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  1. Seriously who is the best? Wow OK get out there and visit a few everyone has a different experience
  2. Hey Fluffer any idiot knows its name changing...wtf...haven't you been around for awhile...and if you have you would atleast have the booking number give them a call I'm sure they will treat you fine..haha
  3. No disrespect but Fresh how many reviews are done on sunhope? Secondly never any young there maybe yoyo your closest to what you want if she is there..
  4. Since when did all these forms get to a point that no one goes and visits without any Intel up front? How do you think many of us have met these ladies? Toftt ...try it you may find it more invigorating than knowing ahead of time and also ymmv is a big factor...step out of you comfort zone and do some reviews...
  5. Well my apologies I stand corrected...I just spoke to her and she will do Saturday by appointment only... Cheers
  6. Well I see Rachel at her professional massage place...she works at 2 of them and I can guarantee it's not the same Rachel
  7. Rachel no longer in this form of business Ada,Nova, and Monica all available certain days...just text Linda and ask when they work she will be happy to tell you.
  8. But your not doing that! Your constantly posting for info on many MP/SP conversations...that's not helping each other that is trying to find out info without ever venturing...read up on who you want to see and go see...everyone's visit is different....YMMV has never changed...
  9. Literally stop creeping for info your definitely not a hobbiest....your question are outright ridiculous.... Go visit some for 6 months then come back with your own reports maybe then some will share....maybe!
  10. WTF you have 3 different posts on the same website where numbers start at some place over seas...stop the advertising
  11. Book a room with out side access there are lots around the city
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