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  1. Gone back to China for awhile
  2. Lots of girls but very limited to options when it comes to extra...Mary I hear will offer possibilities...
  3. Been going on awhile now ...just more money scams I also educated them on how I do IP investigations on this sort of threat and low and behold it stopped 😆
  4. Just text Linda and ask for tulip she will tell you if available and go from there
  5. Well do some foot work lots on this place and she started out on henderson...that's a hint then her home ...then and now keewatin... Went by eyelashes
  6. Good for you Veronica for speaking out To many hobbiest fn think they know it all about everyone...stay safe keep your puck on the ice!
  7. That's Michelle number the black lady who has been around for awhile now solid fun for sure
  8. Lol wow...where have you been check perb lots of reviews
  9. Yes and out of the funny business now also...works for a legit rmt business in,wpg
  10. And with my budget of 1 time a,month I had to do the same thing...as for budget massage is 60 tip is whatever your willing to pay..good luck
  11. Omfg you guys start visiting and seeing for yourself like many of us have...this makes the experience that much better...this is hoe some of us have found diamonds in the rough..
  12. So you been a member since 2020 but no reviews and constantly looking for advice ...sounds like an owner is digging deep!!!! If you need advice on what your girls should offer and donation just ask
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