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  1. She’s definitely not 40 but I would say closer to 50-55 .. she looks great though.
  2. Thanks. If you’re wanting to use a shower before and/or afterwards, Main & Ness have. You can ask for your fav girl to go to one of those locations, if shower is important. Only for 1211 Henderson, Main and Ness locations.
  3. 1211 is related to Main and Ness. All staff rotate except Linda who is manager at Ness and Eliza, manager on Main.
  4. All these ladies Tour around all the addresses I think. I’ve been asked to test some of the new girls on main and Henderson which I was happy to do and I spotted most of them in multiple locations, using different names. With a mask, there’s no clear way to tell who is who.
  5. Susan works at 855? Are you sure? I saw her at 841 with Mya.
  6. Personal numbers? Her number was quoted on Kijiji. An ad for a massage.
  7. Monica moves between the Main and Ness locations. Could be at any one of those. I have her personal phone number. Will DM you.
  8. I’m considering visiting there soon. Anyone can recommend?
  9. Also, Main and Ness have showers you can use before or after the massage. Possibly some degreaser is provided as well. Ness has a sauna too. All for the same price. Included. You have to let them know to fire it up before you arrive.
  10. Rainbow has choice of three oils but you have to ask as they default to the baby oil because it’s the cheapest. Last time I went, they used non-scented coconut. Best of the oils but massage lotion still #1. I was thinking of bringing my own.
  11. Had a wonderful massage with Monica yesterday.. she definitely knows how to finish to the end. Age isn’t a factor, experience is the answer. It was a reverse cowboy ending
  12. Any recommendations for best tease with a massage?
  13. Today I had the most excellent massage with Lina at Main. Overall great but best was the focussed foot massage. I exchanged the regular ending for more foot time and left with a huge smile. Highly recommend Lina at Main
  14. 841 is there anyone I should ask to see? Or just take whichever one is given?
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