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  1. tbar63

    Most fun?

    Sunny has always smoked. When she was at Broadway we would quite often chat and have a cigarette together after an hour of fun 😛
  2. tbar63

    Relaxation Massage - 841 Henderson

    Exactly Spontanious. I know Tracy always looks forward to seeing me. Her English isn't great but she has told me that and I understood her just fine. And it's not just my tip..i treat her with all the respect she is due!!!
  3. tbar63

    Relaxation Massage - 841 Henderson

    Tracy is a very nice lady and regardless of your perception of her looks she deserves a suitable tip like any other MP for anything above a straight massage. I have seen her numerous times..my go to regular provider right now..and I always tip well for her above average service. As a matter of fact I have a massage booked this afternoon and i'm looking forward to seeing her once again.
  4. tbar63

    Best Value

    Nope. Massage first. There’s always the hair clippings after the cut which would get messy with the massage oil. So I was told. Lol
  5. tbar63

    Best Value

    841 Henderson. 30 minute massage with Betty and a haircut with the hot owner/hairdresser. Massage 30..tip 40..haircut 20. Well spent hour.
  6. tbar63


    Most of the usuals are open Sunday. World Nail..741 St. Mary’s..River Ave..Winnie on Main..Sakura..I’ve heard Henderson is also..Leanne on Main. Lots of choices it’s my usual day for massages.
  7. tbar63

    Cindy on Henderson

    Apartment she told me.
  8. tbar63

    Cindy on Henderson

    It is Alice. She sent me a text last night. Said she's working Monday to Friday 9 to 4. Not the best times for me but I will find a Friday afternoon soon to check it out. The address she gave me is off Henderson near Mcleod.
  9. tbar63

    Relaxation Massage - 841 Henderson

    I had my first visit with Alice yesterday and completely agree with user!!
  10. tbar63


  11. tbar63

    foreever sunny

    Very happy to hear that!! Thanks for the update.
  12. tbar63

    Remember Paige?

    Yes from what I understand she is out of the business. What a hot young lady she was though!!
  13. tbar63

    Henderson & Johnson

    I just drove past there. Tried to catch the business name but didn't want to cause an accident. Lime and Pine maybe?
  14. tbar63

    Lynn ?

    Does anyone know if Lynn is still seeing clients? Luscious Lynn is how she used to advertise on BP. Haven't seen her post an ad in quite awhile.
  15. tbar63

    Any info?

    Sorry I wasn't asking how to search was I? I was asking if anyone has seen either. Brook doesn't show up anywhere using tinyeye.