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    GUESS who will be back as of February 14, 2023? I can't wait to hear from everyone
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  1. i will be in yarmouth Friday october 7th one night only
  2. I was putting up some ads, and I noticed my face on an account I had nothing to do with. The profile picture was me but was not a "Kayla Kurves" account. They were looking for curvy girls to go work with them and said all of their pictures were real. I noticed another account using the same phone number, but different account name on the same adverting site asking for girls to work them claiming to be biggest porn recruiter in Canada working in NS. I also found ads/pictures of myself and someone claiming to be a mother daughter duo from March of 2022. PLEASE know, I am not part of anything to due with those ads and have aske many times for that account holder to remove my photo from their ads. if the ad doesnt have phone - 902 912 5867 or www.kalyakurves.ca mentioned - it is not me
  3. I will be in Moncton Sept 30 to Oct 2 - Moncton East that is
  4. Have you had the pleause to meet me in real like yet? if you have pleae give me a review
  5. I should be back in Nova Scotia by the weekend. Have you found me on my other social media sites? @ kaylakurves
  6. If you have had the pleasure of meeting me please leave a review. For those who have messaged and not gotten me, know I appreciate you texting and calling me. I get around 200 messages a day and not able to get to everyone. 💖💖💖
  7. Hi I hope I was able to see you.
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