Halifax gem.
  10. I'd like to nomination @SarahAlexxx as well. Although I'm a bit partial as she's the only one I've been to but she's really amazing person and makes you feel valued during entire time. Beautiful, Lovely and Talented, A rare beauty 🙂
  11. I had the privilege of visiting with Miss Alexxx a couple of weeks ago. I am new to this so took my time before deciding to visit her. I automatically felt very comfortable even though I was very nervous prior to meeting her. She is just very sweet and easy to talk to. Miss Alexxx made me feel good during the entire time. She comes across as being a really awesome person to hang out with. She is very pretty and have amazing personality. As far as the rest of the experience goes, it met all my expectations and I plan on returning soon. Not sure what else to say about it, I have zero complaints about her. I think if you treat her with respect she will treat you very well in return, but that probably goes for everyone here. 💗
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