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  1. Lol wow...where have you been check perb lots of reviews
  2. Yes and out of the funny business now also...works for a legit rmt business in,wpg
  3. Omg great review wtf....next!!!
  4. And with my budget of 1 time a,month I had to do the same thing...as for budget massage is 60 tip is whatever your willing to pay..good luck
  5. Omfg you guys start visiting and seeing for yourself like many of us have...this makes the experience that much better...this is hoe some of us have found diamonds in the rough..
  6. So you been a member since 2020 but no reviews and constantly looking for advice ...sounds like an owner is digging deep!!!! If you need advice on what your girls should offer and donation just ask
  7. Well your the only one then unless you enjoy paying SP prices
  8. This post is from March 2022 lol I,know enough buddy's and none have talked about a,new Sri Lanka girl especially from last year lol you guys are too funny
  9. You have been there a couple or 3 times? Yet you have not posted one review on your visit? Then you requested a follow up on how the other guys does? I smell fishing 🎣
  10. Heard she was downtown now 311 provenche I think
  11. Seriously who is the best? Wow OK get out there and visit a few everyone has a different experience
  12. Hey Fluffer any idiot knows its name changing...wtf...haven't you been around for awhile...and if you have you would atleast have the booking number give them a call I'm sure they will treat you fine..haha
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